50 Genius Things You Didn’t Realize You Needed From Amazon

Sometimes, shopping online is a little too convenient — and it shows in my bank account. That’s why I’ve made a deal with myself: I can still buy all the necessities — like groceries and a $30 delivery pad thai — but I’m cutting back on all the frivolous impulse purchases. The only exception to the rule, however, is that I’m allowed to snag any little genius thing I find on Amazon.

I know that sounds like I’m giving myself a ton of leeway, but hear me out: There are tons of products out there that you don’t even realize you absolutely need until you have ‘em. Take these item finder tags as a prime example. Attach them to your keys, wallet, or anything else you’re constantly misplacing, and they’ll let out a loud ring to help you locate them. Personally, I just added this eyelash comb to my cart. Believe it or not, I thought I could get away without using one — but the inevitable mascara clumps in my otherwise-neat lashes say otherwise. And with tines made from rust-resistant stainless steel, I think it more than qualifies as a “genius thing.”

So what are you waiting for? You’ll be shocked at how genuinely you need a ton of these useful products — keep scrolling to check out my favorites.


A Balm That Helps Repel Mosquitos

Mosquitos are no match for this balm, as it’s made with plant-based oils — castor, lemongrass, rosemary, and others — that naturally repel warm-weather pests. The smooth formula won’t leave you feeling greasy, and it’s even made without DEET, dyes, or any synthetic fragrances.


The Chopper That Whips Up Fresh Salsa In A Pinch

Never tried making your own salsa? Now’s your chance with this food chopper. Rather than tediously slicing up all your veggies by hand, simply load them inside the chopping chamber, then repeatedly press down on the handle. The wave-pattern blades ensure everything gets diced evenly — and they’re even sharp enough for tougher ingredients, like nus.


A Water-Resistant Lantern For Your Next Campout

You want to make sure your camping gear can withstand the elements — like this lantern. Not only is it water-resistant, but four lighting modes also help guide your way through the campsite at night. Plus, it’s even dimmable — and perfect for hanging in your tent.


This Laptop Stand That Folds Down

Don’t have a ton of room on your desk? This laptop stand folds down once you’re done using it, and it even features two slots for smartphones. The best part about it? It’s so sturdy, and solid that it can hold up to 22 pounds.


A Dish Rack That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Most dish racks take up a ton of counter space — but not this one. It rolls out overtop the unused space above your sink, helping you save space in cramped kitchens. And since the rungs are coated with heat-resistant silicone, you can even use it as a trivet in a pinch.


The Sleeve That Helps Your Cans Stay Cold

This insulated Yeti sleeve is a significant upgrade from the foam koozies you’ve likely got kicking around in a cabinet somewhere. Not only is it double-wall vacuum-insulated, but it’s also made to fit any standard 12-ounce can — and there are even options for slimmer seltzer cans.


A Set Of Lids That Stretch To Fit Containers

Got a drawer filled with mismatched plasticware lids? Then it’s time to downsize to this set made from tough silicone. They’ll stretch to fit containers of nearly any size — and you can even use them to save halved fruit for later. Choose from four colors: blue, clear, white, or yellow.


This Stand That Charges Your Phone Wirelessly

Designed to work with any Qi-enabled smartphone, this charging pad powers up your phone completely wirelessly. No more scrounging around for a power brick, and no more dealing with fraying cables. Plus, it’s powerful enough to work through most phone cases.


A Clay Mask That Helps Detoxify Pores

Made with purifying white charcoal and kaolin clay, this mask reaches deep into pores to cleanse away dirt and toxins. It only takes about 10 minutes of wear to help exfoliate away dead skin — and it can even help shrink the appearance of pores.


These Tools That Open Doors Contact-Free

Looking for ways to keep your hands clear of public surfaces? Search no further than these little tools. The hook helps you open doors without having to touch the handle — and you can even use them to press elevator buttons. Choose from two colors: black or gold.


The Electric Razor That’s 100% Waterproof

Go ahead and use this electric razor while you shower — the waterproof body won’t short circuit when it gets wet. There’s also an LED light to help you see exactly where you’re trimming, and the rechargeable battery even lasts for up to a full hour.


A Gadget That Helps You Find Lost Items

Slip one of these little Bluetooth trackers into your backpack, wallet, or any other item you’re constantly misplacing. Once it goes missing, you can use the downloadable smartphone app to have it let out a loud ring — and the included batteries even last for up to 10 months.


The Fitness Tracker That Won’t Break The Bank

You don’t have to shell out for an expensive smart watch to monitor your goals — especially when this fitness tracker is available for just $30. The battery lasts for up to a full week before it needs to be recharged, while seven different sport modes track everything from your heart rate to your blood pressure.


An External Battery With Five Different Charging Ports

It doesn’t matter whether you’re charging your phone or your laptop — this external battery likely has a compatible charging port. The compact size makes it perfect for traveling, and it’s so powerful that it can charge an iPhone 12 five times.


This Smart Switch You Can Control Remotely

Not only is this smart switch compatible with Alexa and Google Home, but if you don’t have either you can also control it remotely using your smartphone. Plus, the app even lets you set schedules so that your lights are on when you come home.


These Wireless Earbuds Play Tunes For Up To 30 Hours

If expensive AirPods aren’t in your budget, these wireless earbuds still provide high-quality sound at a fraction of the price. The rechargeable battery lets you jam out for up to 30 hours — and the smart LED display on the front lets you see when they need to be plugged in.


A Wireless Phone Charger Made For Your Car

With a powerful magnet that latches onto your smartphone, this wireless charger is a sleek addition to any car. While it’s only compatible with the iPhone 12 line, many reviewers raved about how quickly it powers up their phones — and one even wrote that it “has to be close to a percent a minute.”


This Personal Alarm For Your Keychain

Not only is this alarm’s volume comparable to an overpassing jet engine, but it also clips onto your keychain so that it’s always within reach. The included batteries last for up to 40 straight minutes.


These Lids That Save Open Cans For Later

You don’t have to chug that entire can just because it’s open — save it for later with one of these lids. They’re designed to fit onto any standard-sized can, and each one is made from 100% BPA-free plastic. Plus, the seal they create is even leakproof.


The Phone Holder That Mounts In Your Shower

Keep your phone in this wall-mounted case while you shower, and you’ll be able to jam out to your favorite tunes — or even answer a few calls if you’re brave. It’s completely waterproof, and even comes in two colors: white or blue.


A Miniature Camera That’s Sleek & Subtle

You don’t have to shell out for an expensive home security system, especially if you’ve got this miniature camera. Once placed outside, it’s hardly noticeable to anyone passing by — and the night vision mode even lets you see what’s going on in the dark.


This Cooling Blanket Is A Total Lifesaver

I’m such a hot sleeper that I regularly wake up sweating, which is why I decided to buy this cooling blanket. It works so well that I can’t use it unless I’m overheating — the Japanese cold fibers are that effective at siphoning away your body heat. Choose from three colors: navy, grey, or emerald.


A Gadget That Cores & Stuffs Bananas

Tired of your usual ice cream? Use this gadget to change up your desserts. Not only does it let you stuff bananas with everything from Nutella to jam, but it also cores the center — all while it’s still in the peel. And with very little mess made, cleaning up is a total breeze.


These Headphones Are Perfect For Sleeping

Connect these headphones to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up in cables while you’re sleeping. The speakers are covered with soft fabric, allowing them to sit comfortably against your ears — and you can even use them as an eye mask when napping in the daytime.


A Door Lock That Can Withstand 800 Pounds Of Force

Whether you’re adding security around the house or childproofing cabinets, these door locks have got you covered. They’re so sturdy that each one can withstand up to 800 pounds of force, yet the groove-lock design is easy to open — even if you’re in a rush. Choose from two finishes: white or black.


Turn Your Mirror Into A Hollywood-Style Vanity With These Lights

With sticky adhesive on the backs of these lights, all you’ve gotta do is press them onto your mirror, and poof — instant Hollywood vanity. You can also change their color for a fun effect, and the brightness is adjustable up to five levels. Plus, reviewers raved about how they’re “easy to install.”


A Projector Lamp For Setting The Mood

Nothing feels as great as kicking back onto the couch after a long day, and the warm amber light cast by this projection lamp is the perfect way to set a relaxing mood. The size of the light is adjustable, while the lamp itself is made from high-quality aluminum. “When you get home from a long day, turn off your overhead lights, turn this sunset light on,” wrote one reviewer. “It makes your whole room feel so relaxing and comfy.”


These Stemless Wine Glasses Are Shatterproof

Go ahead and drop these wine glasses on the floor — they won’t break. Each one is made from 100% Tritan plastic that’s not only shatterproof, but also completely BPA-free. And unlike some plastic wine glasses, these ones have crystal-clear walls that won’t turn cloudy in the dishwasher.


A Cold Brew Pitcher That Helps Keep Coffee Fresh

Not only does this pitcher let you make delicious cold brew at home, but the lid is also airtight — and it can even keep your coffee tasting fresh for up to two weeks. The walls are made from tough borosilicate glass, while the reusable filter is ultra-fine to help keep grounds from leaking through.


The Blacklight To Help You Find Hidden Odors

Having trouble figuring out where that pet odor is coming from? This blacklight can help you find it. It also works great for detecting hidden food stains, and the LED bulbs have a lifespan of up to 15 years. Plus, it’s small enough that you can easily keep it in your glovebox — or even in a coffee table drawer.


A Table That Lays On Top Of Your Armrest

Ever wish you could just rest something on that soft sofa armrest? With this table, you can. The flexible design works with most sofas, while the deep espresso shade looks great no matter what style you’ve got in your home. Plus, it’s especially great for anyone who doesn’t have space for a side or coffee table.


This Pet Hair Remover You Can Use Over & Over

Don’t waste money on sticky adhesive roller sheets — just use this brush to get rid of stubborn pet hair around the house. Thousands of tiny bristles latch onto hair, regardless of whether it’s stuck on your rug or deep in your sofa. And to clean it out, simply dip it into the holster to yank all that hair away.


These Ice Cube Trays That Make Giant Cubes

Whether you’re sipping on cocktails or soda, the giant ice blocks made by these trays will melt slowly so that you wind up with less dilution. They also come with lids, allowing you to stack items on top of them in the freezer — and each one is made from flexible silicone so that it’s easy to pop the ice out.


The Shower Steamers Made With Essential Oils

Prefer taking showers to baths? These steamer pucks let you enjoy soothing aromas while you’re bathing — just place one over your tub drain, and it’ll slowly release essential oils as it dissolves. Each order comes with six scents: watermelon, grapefruit, menthol/eucalyptus, peony/pear, cacao/orange, as well as lemongrass/ coconut.


A Dinnerware Set Made From Eco-Friendly Materials

Not only is this dinnerware set unbreakable, but each piece is made from natural wheat straw fibers that are BPA-free, and eco-friendly. The pastel colors make them great for your next dinnertime Instagram humble-brag — and each set comes with enough service for four people.


This Eyelash Comb Made With Stainless Steel

With stainless steel tines that are ultra-fine, this eyelash comb separates each and every lash for a more voluminous look. The curved design contours around the shape of your eye — and each order also comes with a protective cap to keep the tines clear from dust when you’re not using it.


These Makeup Remover Pads That Come With A Sleek Holder

Not only are these makeup remover pads made from eco-friendly bamboo fibers, but each order also comes with a covered bin to keep them clean until you need them. They feel soft against your skin, and you can reuse them as many times as you like. Once dirty, simply toss them inside the included mesh laundry bag to keep them together in the wash.


A Toothbrush Holder That’s Easy To Mount

There’s zero drilling required when you’re hanging up this toothbrush holder — just use the included adhesive to mount it wherever you like. Unlike many holders, this one features a built-in toothpaste dispenser, and there’s even extra space on top for small toiletries.


An Electric Cleansing Brush You Can Use In The Shower

With its waterproof exterior, this electric cleansing brush is safe to use in the shower — and the soft silicone bristles are gentle on sensitive skin. Five different vibration modes help you exfoliate, dislodge blackheads, as well as clean deep down into pores. Plus, the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 20 days.


A Shower Mirror That Won’t Fog Up

Unlike some mirrors, this one is designed so that it won’t get foggy in the shower — even if you like your water extra-hot. The suction cup on the back allows you to mount it to tile, glass, and other smooth surfaces, while the hook at the base is the perfect spot to keep a razor.


The Outlet Extender With 3 USB Ports

Not only does this outlet extender feature three USB ports, but it also adds four plugs to any outlet. Each plug is on a different side, which means bulky inputs won’t block other outlets — and it’s even suitable for use on non-surge cruise ships. Plus, reviewers raved about how it’s “great for travel.”


These Smart Plugs That Are Compatible With Alexa

Pair these smart plugs with Alexa or Google Home, and you’ll be able to control your devices using voice commands — all without getting off the couch. And if you plug your lights into them, you can use the downloadable smartphone app to set schedules so that they’re on when you come home.


The Fasteners That Keep Your Sheets From Riding Up

Made from tough stainless steel and heavy-duty elastic, these fasteners are a must-have if your fitted sheet keeps riding over your mattress. Installation is as easy as clipping them onto your bedding, while the triangle design secures the fitted sheet from three different directions. Or, you can even use them to keep mattress pads in place, as well as tablecloths.


This Miniature Vacuum For Miniature Messes

When a full-size vacuum is too much for your desktop, allow this miniature version to suck away dust and dirt. It’s great for the crumbs around your keyboard — and all it requires are two AA batteries (not included.) Choose from two colors: mint or black.


A Wireless Doorbell With 52 Fun Melodies

Ever wish your home had a doorbell? This wireless one is incredibly easy to install, as it has a range of over 1,300 feet — and it’s even waterproof, dustproof, as well as temperature-resistant to harsh weather. The best part? Each one comes pre-loaded with 52 different chimes and melodies.


This Fan That Doubles As A Clock

With soft PVC blades and a flexible gooseneck, this LED fan clock is the perfect addition to any cramped workstation. It plugs into your laptop, so there’s no need to take up outlet space — and one reviewer even raved about how it’s a great conversation starter.


The Guards That Keep Fingers Safe From Cuts

Nicking yourself when slicing up veggies is a real pain — pun intended. But with these guards, it’s easy to get extra-thin slices without any cuts to your hands. Each one is made from smooth, rust-resistant stainless steel. And unlike some guards, these ones are designed to fit onto most fingers.


A Pack Of Twist Ties Made From Tough Silicone

Move over cheap plastic ties — these ones are made from durable silicone that can withstand repeated and constant use. They’re great for closing up your bread bag, looping together your headphone wires, and everything in-between. Plus, the magnet on both ends keep them locked together until you pull them apart.


This Milk Frother For Smooth Homemade Lattes

Going to the coffee shop for a latte every day can get pricy — but for $15, you can start making those from the comfort of your house. This milk frother makes that possible, because it’ll help you froth milk for your very own homemade lattes. It even comes in a stand that makes it easy to store, and it’s available in so many colors.


The Quiet, Portable Neck Fan With 3 Different Wind Speeds

This neck fan will help cool you off in a modern, yet stylish way. It can be charged via USB and boasts three different fan speeds that can work for over seven hours per charge, depending on how much you’re using it. Not to mention, it’s lightweight and quiet, so you can wear it wherever you need or want to.

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