Are Victoria & Greg Still Together After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Reunion? They Got Matching Tattoos

Going into Bachelor in Paradise, Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo had one major thing in common: neither imagined they’d actually get engaged at the end of it. That’s what made it so surprising when the couple did leave the beach betrothed.

However, after the proposal — and while Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 was still airing — rumors started to swirl that Victoria was actually with Greg Grippo from Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette season. In October, Reality Steve reported fans’ claims that they’d seen Victoria and Greg in Italy, and later, a TikTok video from Nick Viall showed Victoria kissing Greg on the cheek, all but confirming their relationship. The pair didn’t officially make their debut as a couple until the Nov. 22 Bachelor in Paradise reunion, though. “I’m excited in my new relationship,” she said. Victoria was friends with Greg before she went on Paradise, she explained, and they reconnected afterward. They did travel to Rome together and even got matching tattoos saying “Ciao” while they were there. “Obviously, we couldn’t go and get a drink in New York City or Nashville,” Victoria explained. “And so we were like, OK, we’ll go to Europe, and maybe test it out, and see how we fit.”

As far as the timeline goes, Victoria denied starting things with Greg while she was still in a relationship with Johnny. But Johnny, for his part, described Victoria’s conversations with Greg as “emotional cheating,” and several users on Twitter seemed to agree — including Aven Jones, Johnny’s castmate from Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s Bachelorette season.

While some users were passionate about defending Johnny, others were a bit more ambivalent — and shared their struggle to keep up with all the drama.

However, as Victoria said during the reunion, “No one has to understand it or get it … everyone can hate us if they f*cking want.” So, are Victoria and Greg still together today?

The reunion was only filmed a few weeks ago, and it definitely seems like Victoria and Greg’s relationship has survived the drama so far. For starters, Victoria’s Instagram features several playful nods to their time in Italy — including a photo of the Trevi Fountain, where she was first spotted in a fan’s footage in October. However, Victoria tagged the location as the United States of America.

“Is this in Ohio?” commented Brittany Galvin.

Victoria also included a hand-holding snap and a bouquet of flowers in a recent photo dump, seemingly referencing her relationship before it came *official* official.

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