6 year old female Cross-Breed available for adoption

Donny is a smallish female Cross-Breed of around 6 years old. He was abandoned to his fate in a village in Romania. It is clear from his behaviour that he has suffered abuse prior to this abandonment.

Donny is a nervous and very sweet boy. He craves love and attention but is still learning to trust so is hesitant about coming forward. He is however, more than happy for you to go to him and he loves a good fuss and a groom. He gets on with the other dogs in his foster home and has shown signs of playfulness but would be happy also to live as an only dog.

Donny walks nicely on the lead but will pull in panic if something spooks him, he will need patience and understanding to help him improve his confidence in busier situations. He has been quiet and clean in the house since his arrival in his foster home and gives the best waggiest greetings. Donny fostered Gorleston Norfolk.

Donny would like a home that isn’t too busy preferably with another dog for company, he is too nervous to live with small children. Fences and gates must be 5ft min & secure.

Please note that it is Safe Rescue policy that all dogs adopted from us must wear a slip lead to be walked for the duration of their lives. Too many dogs are lost from slipping out of collars and harnesses and many of our dogs are timid due to past ill treatment and likely to panic whilst out and about. It is absolutely okay to use these things additionally to slip leads but not instead of.

We also request that extendable retractable leads are never used on our dogs. If you are opposed to slip leads, please do not enquire about our dogs as this is not negotiable. Thank you for understanding. All dogs have to be collected and a crate must be used.

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