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I will be the first to admit I am not the techy one in my relationship! Technology is such a huge part of Andrew’s job and his overall passion in life so I leave the tech stuff up to him, so Andrew did in fact help me write this post and put it together. I thought it would be very helpful from someone who professionally works in the technology world to share the 9 best travel tech items. Also, great things to add to that holiday wish list!

best travel tech items

9 Best Travel Tech Items

Headphones: So I have AirPod Pros which I love and Andrew has AfterShokz Aeropex. They are VERY different and honestly, it’s more of a personal preference thing. But I love my AirPod Pros and think they work great especially at noise canceling. The Aftershokz are a different type a headphones called bone conduction headphones. They go above your ears and vibrate so you can hear the music. This leaves your ear open so you can still hear your surroundings. For example, Andrew can listen to music or a podcast and still hear the kids! Think of it as background music just for you.

AirTag/Tile: These are so great for tracking your luggage, or even having on your car keys if you are someone who loses your keys! Again, more of a personal preference but they generally do the same things.

Anker Products: We LOVE the Anker brand. They truly are one of those brands where everything is good and reliable. The first is the Anker dual USB port charger. This is great because it only takes up one outlet space but you can charge two things. I always use it for my phone and Apple watch. The Anker power bank portable USB chargers are so great for airports and airplanes and honestly, we sometimes use ours at home too! I also always have an Anker lipstick charger that’s perfect to keep in your purse anywhere you go. One of Andrew’s must-haves for travel is the Anker power strip. This is great if you have more than one person in a hotel room and lots of things to charge: laptops, tablets, phones, etc. Also, sometimes hotel rooms just have one outlet in an inconvenient location and this really helps.

Neck fan: If you are going anywhere hot this is a must! Andrew got it recently and has loved it (in these 100+ degree Texas temps) and we will for sure be taking it on beach trips.

Organizer: I have had this organizer for all my cords, chargers, etc for about 3 years and it is so clutch! It really keeps everything nice and organized and fits easily in a carry-on bag. Your cords don’t get tangled and everything is together.

Luggage scale: If you tend to be like me and pack more than you actually need a luggage scale comes in very handy! It has saved me several times avoiding those overweight baggage fees.

Drone: This is a big splurge but if you have a drone you know how cool they are. Some of my favorite pictures from vacations are drone shots Andrew has gotten. This was his Christmas gift one year and it’s always so cool to be able to play with it.

What is one of your best travel tech items that you’d add to this list?

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