FIFA 22: Release date, trailer, Career Mode and more

FIFA 22 hits the virtual pitch later this year as continental tournaments wrap up and major domestic leagues kick off. Soccer (or football) fans know to budget $60 (or $70) for the obligatory early-fall release of the world’s most popular sports video game franchise. Footie fans will buy the game at launch without hesitation, but just as readily tell you that some FIFA games are better than others.

FIFA 21 was a tame entry, seen by some fans as a sign of how the franchise is stalling like a player who can’t get into the first team. EA needs to show fans that its franchise has loads of potential, and isn’t just limping into retirement. If FIFA 21 was a stop-gap for EA to transition to current-gen consoles (as some critics have suggested) then FIFA 22 needs to be a groundbreaking upgrade.

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