Battlefield 6: Release date, gameplay, setting, weapons, and more

With Battlefield 6, EA and Dice are stepping into a battle they can’t afford to lose. The Battlefield fanbase appeared at one point to be dwindling as gamers move to headline-grabbing Battle Royale shooters. Now, this storied first-person shooter franchise has a chance to show why it has endured for nearly two decades. 

To do so, it will need to avoid past problems, many of which were self-inflicted. Battlefield 3 launched in 2011 with severe glitches; Battlefield 4 in 2013 was in even worse shape, and Battlefield: Hardline was an odd departure from the traditional war-based games. The latest entry, Battlefield V, followed the well-received Battlefield 1, but was unfairly bashed by fans in the buildup and failed to reach sales estimates.

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