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I have always been someone who loves a clean space, whether that’s my home, my purse, even my car. I do not do well with mess and disorganization. Having two little kids could mean my car is a mess with toys, and school stuff everywhere, but I have learned some great car organization hacks for parents to keep my car pretty tidy, even with two messy kids.

car organization hacks for parents

Car Organization Hacks For Parents

Everything in its place:

I have two main things I use to keep things in their place. I have this organizer that goes in between the car seats. In this, I have books on one side (I keep about 10 in the car and rotate them out). Then I have smaller toys on the other side. I try to keep things that both Liam and Charlotte enjoy but most of the time Liam will bring a few toys in the car if we are going somewhere. This also can fit snack cups and drinks.

In the back of my car in the trunk area, I have this organizer. In it, I have a huge bag with snacks (goldfish, animal crackers, apple sauce). These are emergency snacks! Then I also keep a towel, diapers, swim diapers, wipes, sanitizer, an umbrella, trash bags, and extra clothes for both kids. This entire thing is basically my “just in case” bin. It’s a great thing to have with little kids.

Beyond that, I utilize the backs of the drivers and passenger seat. In one I have extra wipes and hand sanitizing wipes for after-school hand cleaning or just leaving anywhere where their hands got dirty. On the other side, I have extra chargers and an umbrella. In my console I keep sanitizer, mints, rubber gloves (for the gas station because eww), extra sunglasses, alcohol cleaning pads for my phone, pens, post-its, etc.

Keep it tidy:

As I mentioned I don’t like having a messy car. Every Sunday I vacuum the car seats and floor with this vacuum. If you are a parent of young kids or anyone who needs a small vacuum you need this! This Bissel hand vacuum is PERFECT for car seats and any small space. Plus you can charge it IN THE CAR! So it’s the best for road trips. I also keep a small trash can in my car and have for years. This way trash doesn’t end up all over the floor.

Don’t leave stuff around:

The biggest thing is to just not leave crap in the car. I take things in that belong inside, I don’t leave returns just sitting in my car forever, etc. If it doesn’t belong in the car it doesn’t stay in the car.

What are your best car organization hacks for parents?

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