50 Dope Home Products On Amazon That Are Only $20

If you ask me, you can never go wrong saving money. That expensive television you’ve been looking at? It can probably wait for later. So can that cocktail dress you really don’t need, and those shoes you’ve had kicking around in your cart. But when it comes to these dope home products you can find on Amazon, feel free to splurge — especially since each item I’ve selected is priced at $20 or less.

That’s right: You can grab three or even four items without breaking $100. But if I had to pick my favorites? Make sure to check out the cast iron skillet. I’ve been using mine for a few months now, and it’s become my go-to pan whenever I’m whipping up a meal. And since it arrives pre-seasoned, you can even use it right out of the box. Or, if you’re looking for ways to save money, these blackout curtains are a game-changer. Not only do they block out 99% of light, but they also help insulate your home against the sun’s warming rays. Trust me, your utility bill will notice the difference.

Still interested in all these dope home products? Keep scrolling to check them out — and don’t forget about those blackout curtains.


These Sheets That Are Resistant To Fading & Shrinking

Made from soft microfiber, you won’t have to worry about these sheets fading or shrinking, as they’re resistant to both. They’re soft and smooth, yet breathable enough for year-round use. The best part? One full set costs less than $30.


A Ramp That Can Help Alleviate Swollen Legs

Whether your legs are swollen or lacking circulation, this ramp can help. Simply pump it up as soft or dense as you like, then slide it underneath your knees to keep them elevated. Once done, it easily deflates so you can stash it wherever you like.


The Shower Curtains Made From Woven Cotton

If you’re looking for a classy shower curtain that’ll complement any bathroom, search no further than this one. Unlike some curtains, it’s made from soft, woven cotton that makes it look more expensive than it is. Plus, the metal grommet rings are even resistant to rust.


These Jars Look Great On Any Bathroom Countertop

Even if you don’t have any farmhouse decor in your bathroom, these handy jars will still look great. They’re made from real glass — not plastic — while the stainless steel tops are brushed with nickel for a sleek appearance. Plus, the soap pump is even resistant to rust.


The Bath Towels Made From 100% Cotton

Not only are these bath towels made from 100% cotton, but they’re also tear- and fade-resistant Each order comes with two — one for your head, one for your body — and the edges are even reinforced to help prevent fraying. One reviewer even wrote that they’re “plush, and didn’t fall apart in the wash like other towels do.”


A Makeup Organizer With Space For Everything

Polishes, brushes, compacts, bottles — this makeup organizer has space for all of it and more. The shelves are adjustable, allowing you to move things around in order to accommodate taller sprays. And since it also rotates, it’s easy to reach your items no matter where they’re placed.


This Body Pillow That’s An Instant Cuddle Buddy

Curl up around this body pillow to help yourself find a comfortable sleeping position at night — or even use it to boost your pillows for an Instagram-worthy bedspread. It’s filled with soft ball fibers, helping keep your joints supported as you snooze. And with double-stitched edges, there’s no need to worry about tears.


These Throw Pillow Covers Add Variety To Stale Rooms


The Shower Shelves That Don’t Require Drilling

Since double-sided adhesive comes included with every order, it’s easier than ever to hang up these shower shelves — no drilling necessary. They’re made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and there are even two hooks on the front where you can hang razors and scrubbers. Choose from three finishes: black, bronze, or silver.


A Set Of Shatterproof Champagne Glasses

Made from shatterproof plastic, these stemless champagne glasses won’t break if you drop them — and they’re even completely BPA-free. Plus, they’re disposable, making them great for everything from weddings to days at the beach.


These Stylish Bowls Made From 100% Coconut

Handmade with 100% coconut shells, these bowls are a stylish addition to any kitchen. Each order comes with four spoons, which are also made from coconuts — and reviewers raved about how they’re great for smoothie bowls. Pick from two finishes: polished or natural.


A Flatware Set In Stylish Black

Guests won’t be able to hide how impressed they are when you whip out this black flatware during your next dinner party. Not only are they made from high-quality stainless steel, but the square handles are also ultra-modern. But if black isn’t your color? They’re also available in copper, silver, or gold.


The Water Pitcher With A Fruit Infusion Core

Add your favorite fruits to this water pitcher’s infusion core — the flavor will gradually seep out, flavoring the water for you to enjoy. It’s made from clear acrylic, which is more durable than glass (yet just as stylish), and it also works great for flavoring tea.


This Tower That Dispenses Shots Into 6 Glasses

Looking for a fun table centerpiece? Just pour some liquor into this tower, and it’ll instantly divvy it up into six shot glasses. It’s made from food-grade acrylic, making it more durable than glass. Plus, you even have the choice of four colors: blue, transparent, gold, or purple.


A Taco Stand For Easy Tortilla Filling

You don’t have to hold your tortilla open to fill it up — just place it into one of these stands, and it’ll keep it propped open for you. Each stand is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, with enough space for three tacos per stand.


The Cast Iron Skillet That Does It All

I’ve had this cast iron skillet for about a year now, and it’s going just as strong now as it was on day one. The surface is pre-seasoned, allowing you to use it right out of the box — and it works great for pretty much anything. Personally, I’ve used it to baked, fry, sauté, and even grill meals.


These Mixing Bowls Made From Stainless Steel

Not only are these mixing bowls made from stainless steel, but each one also has a nonslip bottom to keep them stable as you whisk and stir. The best part? Once you’re done using them, they neatly nest together for easy storage.


A Blender That Cuts Down On Mess

Since the jar turns into a to-go cup that you can take with you, using this personal blender instead of a full-sized one is an easy way to save space, and cut back on mess. And even though it’s small, the stainless steel blades and motor are still just as powerful as larger models.


This Pitcher That Lets You Make Cold Brew At Home

Buying pre-made cold brew quickly gets expensive, but this pitcher is ultra-affordable at just $20. The fine mesh filter on the inside keeps grounds from leaking into your final cup of Joe — and since it’s made from tough stainless steel, it’s even reusable.


A Cart That Adds Storage To Tight Spaces

Need a small set of shelves in your pantry? This cart is the perfect option, as the four swiveling wheels on the bottom make it easy to move throughout the kitchen. It’s made from thick, durable plastic — and you even have the choice of two colors: grey or white.


These LED Lights You Can Hang Outdoors

Hang these LED stars around your patio for some warm, ambient lighting. Each bulb is waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about rainy weather. And unlike some string lights, these also feature eight different lighting functions: slow glow, twinkle, waves, and more.


A Triple-Barrel Curling Iron For Natural, Beachy Waves

You don’t have to spend a day at the beach to get gorgeous waves in your hair — just use this triple-barrel curling iron. Each barrel is coated with high-quality ceramic, helping to infuse shine and tame frizz as you style your hair. Reviewers also raved about how it “heats up quickly.”


The Knife Block That Fits Into Drawers

Don’t have enough counter space for a knife block? This one fits into most drawers, keeping your counters clear and spacious. It’s made from premium, eco-friendly bamboo — and the 15 storage slots are designed to fit any type of knife blade.


A Rack That Can Handle Heavy Pans

With adjustable shelves you can move around, this heavy-duty rack is perfect for large, heavy pans — including cast iron. There’s enough space for up to five pans, or you can even use it to stash lids if you need. And since it’s made from tough steel, don’t even think about it warping.


This Under-Sink Caddy That Installs Without Tools

Need a little extra storage space underneath your sink? This caddy comes with double-sided adhesive so that you can hang it up without any drilling — and it’s so strong that it can hold more than 7 pounds’ worth of stuff. One reviewer also wrote that “the basket is large enough to store a large dish soap bottle, and multiple other items.”


These Magnetic Spice Tins That Stick To Your Fridge

Don’t have enough space for a spice rack? Not a problem when you’ve got these tins. The magnetic bases allow them to stick to your fridge, helping you save space while making your fridge look seriously trendy. Plus, each order also comes with labels for the most popular spices.


An Organizer For Utensils & Other Tools

If you’re looking for a drawer organizer that can do a little bit of everything, search no further than this one. There’s space for forks, knives, and spoons, as well as other gadgets — like spatulas or wine keys. And with its low profile, it’ll easily fit into most drawers.


The Lazy Susan Spice Rack With 2 Turntables

Not only can you adjust how tall this lazy Susan is, but it also features two turntables: one on the outside, as well as a second one in the center. There’s enough space or up to 40 standard spice jars — and it works especially well when stashed inside a cabinet.


This Sleek Trash Can Fits Into Tight Spaces

Put this little trashcan next to your toilet for any cotton rounds you need to throw away — its sleek stainless steel exterior will look great no matter how you’ve decorated. It’s also smudge-resistant and fingerprint-proof, which means you won’t need to clean it that often.


These Ceilings Lights With A Gorgeous Industrial Cage

You’ve gotta admit that these industrial-style ceiling lights are gorgeous — and they’re also made from high-quality metal, not plastic. While bulbs don’t come included, reviewers did rave about how they’re “easy to install.” One even wrote that “it was easy to self-install as somebody who’s not handy at all, but took a Home Depot class once.”


An Ottoman With Hidden Storage Space

Keep a few blankets inside of this ottoman, or even use it for toys in your kids’ room. It’s made from high-density fiber board, which is sturdy enough to hold more than 200 pounds — and the cushioned top works great as a place to sit in a pinch.


The Lamp That Casts A Warm Amber Glow

Small enough for even the most cramped nightstands, this lamp casts the perfect amount of light to read. Unlike some lamps, the base is made from solid wood — and it also works great as an extra-bright night light in kids’ rooms.


These Collapsible Bins That Look Great On Shelves

I have a few of these bins on my bookshelves, as they let me hide away items when I’m too lazy to find their proper spot. They also collapse down flat for easy storage when you’re not using them — and with six colors to choose from, you can find one to match any style.


A Trio Of Fake Plants That Look Real

If your thumb is more black than green, you can’t go wrong with this trio of fake plants. They’re great for desktops or shelves — and many reviewers even commented about how their delicate design makes them look real. “I love these cuties,” wrote one. “The color is muted, [and] the paper vases look real.”


This Glowing Vanity Mirror With Different Magnifications

Is that eyeliner wing really straight? Get an up-close look using the two- and three-times magnification panels on this trifold mirror. It’s also backlit, ensuring that you’ve got the best lighting possible when doing your makeup — and you can power it via battery, or USB.


A Blackout Curtain That Helps Insulate Your Home

I just hung these blackout curtains up, and within minutes I could feel a difference in my living room’s temperature — that’s how insulating they are. They’re also great for daytime naps, as they block out 99% of outside sunlight. Just make sure to buy more than one, as each order only includes a single panel.


This Faux Marble Tray That’s Bougie AF

This tray is the perfect size for your makeup vanity — and the faux marble exterior gives it a chic touch that’ll look good nearly anywhere. Handles on either side give you somewhere to grip if you need to move it. Plus, reviewers raved about how it’s “well-made.”


A Jewelry Box With Over 30 Compartments

Rings, necklaces, bracelets — with 36 storage compartments in this jewelry box, you’ve got more than enough space for all your valuable pieces. The inside is lined with soft velvet, while the hard outside keeps the contents safe from scuffs and dust. Choose from several colors, including a rich shade of green.


The Wall Scones With A Rustic Farmhouse Touch

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact — like these rustic wall scones. They come with remotes so that you can control them from afar, and each one even has a built-in timer in case you forget to turn them off. Plus, they’re battery-operated — so there’s no complicated wiring necessary.


These Decorative Boxes That Are Great For Stashing Things

Not only do these decorative boxes look great on shelves, but they’re also so affordable that you can even use them as decor during bridal showers, weddings, and other events. They’re large enough to hold small items, like photographs — choose from two colors: gray or red.


The Scented Soy Candles That Burn For Hours

Since each one of these scented soy candles burns for about 30 hours, that means the entire set provides about 120 hours’ worth of soft, soothing light. You can also reuse the tins after they’ve burned dry — and each order comes with four scents: spring, lavender, lemon, and fig.


A Fluffy Rug That Adds Color To Bland Rooms

Blue, grey, white, purple — this fluffy rug comes in a variety of gorgeous shades that add a pop of color to dull, boring rooms. The non-slip bottom keeps it from shifting around, while the high-density sponge interlayer helps prevent shedding. Plus, many reviewers wrote about how soft it feels.


The Elegant TV Stand That, Yes, Is Under $20

You can’t go wrong with this stand, as it’s the perfect size for a computer monitor — or even a smaller television. Assembly only takes a few quick minutes, and one reviewer even described it as “a short and sturdy table that looks good.”


An Organizer For All Your Office Supplies

Got a desk that’s littered with pens, notes, clips, and nowhere to stash them all? Just grab this handy organizer. You can arrange the six compartments however you like, as their magnetic bases keep them from tipping over. Choose from three colors: black, brown, or natural.


This Bulletin Board Made With Natural Cork

Unlike some bulletin boards, this one is made with natural cork that gradually heals itself from pushpin pricks. But the best part? You don’t have to buy separate pins — each order comes with 25 pins, as well as 20 colorful clips.


A Clock With A Chic Faux Wood Face

Chic yet understated, this alarm clock’s faux wood grain would look great on your nightstand — or even on your desk at work. Not only does it show the humidity and temperature, but the brightness is adjustable — so it won’t disturb you when trying to fall asleep.


These Frames With Stylish White Mats

With these picture frames, you’ve got options. Put smaller photos inside along with the white mat border, or remove the border altogether to display larger portraits. “The frame is real glass, and the mat is thick,” wrote one reviewer.


The Laundry Hampers That Collapse Flat

You can’t deny that these striped laundry hampers are cute — but they’re just as useful as they are stylish. Each one is lined with water-resistant material to help keep your clothes dry, while the reinforced handles are resistant to tears. Plus, they even collapse down flat when you’re done using them.


A Flashlight That’s Nearly Indestructible

Whether you need a flashlight for camping or an emergency kit, this tactical one is so tough that it’s nearly indestructible. It’s also water-resistant — and it only needs three AAA batteries to provide up to 10 hours of light.


These Cubes Keep Your Suitcase Organized

Made from high-quality nylon that’s resistant to tears, these packing cubes are great for keeping your suitcase organized. Each order comes with four cubes, one shoe bag, toiletry bag, as well as a second TSA-approved toiletry bag for your carry-on. Choose from six colors: black, blue, grey, pink, purple, or red.

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