A Glamorous Black Tie Arizona Wedding, 15 Years In The Making

The Planning

I (Meagan) tried planning the wedding myself without a planner. I got about halfway through it all when I realized I was in over my head and needed some professional help. I researched different wedding planning companies here in Arizona and came across Revel Wedding Co. Again, looking at their past work I could see that they had worked similar styles of wedding that I had the vision for. Once we got them on board they really helped to tie everything together.

“Clean, black and white” was our vision from the start. I wanted a touch of glam but also to keep it classic and timeless. I love a trend just as much as the next girl but wanted it to stand the test of time as well. Mirrored elements were what I wanted to bring in to step up the glamour of it all without adding glitter or extra colors. I had saved photos for days of different elements I wanted to mesh together to get the desired effect. Looking back now, I could take pictures from our wedding and add them to the mood board I made before the wedding and they would fit in seamlessly.

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