Best Alienware laptops in 2021

The best Alienware laptops showcase the dedication of Dell’s subsidiary to create some of the most premium gaming devices on the market. Alienware has been a constant presence in the gaming laptop scene since its inception, and few others have been as consistent in offering the type of quality that Alienware has become synonymous with. Dell’s acquisition of Alienware in 2006 hasn’t hindered that reputation and has instead seen the manufacturer trim up the form of its previously chunky machines — blending style and power with impressive results. These are the best gaming laptops around. 

If you’re in the market for a new gaming setup, we’ve drawn together our best-reviewed Alienware laptops to help narrow down your shortlist. It’s worth noting that while Alienware laptops are often jam-packed with cutting-edge tech, such things don’t come cheap. This isn’t some form of marketing tactic though, as Alienware laptops are well received for their premium components and build. 

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