Cross-platform messaging is coming to WhatsApp: Here’s what we know

According to a report in 9To5Mac, a new WhatsApp third-party chat feature has been spotted in the app’s code. This makes sense as companies rush to comply with a new European law on messaging interoperability, which Apple is currently fighting. Apple’s issue is that iMessage would become subject to antitrust law, arguing that it doesn’t have enough users in Europe to fall under the parameters of the new law. 

According to the WhatsApp beta info page, you can now see a new screen titled “Third-party Chats” within the latest beta of WhatsApp. According to the page, WhatsApp Beta version is working to meet compliance with the new EU regulations by developing chat interoperability support; the new capability should be available in a future update. 

What is interoperability messaging?

The European Union’s reasoning behind its new set of regulations is to create a situation where messaging works across multiple platforms (Google Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook messages) to keep people connected regardless of which devices or operating system their chosen devices use. I thought WhatsApp already does that, but what do I know? I just used my iPhone to send a message to my Android phone and then rolled my eyes.

Cross-platform messaging is coming to WhatsApp: Here’s what we know

(Image credit: Future)

As you can see in the image, the WhatsApp team is diligently working on the new dedicated window that will allow for cross-platform messaging and come into compliance with the EU’s new edict. 

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