7 Ceramic Plate Brands For Sustainable Dinnerware

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When choosing dinnerware from big-box retailers, what looks like a sturdy plate may actually be made from easily broken tempered glass or, worse, plastic. But if you’re looking to invest in your next set of plates, we recommend looking at ceramics. Not only are ceramics durable for longterm use, but they’re also made with natural clay.

There are three main types of ceramics: earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. Earthenware is fired at an average of 1950 degrees Fahrenheit (1000+ degrees Celsius), resulting in a hardened look that may need an additional glaze. While stoneware is mid- to high-fired from 2200 to 2350 degrees Fahrenheit (1200 degrees Celsius) with a finished product that will be more durable and waterproof. Porcelain, firing at the highest temp (2400 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1300+ degrees Celsius) is often white, shiny, and hardened in appearance.

With this in mind, we’ve sourced a few brands offering sustainable ceramic plates so you can upgrade your kitchen in the most thoughtful way. (While you’re at it, check out our guides to recycled glassware and sustainable flatware.) The next time you make a home-cooked meal, you’ll be proud to, as they say in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” put that on your plate!

1. Year & Day

Made In | Portugal
Materials | Ceramic
Price | $64/set of 4 plates

Year & Day’s four core values make this home goods brand stand out from the crowd. By bringing together a thoughtful assortment of table settings, quality materials, direct shipping and transportation, and responsible manufacturing, you’ll experience fine craftsmanship with each use. Designed in California and finished in Portugal, these ceramic dinner plates are elegant, durable and come in an array of colors that are easy on the eyes. Unsure what style of tableware suits your needs? Let Year & Day customize your perfect set with this quiz

2. East Fork

Made In | Asheville, North Carolina
Materials | Stoneware
Price | $46/dinner plate

For handmade modern ceramic plates, we’re eyeing East Fork’s kitchen collection. Made out of Asheville using locally sourced clay, these ceramic plates are beloved by potters and home cooks alike. Pick up a cake, side, or dinner plate, and you’ll support this small-batch studio while creating an even more palatable dish.

3. Tripware

Made In | Japan
Materials | Upcycled ceramicware
Price | Starting at $29/plate

Tripware is doing its part to create beautiful dinnerware from discarded pottery. While the earth has a finite amount of potting clay, the pots and dishes that already exist can be pulverized into a powder that can be remixed with new clay, extending the material’s lifecycle without adding to the landfill. The brand’s name refers to the journey each dish has taken to get to your table. We love the versatile designs that include smaller plates that double up as lids for their dishes, so you can save leftovers without adding to your washing up pile. Smart, sustainable, and stylish? Yes, please!

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4. Hawkins New York

Made In | Portugal
Materials | Stoneware
Price | $48/set of 4 dinner plates

For sustainable ceramics that are as sturdy as they are stylish, Hawkins New York’s Dinnerware collection, found on Food52, is our go-to. The Hawkins team has spent years working with worldwide artisans to craft quality home goods at affordable price points. And these plates are a testament to the team’s values: made in Portugal, highly functional, and beautifully designed, starting at $48 for a set of 4.

5. Our Place

Made In | Manufactured by artisans & partners in the US, Thailand, China, India, Morocco & Mexico
Materials | Stoneware
Price | $60/set of 4 plates

Hand-glazed and crafted thoughtfully with ceramic stoneware made from the earth, Our Place has us swooning over its collection of full plates! If you’re short on space, these plates stack beautifully in conjunction with the brand’s other tableware options, Both oven and dishwasher safe, you’ll be going back for these dishes, again and again.  

6. Material

Made In | South Korea
Materials | Ceramic
Price | $50/plate

For Material’s co-founders Eunice and Dave, food and community have always been a powerful medium for carrying on their Korean and Vietnamese traditions. With this inspiration in mind, Material’s ceramic plates are tasteful, timeless, and crafted to last for generations to come. Hand-finished and made from natural Korean soil, these plates elevate your tabletop, adding a special touch to your daily meals. Besides its focus on quality kitchenware, Material is also committed to giving back to organizations that combat food insecurity for underserved groups.  

7. Fable

Made In | Portugal
Materials | Stoneware
Price | $56/4 Dinner Plates

Designed in Vancouver and made in Portugal, Fable’s artisan-crafted stoneware dinner plates are simple and elegant for any occasion. Each plate is one-of-a-kind and uses a lead-free semi-matte glaze so you can keep your dining space safe and toxin-free. Fable prioritizes sustainability in their practices being both B corp certified and open with their environmental impact reports. Smart, sustainable, and stylish? Yes, please!

Featured Image is from Year & Day

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