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Hello there fabulous wedding team! As we count down to the big day, we’ve compiled key wedding morning tips from seasoned insiders. We’re covering everything: from important minor accessories to the art of effective task delegation.

Grab your coffee (or champagne, we’re all for choice!), and let’s get focused. Today we embrace the joy and task at hand, creating a memorable occasion with each decision we make. Let’s start this journey to the aisle in style!

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Make Sure You Have All of Your Accessories

“While your shirt, jacket, and pants are typically no-brainers to bring with you on the wedding morning, you’d be surprised how easily things like socks, shoes, or belts get left at home! Take note of all of the items that are part of your wedding day ensemble so that you can add them to your packing list to be sure you’ve got everything you need.”

Jason Jackson, President & COO, Generation Tux

Create a Calm Atmosphere with a Personalized Playlist

“Start your day in harmony with a custom playlist that soothes or energizes you. Music sets the mood, so whether it’s classical tunes, jazz, or your favorite pop hits, let your wedding morning be a symphony of songs that make you smile. Remember, it’s not just any day – it’s your day, so let every note reflect your happiness!”

Elizabeth M Kane, Bridal Musings

Don’t Forget to Delegate Tasks!

“The morning of the wedding should be a time of peace and enjoyment for everyone in the bridal party, including the couple! The best way to prepare for the morning of the wedding is to delegate assignments to those around you who are eager to assist. The couple should not be fielding phone calls the morning of the wedding. Hand your phone over to a trusted individual (like a sibling, Maid of Honor or Best Man) who can best answer questions or accept well wishes from anyone who texts or calls. If the couple is left to field their own phone calls, this could lead to delays in your timeline and could lead to unnecessary stress.”

Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

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Have a Mini Yoga or Meditation Session

“Amidst the whirl of wedding excitement, a brief yoga or meditation session can be a blissful oasis of calm. Just 15 minutes of gentle stretching or mindfulness can center your thoughts and relax your body. Invite your bridal party to join in – it’s a wonderful way to bond and de-stress together!”

Elizabeth M Kane, Bridal Musings

Take Time for You

“With a very tight day-of timeline, it can feel impossible to weave in time for yourself, but it’s SO important. Sleep in if you want to, carve out time to actually eat breakfast, and unplug from technology the best you can. My other expert tip after years of doing this – don’t drink champagne an hour before exchanging vows due to the possibility of hiccups!”

Kristin Sullivan, Founder, The Bridal Retreat

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Bring Your Getting Ready Outfits!

“It’s been a trend for brides over the last few years to have their bridal party wear matching “getting ready” outfits, and that trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon! If you’re treating your #bridesquad to matching PJs or robes the night before or the morning of the wedding, be sure you’ve packed those to give out to everyone. If you’ve gifted them to your gals in advance, remind everyone to bring along their outfit to ensure you get those perfect photos during hair and makeup in the morning!”

Kristy Breed & Helen Semovski, Director & Designer, Le Rose Stories

Bring Any Gratuities Labeled and Organized

“You may have generously opted to tip your vendors. If so, place all of the tips in sealed, clearly-labeled envelopes and give them to a trusted bridal party member to distribute on your behalf throughout the morning.”

Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

Have All of Your Keepsakes on Hand for Your Photographer

“To help ensure you get the detail shots you want on your wedding morning, have your save the date, two copies of your invitation suite, jewelry, ring box, garter, and any other keepsakes or heirlooms organized and in one place for your photographer. Gathering these items the night or two before will alleviate any last-minute scrambling the morning of trying to remember or find where you left them last. This is an easy task you can even assign to your mom or your matron/maid of honor. Pro Tip: If your stationer doesn’t gift you with a keepsake box, purchase one to keep copies of your pretty paper details in to cherish for years to come.”

Meghan Shaughnessy, Lace and Belle

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Be Sure to Eat!!!

“Don’t forget to eat AND to feed your bridal party! Place your breakfast or room service order in advance of the morning and assign a bridal party member to pick-up the breakfast order or to ensure that the food arrives and is set-up on time. And make certain that your bridal party reminds you to eat food and drink plenty of water throughout the morning!”

Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

Capture the Morning’s Memories with a Dedicated ‘First Journal Entry’

“On the morning of your wedding, take a few moments to jot down your thoughts and feelings in a journal. This first entry as a nearly-wed is a beautiful way to capture the raw emotions and excitement of the day. It becomes a cherished memory, a tangible piece of your love story that you can revisit and cherish for years to come.”

Elizabeth M Kane, Bridal Musings

Be on Time

“Be on time. Your hair and makeup artists are depending on you to arrive at a scheduled time so your services don’t cause the morning (or the timeline!) to lag. Ensure that your hair and skin are as instructed by your artists. We’ve seen hair and makeup take up much more time than anticipated when prep instructions weren’t followed.”

Ashley Lanchney, Owner, Alston Mayger Events

Get All of Your Attire Steamed and Ready to Go

“If you don’t have a wedding planner, assign one bridesmaid and one groomsman to collect all of the bridal party attire into one central location in your prep room. Have this individual assess the state of the dresses, shirts, ties, shoes, jackets and pants to ensure that everything is clean and pressed. If anything needs to be touched up, make sure you have a steamer and iron on hand for individuals to prep their own attire before dressing.”

Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

Have All of the Information for Your Bridal Party

“Your wedding day will run most efficiently if the bridal party is informed of the events to come throughout the entire day and evening and where they are needed. For example, we find it helpful to let them know after the ceremony rehearsal if they need to meet up somewhere to be ready for the announcements at the reception instead of going into the ballroom with all the guests after cocktail hour. This will save so much time if everyone is organized and gathered, ready to be lined up and no one has to go running around looking for specific people.”

Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides

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Pen a Love Note to Your Future Spouse

“Take a quiet moment to write a few heartfelt lines to your soon-to-be life partner. It’s a beautiful way to express your excitement and love on the morning of your wedding. This little note can be a cherished keepsake, a reminder of the joy and anticipation of this special day.”

Elizabeth M Kane, Bridal Musings

Have a Go Bag

“Have a “go bag” ready the night before. I recommend having everything the bride and co will need at the reception ready before hair and makeup even begins. The go bag would contain items like spare shoes, band aids, hair spray, makeup, mints, floss, etc. They will have more time to focus on the contents when the room is not filled with people and activity.”

Melanie Levin, Owner, LuckEleven Events

Organize a Special Gift Exchange Among the Wedding Party

“Add a sprinkle of surprise to the morning by organizing a small gift exchange within your wedding party. It could be something as simple as handwritten notes, custom bracelets, or even funny socks. This little gesture of appreciation not only deepens the bond but also adds an extra layer of joy to the morning festivities.”

Elizabeth M Kane, Bridal Musings

Ensure You Know How to Tie a Tie or Bow Tie

“Regarding the groomsmen, make certain that at least one of your groomsmen is well-versed in how to tie both traditional ties and bow ties (depending on what you intend to wear.) Far too often I encounter the groomsmen huddled around a YouTube how-to video attempting to learn this lesson at the eleventh hour.”

Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

Okay, team – that’s our roundup of top tips for your wedding morning. Whether you’re the star of the show or the best supporting friend, these nuggets of wisdom are here to help everyone kick off the day without a hitch. Think of them as your secret weapon for a smooth start. So, grab your coffee, or hey, a mimosa (we won’t tell), and let’s make this day one for the books!

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