7-8 year old male English Springer Spaniel available for adoption

Please meet Dashing Dudley! Dudley is an absolutely gorgeous 7-8 year old male English Springer Spaniel. He is a beautiful lad and will make a very rewarding addition to his new family. Dudley unfortunately came into rescue when he was left unclaimed in the pound. How anyone can give this gorgeous lad up I will never know. He is absolutely fantastic, bouncy happy full of energy and just waiting for an active home to share his love of life with!

Dudley absolutely needs a job to do and will need an active adult only home to keep up with his energy. He would make a great farm dog or pet where he has a job to do, he really loves to learn and be busy. Dudley is totally ball obsessed and will chase a ball all day long! Being a pet is quite new to him so he likes attention and cuddles when he wants it, otherwise he will take himself off and relax by himself, He also absolutely loves being outside!

Dudley will guard the sofa against people and other dogs, he doesn’t like to be told to get off which is most likely because he has never had the comfort of one before, it is very manageable behaviour, he has his own armchair and sofa outside and doesn’t tend to cause any issues, he just keeps himself to himself. If you do need to get him off the sofa, if you get his lead, he forgets all about his urge to be on the sofa!

Dudley is neutered, micro chipped, de flead and wormed, he is house trained walks well on the lead is not destructive and can be left for short periods. Dudley has not been cat tested. He is a very social little fella so could live with other dogs or would be equally happy as the only dog with lots of human company! Dudley has a fantastic focus and willingness to learn and is great off lead once he knows you.

Dudley is very responsive, quick to learn and easy to train. he loves his home comforts and a cuddle when his working day is finished at the end of the day. Dudley travels very well in the car and loves an adventure, he is full of love and enthusiasm, whoever adopts this little lad will be very lucky indeed as he really has the most amazing well-adjusted nature.

Dudley needs an adult only home experienced with working dogs, this is a must!

Can you offer this beautiful boy the home he so desperately deserves?

Please email for further enquiries or a pre adoption form.

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