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Organization is truly something that makes me happy! Going through something disorganized and making it pretty is a great anxiety calmer for me personally. There are so many things you can organize that don’t take a lot of time. I tend to keep a long list and tackle one thing a day or a few things if I have a while! If you are wanting to get started there are 9 things to organize today that will take very little time but make you feel super accomplished!

9 Things To Organize Today

  • Your car: This is one thing I always feel like I am organizing. Maybe it’s the two kids and the cheerios that seem to always be everywhere. I will say that buying this has really helped. I keep it in between the kids’ car seats and it holds all their car toys and books. It will also hold snacks and waters too!
  • Your jewelry: I did this recently and was shocked by how much stuff I had that I haven’t worn in years, that’s broken, or that I have no use for anymore! Now I can see what I actually want to use!
  • Your linen closet: This is my next big project! Our linen closet is A MESS! So much we can donate, or that we just don’t need anymore! This is such a great place to feel accomplished!
  • Your fridge/freezer: I do this a few times a year. I take everything out shelf by shelf. Wipe down, throw out, and organize.
  • Your dresser drawers: I need to do this with my sock and bathing suit drawers. Organizing dresser drawers and using this to fold things will make your drawers such a happy place!
  • Your kid’s closets/drawers: Another area I work on constantly is my kid’s drawers and closets. They grow out of stuff so fast and I am constantly purging! It doesn’t take too long but it’s great to see what they can actually wear!
  • Your junk drawer: I feel like our junk drawer is either super organized or well…junky! I try to clean it up pretty often since stuff just gets thrown in. I feel like I am always finding gift cards!
  • Craft supplies: Throw out old play dough, dried-up markers, old paint, and broken crayons! You can see things you forgot you had and your kids can discover new projects!
  • Your purse: I switch out my purses pretty often so I do this a lot but it’s always good to throw out old receipts, or trash, and I randomly find kid’s toys in mine. #Momlife

If you are looking for an organizational project this is a great place to find things today and get started with projects!

What will you organize first?

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