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Liam is almost 5 (he will be 5 in February) and the kid LOVES to play! Like most kids his age, he has a lot of interests and that translates into a lot of toys. We have a lot that he uses the most and I wanted to share the best toys for 4-5 year old boys because I am constantly getting questions about what boys this age are into!

Best Toys For 4-5 Year Old Boys

Best Outside Toys For 4-5 Year Old Boys:

Swing set: This was a COVID purchase and both my kids have gotten a ton of use out of it. They are definitely an investment but you’ll have it for years.

Splash pad: So much easier than packing the kids up and driving somewhere when they only want to splash for a few minutes!

Bounce House: Another splurge but it lasts forever! So great for bad weather days inside too!

Ride On Car: This was a big gift Liam got from my parents for Christmas and he loves driving Charlotte around.

Trucks: Any trucks will do but we get Target $1 spot trucks to play with outside. We also love Green Toys trucks!

Best Inside Toys For 4-5 Year Old Boys:

Pirate Ship: Liam got this for Christmas and it has been a HUGE hit! He played with it at a friend’s house and we get hours of pretend play out of this.

Superheroes: Liam is very into superheroes right now, especially Spiderman. My mom got him a bunch of these action figures for his birthday this year.

Dolls: Yes boys can play with dolls too! Liam and Charlotte love pretending with dolls. We got Liam one when Charlotte was a baby and he still loves it.

Legos: My SIL and BIL got Liam a huge Lego kit for Christmas and it was a big hit with him!

Magnatiles: These are perfect because they are magnetic and stick together. The pretend play options are endless!

Board Games: We are just getting into board games with Liam. So far he loves Candy Land and Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Puzzles: He is a big puzzle fan and any 48 plus piece puzzle will work at this age!

Crayons/Coloring Books: He loves to draw and color! We tend to print a lot of things out for him but he also has lots of coloring books! Such an easy and fun activity!

Kitchen: We have a play kitchen both my kids LOVE! It’s the Kid Kraft one and we have tons of different play food for it too!

The Nugget: This was Liam’s birthday gift from us this year and it’s awesome! If you haven’t heard of the nugget you need to check it out!

Amazon Fire Tablet: This is the tablet Liam has and we mostly use it for rest time, car trips, or learning games.

What do you think the best toys for 4-5 year old boys are?

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