55 Things Under $30 We Absolutely Effing Love

I’m always a little hesitant when it comes to buying something new. I try to spend my money wisely, OK? That’s why I like to get recommendations from friends whenever I’m shopping. And even though we haven’t been formally introduced, I like to think that you, me, and all the editors here on Bustle Digital Group’s affiliate team are friends (distant ones, but still friends). So when I say that we absolutely effing love all the affordable Amazon products on this list, I really, really mean it.

Oh, and did I mention that everything here is less than $30? Like I said, we’re all friends here — and friends don’t let friends spend $250 when they can get something just as great for $25. Case in point? The pillowcases made from silky satin that can help reduce unwanted frizz and breakage. One editor said that they “seriously make a difference” — and with more than 20 colors to choose from, it shouldn’t be too hard to match them to your current sheets. Or, if you’re good on pillowcases, we’ve also got flowing maxi dresses, cute shower curtains, and even an interactive toy that’ll keep your kitty entertained for hours.

So what are you waiting for? Your friends wouldn’t lead you astray when it comes to the stuff we effing love — and I think I can hear those pillowcases calling your name.


These Covers Designed For Pet Food Cans

Not only are these covers designed to fit on any type of pet food can, but they also create an airtight seal that helps keep the contents fresh. The silicone material won’t crack, melt, or warp — and one of our editors raved about how it helped save their aluminum foil. “I used to go through aluminum foil so fast before trying these,” they explained. “Now, my cat’s food stays fresh and I rarely run out of foil.”


A Broom Holder That’s Shockingly Affordable

Some broom holders can cost upwards of $20, whereas this pack of three is available for less than $10. Each order comes with double-sided adhesive for easy installation, and they’re even waterproof — just in case you put them in the bathroom. “Cheap, a breeze to install, and a game changer,” raved one of our editors. “No more brooms falling out of the hall closet when I open the door.”


These Cartilage Earrings With Sparkling Cubic Zirconia

You only have to take one look at these cartilage hoops to fall in love, as the sparkling cubic zirconia stones complement any outfit. They’re available in two shades — gold or silver — and the metal is completely hypoallergenic, as well as nickel-free.


A Water Bottle That Reminds You To Stay Hydrated

If you remain unconvinced that these motivational water bottles work, one of our editors has become a true believer. “It’s a little cheesy, but this motivational gallon water bottle has changed my water intake,” they explained. “I drink so much water now, and this bottle is the entire reason.” Plus, the lid is even 100% leakproof — just in case it gets knocked over.


The Laptop Stand Made From Tough Aluminum

Hunching over your laptop all day can leave your back feeling sore, so why not raise it up with this stand? One of our editors raved that it’s “the easiest way to keep your shoulders from being tensed up all day” — and it’s even made from tough aluminum that can support up to 22 pounds. Choose from three finishes: grey, black, or silver.


A Time Cube Available In A Ton Of Fun Colors

Blue, purple, green, yellow — this time cube is available in so many fun colors that your kids will genuinely look forward to using it during homework. You have the choice of setting it for five, 15, 30, or 60 minutes, and the extra-large LCD countdown window makes it easy to see how much time is left.


This Lighter That Won’t Go Out In The Wind

There’s no need to try and shield this lighter from the wind, as it creates an electronic plasma arc to spark fire that won’t go out until you turn it off. It’s also rechargeable via usb, so there’s no need to buy a replacement once it dies. Choose from six colors: gold, black, sky blue, white, rose, or silver.


These Luxurious Sheets Made From Silky Satin

If you’re looking for an affordable upgrade to your current sheets, might I suggest this luxurious set made from satin? Not only do they cost less than $35, but the satin feels smooth and silky against your skin — and it’s even breathable for when you get warm at night.

  • Available sizes: Twin — California King


A Gripper Pad That Keeps Rugs From Shifting Around

Tired of finding your rugs have shifted out of place, or even worse — curled up? This gripper pad is an absolute game-changer. Its open-grid design allows your rugs to breathe, while the non-slip surface doesn’t rely on adhesive to stay in place. As for why one of our editors is in love? “Even a small strip of this gripper underneath your area rugs will keep them from sliding around,” they explained.


The Silky Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Hair


A Mascara That Delivers Dramatic Volume

“Hands down the best mascara I’ve ever tried in my life,” raved one of our editors — and with more than 10,000 positive reviews, it’s clear that Amazon shoppers agree. Falsies is infused with fibers that help add volume to your lashes — and it’s available in five shades.


These Stackable Food Containers That Can Help Save Space

Since these food containers stack inside of each other, they take up hardly any space while in storage. The lids are also airtight and leakproof, helping to keep your meals fresh without any spills — and one of our editors particularly enjoyed how they “come in a bunch of different sizes, so there’s one for everything I make.”


The Pants Hangers Made From Tough Stainless Steel

If your closet is overflowing with clothes, these hangers can help you free up some space. “My closet is tiny,” explained one of our editors. “But these really help keep my clothes compact.” They’re made from tough stainless steel that won’t bend under heavy loads — and each one has enough space for up to five pairs of pants.


A Privacy Film That Doesn’t Require Glue

Some privacy films require adhesive to stay up — but not this one. And once removed, it won’t leave behind any sticky residues for you to clean up. Nosy neighbors can’t see through it, but if you don’t have any? It also works great filtering UV light, and can even help reduce your energy bills.


This Dress That Comes In Dozens Of Prints

Regardless of your plans today, this dress is likely suitable for the occasion. “It’s the kind of thing you can wear anytime and anywhere,” explained one of our editors. “Weddings, happy hour, and it’s even a great WFH outfit.” Plus, it’s made from soft, breathable cotton — perfect for warmer weather.


These Measuring Spoons Magnetically Nest Together

Measuring spoons can take up a ton of room in your kitchen drawers, which is why this set is made with strong magnets that keep them nested together to save space. They’re made from rust-resistant stainless steel — and one editor is so in love with them that they said, “I don’t know how I’d ever go back to traditional measuring spoons now that I have these.”


A Brow Pencil With An Ultra-Fine Tip

Shape, sculpt, and fill in your brows with this pencil. The creamy formula glides across skin and hair, while the brush at the other end helps you smooth down flyaways. It’s completely cruelty-free — and you’ve even got the choice of five colors: espresso, ash, brunette, auburn, blonde, chocolate, or taupe.


These Joggers Lined With Soft Fleece

Many reviewers and one of our editors said that these joggers are “ridiculously soft” — and with dozens of colors to choose from, you might as well grab them in a few while you’re here. The relaxed fit is the perfect level of slouch for working from home, yet tapered enough that you can wear them while running errands.


A Box That Hides Unsightly Cables

Got shelves that are overloaded with bulky, unsightly wires? “This cable management box made the open shelves on my television stand way more organized and neat,” said one of our editors. And if that isn’t enough, each order also comes with one cable sleeve, four cable clips, as well as six cable ties.


The Water Shoes You Can Sport Everywhere

Available in dozens of colors, one of our editors said that they get asked about these water shoes every time they wear them out. The elastic straps let you adjust how tightly they fit, while the quick-dry drainage holes help your feet stay dry. Plus, they’re just as comfortable in the water as they are on land.

  • Available sizes: 4.5 Women / 3 Men — 15 Women / 13.5 Men


A Pitcher For Making Cold Brew At Home

You don’t have to spend money on expensive pre-made cold brew — just use this pitcher to make some at home. “It works like a tea infuser,” explained one of our editors. “And, since you can batch make a few cups, it’ll last me the whole day.” Choose from three colors: black, stone, or white.


These Sweats With A Breathable Waffle Weave

Some sweats leave you, well, sweating — but not these ones. The waffle weave is breathable, helping you stay cool when you’re bundled up under blankets. And if you need to hear it from someone other than me? One of our editors said that “they’re so comfy, and actually look pretty cute so I can wear them out if I need to.”


A Water Bottle That Keeps Drinks Cold For Over A Day

With insulated walls that can keep drinks cold for more than 24 hours, this water bottle is an upgrade to disposable plastic ones — and it’s even eco-friendly to boot. The auto-seal button on the lid helps prevent leaks, while the covered sipping spout helps keep your mouth clear from dust. Choose from dozens of colors, as well as two sizes: 24 or 32 ounces.


These Shower Shelves That Don’t Require Drilling

There’s no need to drill into your tile when putting up these shower shelves, as each order comes with super-sticky waterproof adhesive. One of our editors said that they “help me keep my extensive collective of shower products organized, and they’re very aesthetic.” Choose from three finishes: bronze, silver, or black.


A Shower Curtain Made From 100% Waffle-Weave Cotton

If you’re wary about taking a chance on this waffle-weave shower curtain, don’t be. One of our editors confirmed that it’s “really high quality for the price,” and it even features reinforced button holes to help prevent tears. Choose from nine colors, including the gorgeous shade of rose you see above.


This Body Lotion Won’t Leave You Feeling Slick

Some lotions can take time to absorb into your skin, leaving you feeling wet and slick — but not this one. “I love how fast-absorbing it is!” raved one of our editors. “I can put it on, and in a minute or two it’s absorbed — and it doesn’t feel sticky.” But if that’s not enough? The formula is also fragrance-free, as well as suitable for sensitive skin.


A Tough Camera Bag That Won’t Break The Bank

Camera bags can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas this canvas one still protects your equipment from dust and dirt — but for a fraction of the price. “I wanted an inexpensive messenger-style bag for my DSLR and lenses that wouldn’t cost a fortune,” said one of our editors. “This one is really functional, and looks expensive.”


The Sunscreen That Won’t Clog Pores

Some sunscreens can clog your pores and cause blemishes — but not this one. “This is a super lightweight sunscreen that I use every day,” explained one of our editors. “It doesn’t make your skin sticky or shiny, and it has SPF 45 for sun protection.” But the best part? It’s also completely non-comedogenic, while the bottle is TSA-compliant.


A Toy That Keeps Cats Entertained For Hours

If you have a cat, one of our editors said that this toy “is entertaining for both you and your pet — but requires no effort on your part.” It stays put on the floor using a strong suction cup, while the speed at which is spins is even adjustable. And unlike some toys, this one is suitable for kitties of any age.


This Juicer Made From Tough Aluminum

Whether you’re making lemonade or margaritas, this juicer can help you get every last drop of juice from your citrus. And since it’s made from tough aluminum, there’s no need to worry about the handles warping under pressure. According to one of our editors, it’s a “simple kitchen buy that makes a big difference.”


A Phone Stand You Can Angle In Any Direction

With its flexible gooseneck, you can easily point this phone stand in any direction you like. The clamp on the bottom makes for breezy installation, and it even comes in three finishes: black, white, or rose gold. But if you’re looking for ideas on how to use it? One editor explained that “I use this for shooting cooking videos — it’s perfect for getting overhead shots and interesting angles.”


These Affordable Socks Made From Cashmere

There’s a reason one of our editors said that these socks are are “my favorite socks of all time.” Not only are they made from soft Mongolian cashmere, but they’re also available for less than $20. And since they’re made with a hint of elastic, they’ve got some stretch to them that keeps them from falling down.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 12


The Dishcloths Made From Eco-Friendly Cellulose

Don’t waste your money on paper towels — grab these reusable dishcloths instead. Each one is made from a blend of eco-friendly cellulose and cotton, allowing them to absorb up to 20 times their weight in water. Once they get dirty, you can even place them on the top rack of your dishwasher for an easy clean.


The Scrubber With A Built-In Scraper

When this scrubber’s nylon bristles aren’t strong enough for that extra-dirty pan, just use the built-in scraper to etch away any burnt-on bits. It’s safe to use on non-stick pans — but one editor broke down exactly why it’s so great. “My two favorite things about this brush: it has a silicone scrubber for stuck-on foods, and it’s dishwasher safe! I bought two and I rotate them so that they never get too funky.”


A Bath Pillow That Also Cushions Your Shoulders

It’s the little things that turn your bathroom into a spa — like this bath pillow. Unlike some pillows, this one features two panels that cushion your head, and your shoulders. One editor even said that “I love taking long baths — and this makes even a small apartment tub feel so much more comfortable and luxe.”


This Towel Gets Your Hair Drier, Faster

If you’ve got dense hair that takes forever to dry, one of our editors suggests this towel wrap. “My hair is super long and thick,” they explained. “And this cuts my dry time in half.” It’s also suitable for use on all types of hair — choose from three colors: linen, white, or dark grey.


A Camping Chair With A Built-In Cooler Behind It

“Living in an apartment in a big city, my backyard is basically wherever I can put down a camping chair,” explained one of our editors. “This one is really lightweight, comfy, and it has a tiny cooler built into one of the arms for a cold drink or two!” But if that isn’t enough? You’ve even got the choice of two colors: black or blue/grey.


These Bins Are Great For Organizing Drawers

Whether you’ve got a jumbled drawer of underwear or socks, these bins can help you get organized. They’re made from sturdy fabric with reinforced walls, helping them hold their shape so that they don’t collapse. Plus, they even come in four colors: grey, black/cream, charcoal/black, or cream/espresso.


A Zippered Bin That’s Perfect For Shoes

When your shoe collection is overwhelming your closet, you can use these storage bins to put some of the less-popular pairs underneath your bed. The zippered top keeps them safe from dust, and each bin is separated into four compartments to help keep the inside organized.


This Crewneck Sweater Won’t Leave You Sweating

Tend to run a little hot during the day? There’s no need to worry about sweating through this crewneck — one of our editors said that “it’s light enough to wear as a top, and has a great casual drape.” The polyester-viscose blend feels soft on your skin, and it even comes in more than 10 colors.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large


The Tablecloth Made From 100% Cotton

If your kitchen is lacking natural light, you can help brighten things up with a light-colored table cloth — like this one. It’s made from 100% cotton, while the checkered print is suitable for any occasion. And if you don’t like white? You can also grab it in red, coffee, blue, or beige.


A Brush Made With 70% Boar Hair Bristles


The Screen Protector Made From Tempered Glass

If you’re looking for a screen protector that’s a step above the rest, search no further than this one made from tempered glass. While it’s only made for the iPhone 11 or XR, it keeps both safe from any scratches or dust. Plus, it’s easy to install without any bubbles popping up.


A Fabric Shaver That Revives Tired Garments

With its adjustable shaving head, you can safely use this fabric shaver on nearly any type of garment — including extra-fuzzy sweaters. It’s also great for getting rid of pilling from leggings, while the cordless design makes it easy to move around. Just supply two AA batteries, and you’re ready to go.


This Popcorn Maker Has A Built-In Butter Melter

Making popcorn in the microwave might take a little less effort, but one editor swears popping corn with this air popper is definitely worth it. “I use this way more than I ever thought I would,” they said. “It’s so much tastier than popcorn packets, and a lot of fun to customize with your favorite toppings.” Plus, there’s even a butter melter built into the lid.


A Body Lotion That’s Loaded With Coconut Oil

Dry, flaking skin is no match for this body oil. It’s absolutely loaded with hydrating coconut oil that’s also rich in vitamin E — and the formula is completely free from any sulfates, silicones, or synthetic fragrances. Plus, it’s suitable for everyday use.


The High-Quality Flour For Homemade Pizzas, Pastries & More

Finding a product with 95% positive reviews is a rarity — but that’s just how good this high-quality flour is. One editor said that it’s “the only flour I use for pizza dough now,” though it’s also delicious when baked into bread, or even pastries.


A Moisturizing Under-Eye Stick To Help Ease Unwanted Puffiness

Whether your eyes are looking tired or puffy, this under-eye stick can help brighten their appearance. It’s made with antioxidant-rich orchid and grape seed oil, while shea butter works to moisturize any dry areas. Other nourishing ingredients include rose hip oil, cocoa butter, meadowfoam, and more.


This Laundry Detergent Made Without Dyes Or Brighteners

Some laundry detergents can contain a ton of additives, including dyes and brighteners — but not this one. And not only is the formula plant-based, but one editor even raved about how it “smells really, ridiculously good.” Choose from two scents: jasmine/wild lavender, or citrus/orange blossom.


A Planner With A Stylish Hard Cover

Not only does it feature a stylish hard cover made from faux leather, but this planner is also completely undated. So go ahead: Forget to use it for a few months, and you’ll still be able to pick up right where you left off without wasting any pages. As for why our editors recommended it? “There’s tons of room to jot down lists and other notes,” one explained. “It’s awesome for tracking both work and personal goals, which I’ve found to be pretty rare in other planners I’ve tried.”


The Journal That’s Easy To Stick With

With only one line of space dedicated to each day, you shouldn’t have any problem getting into the habit of filling out this journal. One editor even said that “I’ve found the limited amount of space to be totally freeing — because I know it’s just going to take a minute to fill out.”


These High-Rise Denim Shorts That Are Seriously Comfortable

Not only are these ripped denim jeans on-trend, but they’re also extremely breathable and stretchy (thanks to the added cotton and spandex). They’re high-waisted and frayed at the bottom, and they’re available in tons of different denim hues. One of our editors said, “I can’t believe how comfortable these shorts are.”


A 3-Pack Of Sterling Silver Hoops For Only $12

For only about $12, you can have three brand new pairs of hoop earrings — because you can never have too many hoops, right? These 14-karat gold-plated hoops have sterling silver posts, and they come in three sizes to match different outfits. There are a few more shades available, too: gold, and rose gold.


A Cold Brew Coffee That’s Easy To Make

Steep this cold brew coffee in cold water overnight — and come morning, you’ll have delicious cold brew waiting for you to start the day with. And if you’re curious about the taste? One of our editors said that “it actually tastes just like the much more expensive cold brew you can buy in glass jars at the grocery store, but costs way less per cup.”


The Shower Caddy Made From Tough Steel

Looking for some shower shelves that are easy to install? There’s zero drilling required to put this caddy up — simply adjust the steel tension rod between the tub and ceiling, and it’s ready to go. But if that isn’t enough, one of our editors also divulged that “the shelves hold a lot of toiletries, without falling down.”

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