7 Best Dog Cave Beds in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Back before we domesticated dogs, they were natural burrows as the cave made for a secure place to sleep. Today, dogs don’t really have to worry about being safe as they have us to protect them. That instinct, though, hasn’t left their body. If you are tired of your dog stealing all your favorite blankets or taking up all the room in your bed, then a dog cave bed is likely what you need. These caves provide all the security of their favorite hiding spot, without you having to sacrifice your spot in the bed.

We’ve put together a list of reviews to help you find the perfect dog cave bed for your pooch. You’ll find a helpful list down below of some of our favorite cave beds to date.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

The 7 Best Dog Cave Beds – Reviews 2021

1. Armarkat Cave Shape Covered Dog Bed – Best Overall

Armarkat Cave Shape Covered Dog Bed

When it comes to dog beds for toy breeds, you won’t find anything better. There is no need for your dog to steal every blanket in your house with this covered bed. They will feel secure and cozy inside their cave bed, and it makes the perfect snuggling companion if your lap isn’t nearby. The cave is built out of soft suede and faux fur, while the pillow is created with 100% polyester fill. The dimensions to this bed are 18 x 14 x 12 inches, making it perfect for small dogs. The best part? This cave is machine washable, meaning you can make sure it is always clean for your toy breed.


  • Waterproof and anti-skid base
  • Machine washable
  • Extra-thick cushion for comfort
  • Soft fabric


  • Only made for small breeds
  • Not made for heavy chewers

2. Frisco Cave Covered Dog Bed – Best Value

Frisco Cave Covered Dog Bed

For one of the best dog cave beds for the money, look no further than the Frisco Pet Bed Cave. Your pet will have the secure feeling of being safe from all sides and still be comfortable, even at a value price. The bed creates a safety zone for dogs that are prone to anxiety or don’t like being exposed. The inside fabric is a soft plush fabric that makes sleeping cozy without getting too hot. The outside is an easy to clean faux suede that is soft to the touch. The fill on this bed is a fluffy polyester fiber filling, making it extra comfy.


  • Doubles as a hiding spot
  • Machine washable
  • Extra-thick cushion for comfort
  • Soft fabric


  • Not made for puppies
  • Not chew safe

3. Snoozer Pet Products Cozy Cave Dog Bed – Premium Choice

Snoozer Pet Products Cozy Cave Dog Bed

Our more expensive choice is the Snoozer Pet Cozy Cave, which is a brilliant choice for those with bigger breeds. This cave isn’t like the others, as the cave is more of a blanket. There are two options for your pet here, either lay on it or crawl in and get cozy. It is a nest style of bed that allows the security or warmth of a cave or just the relaxation of a dog bed. One of the unique things about this bed is the filling, which include cedar to help repel bugs and whisk odors away. The plush inner lining makes the bed comfortable, and the polyester fill makes the bed cushiony for all sizes.


  • Made for large breeds
  • Machine washable cover
  • Extra-thick cushion for comfort
  • Cedar included in filling to prevent bugs


  • Not a true cave
  • Not made for heavy chewers

4. Ethical Pet Cuddle Cave Dog Bed

Ethical Pet Cuddle Cave Dog Bed

If your dog loves to cocoon and burrow into their bed, then the Ethical Pet Cuddle Cave is the one for you. It is on our value size of things, but the quality is amazing. Not only that, but you also know that the product you get was made ethically with manufacture practices that provide a safe to use product. The deep pocket design of this bed allows your pet to have the safety and comfort from all angles. The stuffing inside is designed to prevent shifting and clumping, so there is no need to worry about it becoming misshapen. With faux-fur interior, it allows for a cozy spot without getting too hot.


  • Extra deep inner pocket
  • Machine washable
  • 100% Recyclable poly-fill
  • Soft fabric


  • Only made for small breeds
  • Not enough padding on the bottom for some

5. Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Dog Bed

Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Dog Bed

For those who have dogs that need a little extra support, we have the orthopedic dog bed from Furhaven. The egg create foam helps distribute the body weight of your dog, and cushion the pressure points. This bed still allows for your dog to snuggle inside with a tented burrowing cave. The inside is covered in faux lambswool for added snuggling and keeping warm during cold winter months. This bed comes in four different sizes, allowing for different size dogs to find the best fit for them. The cover over the bed comes with a sturdy zipper and is easily removed for cleaning.


  • Comes in 4 sizes
  • Machine washable
  • Extra-thick cushion for comfort
  • Orthopedic bed


  • Not made for giant breeds
  • Not made for heavy chewers

6. Amazon Basics Dog Cave Bed Cave Bed

Amazon Basics Dog Cave Bed Cave Bed

This bed is one of the few that allows for borrowers and sprawlers alike. The cover has a plastic rod that holds the cover up just enough for your dog to find their way under. Inside is a spacious for the larger dog breeds out there. As an Amazon Basic is well loved and people enjoy it, which means you know you are getting an excellent product. This bed is best for nervous dogs who need security or dogs who get chilled easily. The inside is a faux Sherpa fleece that will keep your dog warm and cozy. The cover isn’t removable though, making it a unique cleaning challenge since you can’t throw it in the washer.


  • Large enough for large dogs
  • Warm cover and lining
  • Extra-thick cushion for comfort
  • Ideal for burrowers


  • Not machine washable
  • Some stitching is only a single stitch with no reinforcement
  • Not made for chewers

7. PLS Birdsong Dog Cave Bed

PLS Birdsong Dog Cave Bed

Coming in last on our list, we have the PLS Birdsong dog cave, which comes in three sizes. On our more expensive end, it lacks some features of our top three. It is soft and plush, making it great for dogs up to 70 pounds feel safe and secure. There is no faux lambswool lining as all of it is microfiber. Unlike the others on this list, this bed can be used without the cover, in case your dog decides they don’t like it. The top does not stay open on its own, as there is no rod keeping it up. The bottom has an antiskid and waterproof fabric which helps keep it from moving about the house.


  • Waterproof and anti-skid base
  • Machine washable
  • Removable cover
  • Good for dogs who overheat easily


  • Pillow flattens quickly
  • Dogs over 70 pounds don’t fit in the jumbo size

Buyer’s Guide

Tips When Buying

You Get What You Pay For

That saying of “you get what you pay” for rings true with dog beds. While there are some amazing beds in the value price, there are plenty that are lack luster as well. Price matters because it comes with the idea of quality. A higher quality bed is going to be a little more expensive, but you know it won’t fall apart in two months or fewer. Just like a bed you’d get yourself; you want this product to last for a long time. You could easily spend more money replacing cheaper beds in the long run than just getting a more expensive bed.

Remember, dogs can spend up to 14 hours sleeping during the day. A bed is going to get more use than some of their toys. It needs to last because it is what makes sleeping comfortable. If you are someone who doesn’t pets on the furniture, you need a bed that is comfortable and will last.

The biggest tip to offer is to read the reviews for each product. You’ll be able to tell if the bed lasts for months or if the quality has changed. Don’t be afraid to look and see if there are any glaring problems that come with the beds. The comfort and safety of your dog matter, and a quality bed knows that.

Shape Matters

Do you know how your dog likes to sleep? There are a few different ways that dogs love to sleep. There are the ones that sprawl out and take up as much space as possible, the burrowers who hide away, the leaners who are always a little propped up, and the curlers who enjoy being in a ball to sleep.

A cave bed will not work for those who enjoy sprawling out. There simply isn’t enough room for them to stretch out. However, if your dog is in the latter, then a cave bed could be amazing for them. The burrowers and curlers are ones who enjoy cave beds the most. It provides a safe and secure place for them to sleep, and they are going to be comfortable in the middle. The leaners can find support in a cave bed, but they may end up making the cave lopsided.

There are also the stiff cave tops, and the more blanket like cave tops. If your dog loves to burrow into blankets, then the blanket cave top would work best. The curlers are more inclined to use a dog cave that has a stiffer stop that holds it is shape.

Dog Cave

Durability and Rugged Design are Key Factors

Does your dog love to chew? Do they rough house with their toys, beds, blankets, and anything they can get their mouths on? If you answered yes to any of those, then you need a bed that can handle your dog. Most plush beds are not made for dogs who love to be rough on their toys. While a bed isn’t a toy, your dog may not understand that.

You need a bed that can handle the biting, the scratching to make it comfortable, and the moving it around without it coming apart in record time. A dog can be trained to not chew on their beds, but that takes time. You’ll want a bed that can hold up as long as possible before needing to be replaced.

Heavy chewers are incredibly hard to find beds for. Dog caves don’t always suit them because of this.

A big feature is if the cave opening stays open or it flops closed onto your dog. Not all dogs understand the lifting of the cave top. If your dog is one that doesn’t enjoy lifting the cover with their nose, go for one with a ridged tube inside that lifts the cover, or a stiff roof cave.

Washing Machine or Bust

No matter how clean your dog is, you are going to want to eventually wash their bedding. It keeps it nice and fresh, and smelling good in the home. However, it is hard to do that if you can’t just throw the whole thing in the wash.

Look for a bed that you can either take the cover off or one you can just toss into your washing machine. It is simple and effective and works better than spot cleaning. It can even be sanitized in the wash, where it can’t be with just spot cleaning. The inside of the bed also needs to withstand the washing machine. If the filling ends up clumping together after one wash, then it won’t be comfortable for your dog.

Terrier in Dog Bed Cave

Age of Your Dog

The age of your dog matters. A puppy is going to be prone to chewing on everything, as they are learning with their mouths. Most dog cave beds can’t handle a heavy chewer. If your dog is still young, consider waiting until they are older to get them a cave bed. An older dog may not chew as much, which is ideal for a bed lasting. However, an older dog may not enjoy the bed if there isn’t enough support for them.

Age matters with size too. Puppies are going to keep growing, and they grow quickly over the course of a few months. Keep that in mind when buying a dog cave. If you have a bigger breed, they will outgrow their small cave. Going for a value size here is a good thing, as it will save you money in the long run, and you can update the size and donate the smaller bed when needed.


There is an easy trick to finding the correct size bed for your dog. You are going to have to measure them from the tip of their nose, to the base of their tail. Once you have that, you are going to add about 8-12 inches to the length. That is going to the diameter of the bed you need. Say you have a 12-inch dog, you would end up with a 20-24 inch diameter bed for your dog to fit comfortably in.

The sizing on these beds, or most of them, goes length x width x height. Make sure you have the measurements for your dog before selecting a bed. There are also the inner measurements of the cave to consider. There are times the inside is smaller than the outside. Consider that before you go into finding the right dog cave for you.

Shih Tzu in dog bed cave

Important Things to Consider

Finding the perfect dog cave bed has many obstacles. Knowing which is right for you really comes down to your dog. Don’t worry, we have a list of what you should consider before getting your dog a dog cave bed. Here is what you should look at before buying a bed:

  • What type of sleeper is your dog?
  • What is the size of your dog?
  • Is your dog a heavy chewer or not?
  • Does your dog get hot easily?
  • Will your dog understand how to get into the dog cave?
  • Is machine washable important?
  • How heavy is your dog?
  • Will your dog outgrow the bed before you get all the use you can out of it?

These are just some questions for you to ask before going into finding the dog cave for you. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can easily go about finding the bed that suits your needs. Just like you would with getting a bed for yourself, you want to get one that is comfortable in the long run.


The winner of our testing is the Armarkat Cave Shape Covered Dog Bed. Coming in at first place it has everything you need in a bed for your smaller dog. The model that is best for your money is the Frisco Pet Bed Cave, which has outstanding qualities for a lower price than our number one spot. With this list of reviews at your fingertips, we hope we made it easier to see what dog cave bed will suit your needs the best. They are all amazing options and no matter which you chose; you are going to end up with a cheerful dog that can sleep the day way.

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