Currently Loving: January 2023 – It Starts With Coffee

Happy holiday Monday to those who have today off. Andrew and the kids are both off but we are just getting back from vacation so still trying to get back to normal around here. I love these currently loving posts because it’s a great way to share a bunch of different things I love right now!

Currently Loving: January 2023

Recent Reads: I have already read some books I loved this year. I was saving both Becka Mack books: Consider Me and Play With Me for our trip and LOVED them both! If you like Hockey romances- this is for you!

Morning Brain Dump: I was listening to a podcast recently and someone talked about how in the morning if you have anxiety one thing you can do is brain dump on a sheet of paper. I went and got a 5-star spiral notebook and each day I write down the date and brain dump things I need to do, things I’d like to do, goals for the day, and things I’m stressed about. It has been a game changer!

Dry (rest of January): I did not drink at all the first week of January and then after treating my body like garbage on our vacation decided to do the next 4 weeks dry. So a little belated rest of dry January (and some of February). I will report back!

Green Tea: In detoxing from our trip I started drinking some green tea and I really like it! It’s supposed to really help!

Lake Valentines Pajamas: Lake Pajamas sent Charlotte and I some matching Valentines jammies. This set for Charlotte and this set for me as well as this nightgown! So so so cute!

All white On Cloud sneakers: One of the Christmas gifts I got myself was a pair of all white On Cloud sneakers! I love them so much! They are so comfy and bonus – they clean super easy.

Merit Beauty: I have a full review coming next week but I have been using a LOT of Merit Beauty products the last couple of months and they are such a great clean beauty option.

Peloton Runs: On our vacation I could not do Peloton rides so I did runs on the treadmill using my app and remembered how much I love these Peloton runs. Robin is for sure my favorite run instructor.

Friday me day: Something I started in the fall was taking a half day every Friday for a me day. Usually I do a long walk, get a smoothie, and maybe do a manicure and pedicure if it’s a week for that! It’s really been a good start to the weekend.


What is something you’re currently loving?


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