52 Things That Are Genius AF On Amazon

The definition of “genius” is always going to differ from shopper to shopper. For instance, a techie or a chef may not appreciate the newest innovations in beauty or self-care, and vice versa — but the most genius AF products on Amazon all have one thing in common: No matter your favorite shopping subcategory, they’re all designed to make your life significantly easier.

Think about all the products you already own that you couldn’t live without: If you use and appreciate them on a daily basis, they’re likely made for practicality above all else. (You probably wouldn’t call a product “genius” if it sat on your shelf and didn’t do anything — no matter how pretty it was to look at.)

For the most part, Amazon reviewers think similarly; when something streamlines their routine, enhances their quality of life, or genuinely improves their living space, they’re the most likely to refer to it one of the most brilliant products they own.

So whether you’re in the market for life-changing household essentials, the newest, coolest technology, or the current front-runners in health and beauty, reviewers say these 52 products are some of the most brilliant buys — all because they genuinely improve their lives on a regular basis.


This iPhone 11 Case That Doubles As A Crossbody Wallet

Available in solid green and three floral patterns, the LAMEEKU leather case doubles as an adjustable cross-body wallet for hands-free convenience. It protects the iPhone 11 while allowing access to the camera and side buttons, but also offers enough room for your cards, cash, coins, and ID within the zippered pocket. (If you’re not a fan of the shoulder wallet, it also comes with a wrist strap, too.)


“The Most Effective” Natural Sleep Aid Buyers Have Tried

“Made me a believer after years of struggling,” one reviewer wrote. “I have tried every sleep aid out there that you can think of and nothing has ever worked as good for me as this product right here.” Genius Sleep AID uses a combination of natural ingredients (like melatonin and herbs) to help you drift off into an energizing sleep. Reviewers love it because it’s non-habit-forming and may also help to reverse adrenal fatigue after excess stress or caffeine usage.


This Damage-Free Car Mount That Fits Almost Any Phone

Finally, something that iPhone, Pixel, and Galaxy users can all agree on: the Beam Electronics car mount is “sturdy, reliable, and just plain WORKS.” This genius mount attaches to your car’s vent slats, so you can position your phone at an eye-friendly angle without damaging your interior. It also has a quick-release button and a 360-degree rotation, plus it universally fits most major smartphone models.


This Callus-Softening Cream That Reviewers Are Obsessed With

“Obsessed. I’m blown away by how quickly this stuff works. I just got it on Saturday,” one reviewer wrote. “Today is Wednesday and already my feet are feeling so much softer.” Unlike competing creams, O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet uses a non-greasy, Allantoin-rich formula that penetrates skin to heal, relieve pain, and repair — but it also creates a protective moisture-locking barrier to prevent against future damage.


This Scalp Massager That Deeply Cleanses & Encourages Growth

Using its flexible silicone bristles, this massager brush from Maxsoft both removes product residue while shampooing and stimulates circulation in the scalp. As a result, reviewers not only report “great volume” and “way more shine,” but also “stimulated hair growth.” Additionally, it’s handheld, waterproof, and feels amazing, so what’s not to love?


These Wool Dryer Balls For Soft, Chemical-Free Laundry

Instead of single-use sheets that are laden with synthetic chemicals, thousands of people have made the switch to these dryer balls from Smart Sheep. The genuine New Zealand wool not only softens fabric and cuts down on static, but it also breaks up clothing to speed up drying time and reduce energy-usage. They’re also especially gentle on sensitive skin.


A Brilliant Brush Pen To Polish Your Jewelry

Polish diamonds, gemstones, gold, or silver with this travel-friendly Dazzle Stik from Connoisseurs. It’s filled with a formula that consists of micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents, which dispense through the built-in brush when you twist the top. “This little wonder-pen miracle device literally annihilated the gunk and dirt from every single nook and cranny,” said one reviewer who used it on their engagement ring.


This Heat-Free Way To Curl Your Hair Overnight

On the inside, these Tifara Beauty rods have flexible metal, and on the outside, there’s a cushioning, absorbent foam that’s comfortable to sleep on. They also come in six different sizes to suit all hair types and curl varieties. “I have hair to my knees,” one buyer wrote. “These really worked to curl my hair and last all day. The best part is no frying my hair with heat.”


This Cream That Strengthens Nails & Softens Cuticles

Because it’s infused with jojoba oil, calcium, and vitamins, Hard As Hoof cream aims to strengthen and grow nails while softening cuticles — all in a non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula. People say their nails have “NEVER been this healthy looking and strong,” plus the coconut scent “smells wonderful.”


A Powerful Portable Charger With A Built-In Flashlight

Ensure that your phone always has juice with this $20 portable charger from INIU. In addition to its 10,000mAh battery (which charges four times faster than the average charger and can power the iPhone 8 three times over), it also has a built-in LED flashlight for emergencies. Since it’s lightweight and slim, it fits effortlessly in a pocket, bag, or glove compartment.


If You’re Trying To Grow Your Lashes Or Brows, Try This

Thousands and thousands of reviewers swear by the Proxena Hairgenics Lavish Lash serum, and have said things like “this stuff works” and “I can’t believe the difference it has made!” Simply apply the nourishing formula with the included thin brush; ingredients like biotin and ginseng extract then encourage new follicle growth, and buyers say their lashes or brows looked “thicker and longer” within a few weeks.


This Peel That Has Reviewers Asking, “Where Has This Been All My Life?”

“It hasn’t even been a week of me using this product,” one reviewer raved, but their pores, blemishes, and acne scars are all reduced. The Ordinary peeling solution uses AHA and BHA for powerful chemical exfoliation, which boosts cell turnover and aims to improve texture. It’s not for sensitive skin, but those who have used countless acid peels say “this is the holy grail of masks.”


A Best-Selling Straightener With Over 31,000 Reviews

This number-one best-selling HSI flat iron has all the most effective features: 1-inch ceramic tourmaline plates that both straighten and curl, micro-sensors that evenly distribute heat to prevent damage, a wide temperature range that goes from 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and dual voltage for easy traveling. And that doesn’t even include the freebies: a temperature-safe glove, a silky travel pouch, and a package of smoothing argan oil.


This Revolutionary Organizer That’ll Transform Your Utensils Drawer

For especially narrow drawers or those who are looking to conserve space, there’s the Joseph Joseph DrawerStore. Unlike your average utensils organizer, this one stacks your cutlery so it’s overlapping — that way, you can fit more things in less space. It’s suitable for drawers that are at least 3.25 high and it’s available in gray or white/green.


A Friction-Reducing, Fast-Absorbing Towel For Your Hair

Forget rough cotton towels — buyers say the DuraComfort hair towel will “transform [your] hair washing routine” by seriously “cutting down blow-dry time and damage.” The microfiber material is not only extremely soft, but shockingly absorbent, so hair air-dries more thoroughly and with less frizz for an easier time styling. It’s also lightweight and stays put on your head for comfortable wear.


This Liquid Clog Remover That Works In Any Drain

Hair, toilet paper, grease, soap scum — whatever’s clogging your pipes, reviewers say this liquid dissolver is safer and faster than other leading brands. “I used other products all to no avail and was to the point of calling a plumber when I came across this product,” one buyer wrote. The high-density formula clings to and dissolves blockages, so you can use it in sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets.


This Super Versatile Clay For All Your Beauty Needs

Since it’s comprised of only 100% pure Bentonite clay, Indian Healing Clay powder can cleanse pores when used in a facial recipe, purify and strengthen strands when incorporated into a hair mask, and soothe rashes and blemishes when made into a balm. This updated version is monitored for authenticity and freshness, and those with all different skin types have called it a “miracle.”


These Copper Compression Sleeves To Relieve Foot Pain

Those with foot pain, high arches, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs all agree: These Copper Compression arch support bands “might be the best money you spend and could bring total relief as they have for me.” The special compression material reduces inflammation and boosts circulation while the high copper content helps stiff, sore muscles and keeps the bands fresh long-term. You can wear them inside shoes or while barefoot, and they stretch to fit almost any size.


A Unique Pillow To Cushion Your Knees

The ComfiLife orthopedic pillow was designed to cushion the knees of side sleepers in order to align the spine and relieve lower back strain — but reviewers have found countless uses for this little memory foam wedge. “I have also used this for my neck,” one said, while another wrote, “[my wife] puts it on her stomach and uses it to hold her iPad while reading before she goes to sleep.”


This Popular Weighted Blanket For A Great Price

Typically, weighted blankets are pretty expensive, but this one from Hypnoser is surprisingly affordable — even though it’s filled with evenly distributed glass beads and has a soft, breathable exterior fabric. You can get it in various sizes and weight options, and reviewers rave that the blanket “offers the body a sense of calmness and relaxes you in your sleep.”


A Cult-Favorite Pillow That’s Entirely Customizable

If you’ve tried just about every pillow under the sun, buyers urge you to try just one more: “After years, make that decades, of searching for a pillow that would not contribute to neck pain and subsequent migraines, I think I’ve finally found the one.” The Coop Home Goods adjustable pillow is hypoallergenic, breathable, and soft — but most importantly, it comes with additional shredded memory foam that you can add or remove depending on your preferred loft and density.


These Scent-Free Air Purifying Bags That Actually Work

Absorb odors in your car, minimize moisture in your bathroom or basement, or ensure that your shoes smell extra fresh before each wear. These air purifying bags come in two different sizes and are filled with toxin-free activated charcoal. As a result, they effortlessly soak up smells and moisture — without unwanted chemicals or overpowering scents. They even last up to two years if you regularly bathe them in sunlight.


A Personal Blender That Doubles As A To-Go Cup

Make your smoothies or nutrition drinks in the same jar you use to drink them. The Hamilton Beach personal blender cuts down on hassle, prep time, and the amount of dishes you need to wash. That’s because the 14-ounce, BPA-free blender jar doubles as a to-go cup with an easy-sip lid — and it’s dishwasher-safe. Buy it in black, blue, pink, white, or red.


“The Best Product” Buyers Have “Bought In Years”

“I would just like to say to whoever designed this masterpiece… thank you very much,” one reviewer wrote about the Recoup Fitness Cryosphere. Others say it’s “one of the best tools” they’ve ever used for muscle tension, post-gym recovery, and painful knots. When placed inside the ergonomic handle, the steel ball effortlessly rolls over any body part — and it can be stored in the freezer to better soothe inflammation.


This Genuine Silk Pillowcase To Pamper Hair & Skin

Because it’s woven from genuine 19-momme mulberry silk, this Alaska Bear pillowcase is so much easier on skin and hair. The ultra-smooth fibers minimize friction, prevent unnecessary pressure, and help to evenly distribute moisture, which is why buyers call it “the luxury you never knew you needed.” It’s available in seven sizes and literally dozens of colors and patterns.


A Luxurious Cheese Board Set With All The Tools You Need

Cut, display, and serve your appetizers — all on one impressive charcuterie board. This set from MaxMoxie comes with two ceramic dip bowls, a 100% bamboo cutting board with cracker grooves, and a slide-out drawer that includes four stainless steel utensils, two slate labels, and two pieces of chalk. “We received so many compliments from our guests,” one buyer wrote, while another said, “[makes] a great gift for house warming, weddings, etc..”


This Automatic Egg Cooker That Does All The Work For You

Egg salad, eggs Benedict, deviled eggs, or just a quick hard-boiled egg for breakfast — all of the aforementioned have never been easier thanks to the Hamilton Beach electric egg cooker. This little appliance takes just six to eight minutes to prepare all different styles in various interchangeable trays, and it beeps when your eggs are cooked so using it is a no-brainer.


This Filter That Ionizes, Alkalizes, & Adds Electrolytes To Any Water Bottle

Slip the alkaline GOFILTR into nearly any water bottle, and it’ll transform its contents into ionized, mineralized, electrolyte-rich water with a 9.5-pH — all while simultaneously filtering out heavy metals. It works for up to 750 refills and isn’t impacted by light-colored flavor additions. “After learning about the multiple health benefits of alkaline water I’ve been searching for something that works and is also cost-effective,” one buyer wrote. “Honestly I couldn’t be happier with these filters, as they’re high quality, effective and most importantly reusable.”


An Aromatherapy Balm For Sleep (Or Virtually Any Other Activity)

If you’re having trouble sleeping, this skin-friendly balm is filled with lavender, chamomile, and ylang ylang essential oils to help soothe your body and mind. If sleep isn’t your issue, Scentered aromatherapy sticks are also available in various other scents (including De-Stress, Escape, and Focus) to support any other area of your life. They can be inhaled from the tube, or applied directly to the skin.


This Oversized Hoodie That’s Basically A Blanket

This number-one best seller is called THE COMFY, and if its name wasn’t enough of a tip-off, reviewers rave: “Incredibly soft and cozy […] I never want to take it off — no exaggeration.” Thanks to the oversized design paired with the fuzzy fleece cotton, it fits like a hoodie but functions as a blanket. You can get it in a wide selection of colors and patterns, all of which are washable and low-maintenance.


“The Best Travel Pillow Ever,” According To Reviewers

“I have bought easily 10 travel pillows in the past few years,” one buyer said, but the ComfoArray is “easily the best one to date.” That’s because, instead of air, it supports your head, neck, and spine using a reinforced, adjustable memory foam interior that rolls up for portability. It also includes a magnetic therapy lining, a double-layered cotton cover, an eye-mask, and a pair of earbuds.


This Virtual Assistant That Does More Than Ever Before

Judging by its 182,000 reviews, the Echo Dot is a fan-favorite when it comes to playing music, controlling smart devices, answering questions, reading the news, setting alarms, and checking the weather. That said, this 3rd generation unit has a louder, crisper speaker, a sleek fabric design, more privacy settings, and four color options to choose from. Needless to say, if you don’t yet have a virtual assistant, it may be time to pounce.


This Streaming Stick That Turns Any TV Into A Smart TV

If your television has an HDMI port, you can turn it into a smart TV with the Fire TV stick. This plug and remote duo gives you access to all your favorite streaming services, plus apps, games, and live channels, and all of them are voice-activated with the built-in Alexa skill. It currently has over 110,000 reviews, and some say it’s the “best thing [they’ve] ever purchased.”


An Ergonomic Memory Foam Pillow That Cradles Your Head

Whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, the Coisum ergonomic pillow has a very unique design to help cradle your neck and head. The memory foam is molded into a butterfly shape, which keeps your head steady and your spine straight — plus there’s a cut-out for your arm. It’s also hypoallergenic and comes with a washable, breathable cover.


This Brilliant Tip-Resistant Mug With A Suction-Cup Base

Maybe you’ve got a bad habit of knocking over your coffee — or maybe it hasn’t happened yet, but your laptop is always a little too nearby for comfort. The Mighty Mug Go has a smart-grip suction cup on the bottom, which (when combined with the BPA-free flip-lid) helps to prevent accidental spills and leaks. Get it in your choice of seven colors.


These Light Bulbs That Are Filled With Purifying Himalayan Salt

Upgrade from a Himalayan rock lamp and opt for these brilliant, modern-looking bulbs instead. They’re filled with real Himalayan salt crystals, which purify the air with negative ions while simultaneously casting a soothing orange glow. You can put them in any standard screw-in bases, from traditional lamps to Edison-style string lights.


A Must-Have Accessory For Avid Readers

Hold your book with a single hand — and keep the pages flat for easy reading. The PagePal is a sleek accessory that slips onto your thumb for use with paperbacks and hardcovers alike. It’s hand-crafted from domestic walnut, and buyers said, “I love everything about this page holder, from the mesh bag it came in to the smell of freshly stained wood!”


This Plug-In Extender For Your Amazon Alexa

Unless your space is very open-concept, you likely can’t access your Alexa from every room — until now. The Echo Flex is a plug-in extender that connects to your other compatible devices, so you can play music, check traffic, ask questions, and even make hands-free calls from other rooms. It also has a USB plug to charge your phone and an additional night-light option.


This Reusable Smart Notebook To Organize Your Whole Life

There are three reasons why the Rocketbook Fusion notebook is so genius: For one, the eco-friendly pages wipe clean so you can reuse them over and over again. For another, the smart codes on the pages allow you to instantly upload your notes and doodles to various cloud services, so you can reference them whenever. And finally, it comes with seven different kinds of pages, including lists, dot grids, weekly planners, and lines. Get it in eight colors, each with a pen and cleaning cloth.


A Sleek Deodorizer So Your Fridge Smells Fresh

This compact, leak-proof deodorizer fits effortlessly on your fridge door and absorbs unwanted odors for up to six months. It also helps to extend the life of your produce, keeping it crisp and fresh by removing excess moisture from the air. “We had fish in our fridge” one buyer wrote. “Within hours [of using this] the smell was completely gone.”


This Genius Diffuser That Turns Your Shower Into A Spa

Simply attach up to two bottles of your favorite essential oils; then the Oasis shower diffuser will release a strong aromatherapy mist into your shower for a spa-like experience. The unit itself is waterproof and easily mounts to the wall, plus it runs on batteries for cordless use. One reviewer wrote: “The oils combined with the steam from my shower really make waking up and getting ready for work seem less like [of] a chore.”


A Hoodie That Magically Transforms Into A Backpack

Buyers call this one a “must have” for travelers, athletes, hikers, and minimalists. The Quikflip two-in-one hoodie effortlessly converts into a functional backpack, so when you start getting hot, you can sling it over your shoulder — along with your other essentials. It’s available in three sizes, and features pockets, medium-weight ring-spun cotton, and a drawstring hood.

  • Available sizes: Medium – 4X-Large


This Tracker That Rings & Locates Your Item On A Map

Lost your keys, wallet, or luggage? The Cube Pro finder rings loudly when prompted from your phone — and it has a GPS tracker so you can locate your lost item on a map. In the event you misplace your phone, you can press the button on the tracker to make it ring, vibrate, or flash. It even has a replaceable battery and a separation alarm to prevent you from leaving things behind.


These 2-In-1 Spatula Tongs That Grip While You Flip

“Really nice for turning bigger things like meats, fish, [and] lasagna,” one buyer wrote, “especially if it is stuffed, stacked or fragile.” This brilliant tool from Leifheit combines a spatula with tongs, the latter of which functions as an “opposable thumb” so you can grip whatever it is you’re flipping. The nylon is also non-scratch and heat-resistant up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit.


A Bee Propolis Throat Spray That Boosts Your Immune System

This sweet-tasting spray from Beekeeper’s Naturals has only three ingredients, the most important of which is high-grade bee propolis extract. It’s extremely rich in antioxidants and healing compounds, so it coats your throat, tackles bacteria, and boosts your immune system — that way you can get over a cold fast, ease your allergies, or stop yourself from getting sick in the first place.


This Rechargeable Hand Mixer Is Completely Cordless

Whipping up eggs and batter can get your muscles burning in just a few minutes, whereas this hand mixer will do all the work for you. Unlike some mixers, this one is completely cordless — and the rechargeable battery even lasts for up to 80 minutes. “I make pancakes all the time, and it is perfect for the bananas,” one reviewer wrote.


A Bluetooth Speaker That’s “Incredible” For Its Size

Don’t be fooled by its size. Even though the Anker Soundcore Mini fits in the palm of your hand (and costs just $22), thousands of buyers love it for its robust sound, deep bass, and 15 hours of rechargeable playback time. “It’s an incredible speaker for the size. Solid, very stable, quick to connect, and terrific sound,” one wrote. Use it to boost your laptop speakers or listen to music on the go.


This Precision Cutter For Stubborn Packaging

The Slice mini box cutter fits in the palm of your hand and has a micro-ceramic blade that stays sharp, never rusts, and works well against thick plastic. As a result, it’s great for opening tough clamshell packaging, cardboard boxes, or even wrapping gifts and scrapbooking. Plus, the blade retracts to help prevent snags.


A Bar Of Soap That Exfoliates While It Cleanses

Since it’s made with incredible ingredients like green tea extract, deep sea algae, and willow bark, reviewers say MARLOWE soap “leaves [their] skin feeling soft and smooth” — but that’s not all it does. This brilliant bar has natural exfoliating grains built right in, so when you rub it over your body, it automatically sloughs off old, rough skin in one single step. “My legs and back have never been so clear,” another buyer wrote.


These Bluetooth Buttons For Your Shower, Wrist, Or Bike

Maybe you’re wearing bulky ski gloves. Maybe your phone is buried deep in your motorcycle pants, or maybe you’re already in the shower. Either way, Chubby Buttons syncs up to your device via Bluetooth so you can control the song, volume, and play button without taking out your phone. It comes with an adjustable wrist band, but it’s also made with a brilliant nanosuction backing that sticks to all smooth surfaces.


A 10-Can Cooler With A Super Portable Design

If you’re heading to a beach, park, or tailgating party, you probably have enough to carry. Luckily, the ZeeCooler is extremely lightweight and shaped like a laptop case for easy portability. It can hold 10 cans or six bottles, but it’s way less clunky than your average cooler all thanks to the flat freezer packs it comes with.


These Eco-Friendly Food Storage & Sous Vide Bags

Keep your food extra fresh — without leaks, unwanted chemicals, or waste. Stasher food bags are made from non-toxic, BPA-free silicone, and they’re designed to remain air-tight and temperature-resistant during transportation, storage, and boiling. As a result, they’re an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags and foil, plus they’re dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.

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