Are You Ready for the Chanel 22 Bag?

Chanel’s latest big push is here, and it’s, fittingly, called the 22 bag.

Last October, Chanel presented its spring 2022 collection and it felt fresh, fun and light—a much-needed distraction from the global issues our world was facing. The collection itself was inspired by the art of the fashion show, and as a whole, it exuded the fun, light side of fashion we all craved. Models were shown on the runway in fun, ’90s-inspired fashion like high-waisted swimsuits with a sporty feel, and capri pants. The models walked with intensity and a high energy that portrayed the collection’s overall feel.

As for the bags, there were many. From quirky colors to fun shapes and kitschy details like beads and pearls. But the standout was a new oversized leather carryall that read CHANEL in bold gold lettering. Shown in black, white, pink and a stunning purple that is perfect for the year. The bag is a welcome change to the of-the-moment mini and micro bags that handbag lovers have been bombarded by the last few years.

Designed by Virginie Viard, the Chanel 22 bag takes on some of the House’s most iconic codes, like quilted leather and signature chain detailing. Just like its predecessor, the Chanel 19 bag, the 22 bag’s name is rooted in numerology, created for the brand’s spring 2022 collection. The number is also symbolic to the House of Chanel because, in 1922, the house created its fragrance N°22, which is said to be a lighter variation of Chanel N°5.

The Chanel 22 bags feels effortlessly stylish, in that cool-girl way that Chanel is oh so good at creating. It’s simple, yet functional, containing elements of the past, the bag still feels modern and fresh. It is going to be THE must-have Chanel bag for 2022, with the House pushing it as their latest It-Bag. But, does it contain the elements needed to have staying power? Would you carry it?

The CHANEL 22 Bag will hit stores in March, along with the rest of Chanel S/S 2022.

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