Best Purchases So Far This Year – It Starts With Coffee

Since we are about halfway through the year I thought it would be fun to share the best purchases so far this year that I would recommend. These things range from home, to fashion, to beauty, and health and fitness, and even kids! I feel like while I have made a lot of purchases, they are all things I am using a lot!

Best Purchases So Far This Year

  • AirPods Pro: I got these for Mother’s Day. Truth be told they weren’t on my radar at all. I had the original AirPods I had for years. But they broke, flat out just stopped working one day. After trying everything to troubleshoot it was a lost cause. So these were my Mother’s Day gift and I love them so much!
  • Peloton: This I plan to do a FULL blog post about but we got a Peloton back in March. I have used it every day since aside from my birthday. I don’t always cycle but at this point I think I’ve done 94 cycle classes, 80 strength, and a mix of Yoga, Running, and bootcamp. I love it so much!
  • Yoga blocks: I got these Yoga blocks since I started doing more Yoga via the Peloton and it has helped my practice so much. I really need to focus on balance and these are great.
  • Yellow belt bag: I have talked about how much I love the Lululemon belt bag and I wanted a happy summer color so I grabbed the yellow. It’s so fun and cheerful!
  • Zella sports bras: I was never a HUGE Zella person but the last year or so I have really started loving their workout clothes. The sports bras especially are incredible.
  • Westman Atelier highlighter: I have shared about this before and I am OBSESSED with this highlight stick. 100% worth the money for a clean beauty, creamy highlight.
  • Car organizer: Something else I have mentioned but if you have kids you have to get this! This is perfect to fit right in between the two car seats and holds a ton of toys. I have one section entirely for books and the other is for smaller toys. The kids are loving being able to reach the toys they want, and I am loving the organization.
  • Nespresso: This I got about 4 months ago and I have not gone to a Starbucks since. I have no idea what took me so long but we LOVE having this machine!
  • Yeti mugs: Along with the Nespresso I love the Yeti mugs. They have been perfect to have at home and on the go so I can still have my coffee with me.
  • Air Fryer: Andrew really wanted an Air Fryer so this was a fun purchase a little over a month ago. We are loving using the Air Fryer and please let me know below if you have any great Air Fryer recipes!
  • Stanley Cup: My friend, Diana, told me I had to get a Stanley cup. I am always trying to find ways to drink more water and I really love how much this Stanley holds, 40 oz! Now I want them for the kids!

What is one of your best purchases this year so far?

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