Experts Say You’re Damaging Your Hair & Skin If You’re Making Any Of These Unexpected Mistakes

When temperatures and humidity levels drop, your skin can be especially prone to dryness, irritation, and sensitivity — so when the weather changes, it makes sense to adjust your skin care routine, in the same way you’d flip your wardrobe. Just like you’d swap in sweaters and flannels, Dr. Garshick recommends adding “thick, occlusive” formulas into your skin care routine — and it doesn’t get much better than good old Vaseline. Though the stuff famously has myriad uses, from healing burns to slugging, Dr. Garshick particularly recommends applying Vaseline to your lips during the colder months. “Winter lips are often dry, chapped and irritated, but rather than reaching for a fragrant lip balm, one of the best ways to help the lips is to apply Vaseline, which not only helps to lock moisture in, but also serves as a protective barrier to prevent external irritants,” she explains.

Lest you believe Vaseline is boring, this order comes with four ultra-nourishing formulas — Original, Aloe Fresh, Cocoa Butter, and Vitamin E — all in portable pots you can easily stash in your purse, car, or nightstand.

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