Alienware unveils the x16, x14, m16 and m18 gaming laptops at CES 2023

Alienware has revealed its Q1 gaming laptop line-up, offering a glimpse at what to expect throughout the early months of 2023. These four powerhouses are the Alienware x16, Alienware x14, Alienware m16 and Alienware m18. Each boasts its own strengths and weaknesses, with the m18 offering an variety of choice in a wide 18-inch screen, but is probably too big to take on the go.

All four laptops are costly, with the most expensive confirmed price point at $3,099, while the cheapest is at $1,799. These laptops boast the latest RTX 40-series graphics cards from Nvidia, alongside the latest 13th Generation Intel processors. If you’re interested in Dell’s more affordable line of gaming laptops, check out the company’s Dell G15 and G16 reveals during CES 2023.

Alienware x16

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