CMSWire Announces the Top 10 CX Stories of 2022

CMSWire reveals the top 10 CX stories of 2022.

From human-centric CX design to journey mapping and the metaverse — the path to creating the optimal customer experience is constantly shifting — right along with customer expectations.

A frictionless, seamless and smooth journey — from the beginning of the customer journey to the end— was an expectation in 2022. Consumers also wanted brands to speak out and take a stand — but with authenticity and transparency. The new post-pandemic consumer expected convenience and speed — all within a personalized experience.

CX leaders strived to provide it all. So, what will 2023 bring? Before we figure that out, let’s take one more look back at CX in 2022.

Here are the top 10 customer experience articles from 2022.

Customer expectations and an increased emphasis on exceptional, consistent digital experiences across all channels have risen. This article takes a look at how customer expectations have changed and what brands are doing to keep up.

Customers are willing to pay more for convenience. That makes price less relevant. Customers will stay because of convenience (or leave if the experience isn’t convenient). That makes convenience a competitive differentiator. Learn more about how to improve CX by being convenient.

Journey mapping can help provide insights into every part of a customer’s experience. Hear from four CX experts who share their own strategies for creating a customer journey map and then follow the six steps for creating you own.

Data science enables brands to gain a deeper understanding of each touchpoint in the customer journey by analyzing the information from previous customer purchases and interactions, providing a more personalized and positive customer experience. But that’s not the only way that data science contributes to CX.

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