Elden Ring is the most impactful game of 2022 — sorry, God of War Ragnarök

Elden Ring is the game that defines 2022. While I have not finished God of War: Ragnarök yet, this piece isn’t an attempt to assert that FromSoftware’s latest masterpiece is superior to the latest chapter in Kratos’ saga. I’m confident that I will still prefer Elden Ring, but I’m not dense enough to pretend there isn’t a chance Ragnarök could take its spot when I actually finish it. This is why I won’t be pitting them against each other based on quality.

Instead, this is an article about why Elden Ring is the “game of the year” in a different sense: it’s the most impactful title of 2022. It was the source of earth-shattering ripples throughout the industry, absorbing an alarming amount of people into its world and consuming gaming conversations for several months. Is it a perfect game? Absolutely not. In fact, there’s no game I’ve criticized more in 2022 than Elden Ring, but passion is a funny thing.

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