50 Cheap Products That Make You Look Better With Almost No Effort

Investing in a few affordable products can make a world of difference when you’re trying to look put-together from day to day — that is, if you know which items are actually worth the hype. When it comes to budget-friendly items, Amazon is a great place to turn. From accessories to beauty tools, the online retailer is home to tons of cheap products to help you look and feel your best with minimal effort.

There are so many easy ways to put your best foot forward and add fun touches to your everyday look. Stay on-trend and instantly elevate any outfit by adding a funky hair clip, chic piece of jewelry, or stylish pair of sunglasses. While we’re on the topic of outfits, keeping a fabric shaver, lint roller, and handheld steamer on hand is a simple way to keep your clothes looking as good as new. Don’t forget about your shoes and jewelry, too — accessory cleaning kits can help bring your favorites back to life.

If you could use some more pampering to your routine, you’ll find plenty of products to try at home. Consider treating yourself to a nourishing foot mask, long-lasting manicure, deep-conditioning treatment, root touch-up, or voluminous blowout. Or, level up your skincare game with an exfoliator, soothing ice roller, pack of pimple-clearing patches, and more. Looking to refresh your makeup collection? Try a fan-favorite volume-building mascara, a two-in-one pen that help you draw perfect winged eyeliner, highlighter lotion for a dewy glow, or a set of applicator sponges for easy blending.

And, this is just the tip of the awesome-product iceberg. Keep reading for the full list of cheap things that make you look better with very little effort.


This Compact Cuticle Oil Pen For Stronger Nails

Glide this cuticle oil pen over your nails and cuticles to help preserve your manicure, strengthen your nails, and prevent polish chipping. It’s formulated with a blend of natural ingredients, including hydrating jojoba wax esters. One reviewer wrote, “Makes my cuticles feel and look great.” It’s available in two scents (Vanilla and Crisp) and a fragrance-free variety.


A Set Of Clasp Locks For Layering Jewelry Without Tangling

If you’re big on layering your necklaces and bracelets, you know how quickly they can become a tangled mess. That’s where these clasp locks come in handy. This set comes with four clasp locks in silver and gold tones, each of which can fit either two or three pieces of jewelry.


These No-Show Socks That Actually Stay In Place

These no-show socks have racked up over 10,000 Amazon ratings thanks to their discreet design that won’t distract from your trendy sneakers), soft microfiber fabric, and comfortable fit. The heels are equipped with slip-resistant gel patches, so you won’t need to worry about them sliding down as you walk. “Very comfortable & secure,” wrote one reviewer. They’re available in black or nude in packs of six, nine, or 12.


A Fabric Shaver To Keep Sweaters Looking Brand-New

When your knit fabrics start to look a little worse for wear, bust out this electric fabric shaver. Skim it over the fabric to remove excess lint and pills, then empty the lint catcher when you’re done. Plus, all it needs is two AA batteries to run.


A Set Of Stretchy Headbands For Good & Bad Hair Days

Looking for a way to disguise dirty hair? Try these elastic headbands, which come in sets of six and feature a wide array of colors and/or patterns. They’re constructed from a stretchy, lightweight blend of polyester and spandex, and a front-tie design adds an extra chic touch. Reviewers have raved about how comfortable they are and how effectively they can keep hair off your face.


A Ring Light To Brighten Your Video Calls & Photos

Don’t let grainy photos or video get you down — this 10-inch ring light has three warmths and 10 brightnesses to provide you the exact glow you need to look your best on-screen. And with the included tripod and built-in phone holder, it’s totally hands-free.


These Silicone Brushes To Gently Exfoliate Your Lips

The next time your lips are in need of exfoliation, use these dual-sided silicone brushes, which reviewers attest can help remove dry skin and leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Simply swipe on your favorite moisturizer and use either side of the brush to massage or gently scrub your lips.


A Longline Bra You’ll Want To Wear All The Time

Constructed with a nylon-spandex blend and four-way stretch, this sports-bra tank offers medium support and tons of comfort. Pair the moisture-wicking longline bra with high-waisted pants, or layer it under a shirt for instant outfit inspiration. And if you prefer your bras without padded cups, you can remove the inserts in this one.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large


This Facial Steamer With 12,000-Plus Ratings

Don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars on a fancy spa facial? Snag this facial steamer — which has racked up more than 8,000 perfect five-star Amazon ratings — for a fraction of the price. One reviewer exclaimed, “I love that this product allows me to have spa day facial treatments at home. […] It leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized!”


These Hair Clips That Instantly Elevate Any Hairstyle

Think of these fashion-forward barrettes as jewelry for your hair. They come in packs of 20 and offer an array of eye-catching designs and patterns, including pearls, metallics, and acrylics. As the proud owner of these hair clips, I can tell you they’re just as durable as they are chic, and they stay in place for hours on end. Don’t believe me? Take it from one reviewer, who raved, “These darling clips will make you look like a million bucks.”


A Fan-Favorite Handheld Steamer To Keep Clothes Wrinkle-Free

Ensure your garments stay crisp-looking and wrinkle-free with this handheld steamer, which has racked up more than 21,000 ratings and counting. It’s made with durable stainless steel, which staves off rust, and its 9-foot-long cord makes it convenient to use. Plus, it heats up in just two minutes.


An Eyeliner Pen With A Wing Stamp For Perfect Liner Every Time

If you struggle with winged eyeliner, you’re not alone. Fortunately, this dual-sided eyeliner can help. One side features a fine-tip pen, while the other offers a wing stamp so you can “draw” perfect-looking wings in seconds. I’ve found that the liner could be a bit more pigmented; however, it definitely stays in place without smudging or transferring. Plus, the winged stamp has saved me so much time and effort with my eye makeup routine.


A Pack Of Stain-Removing Wipes To Revive Your Leather & Suede Shoes

These disposable cleaning wipes can help restore your favorite suede and leather footwear back to their former glory thanks to a gentle yet powerful stain-removing formula. Reviewers have raved about how easy they are to use. Plus, according to the manufacturer, they’re also suitable for use on rubber and nubuck.


These Pads That Prevent Eye Makeup Smudges

If you’re tired of dealing with little flakes of product (which can turn into huge streaks if you aren’t careful) under your eyes as you apply shadow, snag these eyeshadow pads. Stick them on before you start working — or use them as a stencil to help you get an even, crisp cat-eye effect. Just toss them when you’re done.


This Hair Wax That Tames Flyaways

Flyaways are no match for this product from Aymaloy. The wax-based product — which resembles a mascara tube and wand — is made with a blend of plant-based ingredients that hold hair in place without leaving it feeling sticky, hard, or greasy. One reviewer exclaimed, “Absolutely love this product! I have fine flyaway hair and this is the greatest thing I’ve tried. It last all day long and I don’t have to retouch later.”


An Ice Roller For Soothing Cold Therapy

This nifty little tool features a detachable roller that you can store in the freezer for whenever you could use some cold therapy, whether it’s in the morning as part of your skincare routine or to cool down after a workout. “My pores were super angry and inflamed,” wrote one reviewer. “This thing is a lifesaver! I use it daily and roll all over my face and neck and chest. It’s also a nice way to beat the heat, or to roll ice over sore muscles, and it helps my headaches.”


This Wallet-Friendly Cleaning Kit For Your Jewelry

Keep your baubles looking extra-shiny with this at-home cleaning kit. The under-$10 set — which comes complete with a basket, brush, liquid solution, and a cloth — cleans gold, diamond, and silver pieces in under 10 minutes. According to one reviewer, “I couldn’t believe all of the dirt that was in my rings,” adding: “They are shining so brightly now!”


A Grooming Kit With 18 Different Tools

This grooming set comes with a whopping 18 different stainless steel tools to help you maintain everything from nails to eyebrows. Plus, it comes with a convenient faux-leather carrying case that’s easy to tuck into a closet or take on the road with you if needed.


The Conditioning Foot Treatment For At-Home Pedicures

This foot peel sloughs away dry skin and calluses quickly and effectively. According to the manufacturer, you’ll notice dead skin will begin to peel away within a few days of using it. Plus, it’s formulated with a slew of nourishing ingredients such as castor oil and aloe vera.


A Moisturizing Lip Treatment You Wear While You Sleep

This C.O. Bigelow night balm contains shea butter to help moisturize and transform dry lips as you sleep. Swipe it on before bed whenever your lips could use some extra hydration. One reviewer raved: “This lip balm is the perfect thickness and consistency and also keeps my lips perfectly soft. It doesn’t have a flavor, which I prefer. I put it on before bed and when I wake my lips are buttery soft. I will be purchasing this over and over.”


These Bun Tools That Create Perfect Updos In Seconds

With some practice, you can create perfectly polished buns with Hawwwy’s Magic Bun Maker in less than a minute, according to reviewers. One reviewer raved, “I absolutely LOVE it. Once you get the hang of it, it is a game changer.” Choose from different shades to match your hair color.


A Nifty Tool To Pull Hard-To-Reach Zippers Closed

Yes, you can wear that adorable dress with a hard-to-reach zipper that’s practically impossible to zip on your own — if you snag this zipper helper. All you have to do is attach the clasp to your zipper and use the chain to pull it closed. Easy peasy.


These Velvet Scrunchies With Secret Storage Pockets

These velvet scrunchies are trendy and multifunctional — each has a tiny zippered storage pocket, which can hold things like spare cash, lip balm, or earbuds. They also feature an elastic band so that you can comfortably wear them around your wrist or in your hair. One reviewer exclaimed, “I absolutely love these scrunchies! They are great quality too. The zippers have not broke and the stretch has not given out. Great color selection as well.”


These Disposable Sweat Pads To Prevent Stains

Stave off stains in the underarms of your clothing with this 100-pack of disposable sweat pads, which are constructed with microfiber and have an adhesive backing that’s easy to stick to fabric. One reviewer described, “Being from and living in Texas, I sweat 99% of the time and these pads save my shirts from being ruined. No deodorant stains, no sweat stains, and no odor. You won’t regret buying these.” The pads are unscented, too.


A 2-Pack Of Stylish Sunnies With UV400 Protection

Shield your eyes from the sun with these rectangular-shaped shades with UV400 protection. The plastic frames are both lightweight and durable. According to one reviewer, “Great quality, attractive, good coverage and sun protections. Incredible value for a very good product.” Snag them in an array of colors such as black, tortoiseshell, iridescent pink, white, and beige, to name a few.


A Chic-Looking Bangle That Holds Your Extra Hair Ties

Made of nickel-free stainless steel, this bangle is super durable and practical — and it’s chic to boot. It’s designed with a groove that’s the perfect size to tuck a hair tie into when you’re not using it. “Perfect way to hide your ugly hair ties,” wrote one reviewer.


This Hair Straightener Brush That Makes Blowouts So Much Simpler

Achieve a salon-worthy blowout from the comfort of home with this hair straightener brush, which features negative ion technology to help leave strands soft and smooth. Other highlights include multiple heat settings, an automatic shut-off feature, an LED temperature display, and a speedy under-60-second heating time.


A Volumizing Mascara Reviewers Call A “Must Have”

Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara features tons of bristles to evenly coat your eyelashes to dramatic effect. One fan wrote, “The formula is great, the wand is amazing for coating every lash and getting an even coat of voluminous lifted lashes! I couldn’t go without it.” Another raved, “This mascara is a must have for beautiful, stay-all-day, thick lashes.” Snag it in washable and waterproof versions in various shades of brown and black.


This Pocket-Sized Lint Roller You Can Carry With You

Due to its retractable design and small size, you can take and use this lint roller practically anywhere, anytime. The lint roller comes with 30 sheets, and reviewers have especially appreciated how convenient it is for on-the-go use. Plus, it’s available in a wide range of on-trend colors.


An Oil-Absorbing Face Roller You Can Reuse

Whenever your skin’s feeling greasier than you’d like, bust out this face roller. Not only does the volcanic stone ball absorbs oil from clean (or made up!) skin, but it can also be washed and reused — a nice plus if you’re waste-conscious. “Love this!” wrote one shopper. “Gets the oil! Feels really good and cold but refreshing to your face and it’s super easy to wash and fast to dry.”


These Hair Tools To Create More Intricate Ponytails

It’s easy to upgrade your everyday ponytail with these hair tail tools, which feature a sturdy base and flexible ends for easy, tangle-free styling. According to one reviewer, “I’ve loved using these. They are so much easier to use over my fingers. They pull the hair through evenly and smoothly. No tugging.” Each set includes two different sizes so you can find the right option for you.


The Fan-Favorite Stain Remover Sticks

Combat stains, messes, and spills quickly with a three-pack of Tide To Go pens, which have garnered more than 30,000 ratings on Amazon so far. According to one reviewer, “These work very well and are super convenient! They get most stains out almost like magic.”


This Fashion Tape To Keep Straps & Clothing From Sliding

Use this double-sided fashion tape to keep clothing and undergarments in place all day. The tape is hypoallergenic and thus shouldn’t irritate your skin. One reviewer wrote, “Have been using the strips on skin to fabric and it held in place wonderfully. I did not feel any discomfort and upon taking off there was no residue on my skin or clothing.” Score them in packs of three tins — each tin contains 36 pieces of tape.


A Dry Shampoo That Absorbs Oil Between Washes

When your hair needs a refresh but there’s no time for a wash, look no further than a dry shampoo. This Batiste product is budget-friendly and effectively helps absorb oil that weighs down hair. One fan raved, “This is the ONLY dry shampoo I have found to be effective for oily, thin, fine hair.” Another reviewer summarized: “Works great, no residue. My new favorite dry shampoo!”


These Travel-Friendly, Disposable Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Use these disposable, individually wrapped LA Fresh wipes when you need to remove polish quickly, wherever you may be. Each wipe is designed to be able to remove polish from all your fingernails. They’re made with acetone and lavender essential oil, as well as conditioning ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E.


A Deep-Conditioning Hair Mask Made With Argan Oil

Add shine to your strands with this conditioning hair mask, which incorporates nourishing argan oil to help restore shine to dry hair of all types. It “works just as well on straight thin hair as it does thicker curly hair,” according to one fan, who also explained that it “leaves hair so soft and silky.”


The Cult-Favorite Microneedling Tool With 20,000-Plus Reviews

This exfoliating facial roller has an impressive 20,000 Amazon ratings to date. It features tiny needles, which, according to the manufacturer, can help minimize pores, reduce acne scars, and create the appearance of more radiant skin. “This roller has singlehandedly made my skin softer, smother, with less breakouts!” raved one reviewer.


An Overnight Growth Serum For Your Eyelashes & Brows

Formulated for any skin type, this hypoallergenic serum can help you boost lash and brow growth, according to the manufacturer. It’s easy to apply, too: Swipe it along your lash line or brows every night before you go to bed. “I saw improvement in the thickness within a couple weeks,” claimed one reviewer.


This Miniature Razor That’s Super Portable

This portable razor has an ultra-compact design, three smooth-gliding blades, and a tiny, ergonomic handle. It also features shaving gel bars to leave your skin feeling extra soft during and after your shave. No shaving cream or soap required — just add water and you’ll be good to go. Plus, when you run out of refills, you can pair it with any Venus refills of your choosing.


These Pimple Patches That Stay Put Overnight

These pimple patches can work in as little as six hours, which is perfect if you’re looking for a way to combat blemishes overnight. They feature an adhesive that helps them stay put, but they’re still easy to peel off in the morning. “I [was a] little skeptical at first,” wrote one shopper, “but they stay on overnight and do their job.”


A Tool That Uses Suction To Target Clogged Pores

This blackhead remover vacuum clears away — you guessed it — blackheads. It’s also effective on whiteheads, dead skin, oil, and other forms of buildup. Users can choose from four suction levels depending on their skin type. The device is USB-rechargeable and offers a three-week-long battery life. Four different-sized suction heads are also included.


This 4-Pack Of Belts In Neutral Colors

Adding a belt can totally transform an outfit, and this set of faux-leather belts is a great way to stock up on different options. This pack of 0.5-inch-wide belts comes in four neutral colors, each of which features a gold-toned buckle. There are also four other packs to choose from, featuring a variety of colors and belt buckle designs.

  • Available sizes: XS — XXL


This Fan-Favorite Clay Mask For Your Face, Hair & Body

This clay mask — which can be used on your face, hair, and body — has racked up more than 55,000 Amazon ratings thanks to its incredible versatility. Reviewers attest that it works to deep-clean pores. One shopper raved, “Literally the most perfect face mask and it doesn’t break the wallet.” Have sensitive skin? The manufacturer recommends limiting usage to up to 10 minutes at a time.


The Hydrating Rosehip Seed Oil For Skin & Hair

Packed with nourishing ingredients like vitamin A and C, this rosehip seed oil is formulated to moisturize skin and hair, and it dries quickly once applied. “This oil is great for my dry hands!” wrote one reviewer. “It feels so nourishing and non-greasy.” The oil is USDA-certified organic, and it doesn’t contain any additives, fragrances, or harsh chemicals. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty-free.


An At-Home Hair Coloring Kit That Comes Pre-Portioned

No need to constantly trek to the salon if you keep this hair color kit on hand. And it’s super user-friendly, too. The color comes packaged in pre-measured capsules you mix with the developer for added convenience. Plus, the creamy, blendable formula is both odor- and ammonia-free and offers up to six weeks of coverage.


The Easy-To-Use Hair Dye That’s Basically One Step

This semi-permanent hair color is gentle on hair and comes in nine hues that you can blend together if needed. Plus, it doesn’t require a developer, so it’s essentially a one-step process. “So easy to use, especially between colorings,” wrote one reviewer, who later added, “It covers well, didn’t stain my skin, and since im only doing the roots, i will get a few uses out of this one bottle.”


A Root Touch-Up Powder That’s Water-Resistant

Disguise roots in seconds with COLOR WOW’s Root Cover Up powder. The instructions are simple: Dip the included mini brush in the product and apply directly to your roots. It’s an easy-to-use temporary solution, especially when you’re in a hurry. Choose from eight blendable, highly pigmented, and water-resistant shades.


These Whitening Strips For Sensitive Teeth

Looking for a convenient way to brighten your smile? Check out these teeth whitening strips. Each pack comes with 14 days’ worth of strips for your top and bottom teeth, and they’re formulated for sensitive teeth. “It really works,” wrote one reviewer. “I saw a slight difference from the 1st use. However, I started seeing results after just 3 uses. I have sensitive teeth, but these didn’t cause me any sensitivity.”


A Lightweight Lotion For A Dewy Glow

As someone with sensitive skin who hates the feeling of wearing face makeup, L’Oreal Paris’ True Match Lumi Glotion has truly changed my makeup game. The innovative product, which I’ve used as a foundation and a highlighter, offers the perfect natural-looking, dewy glow. Best of all? Its nourishing, lightweight formula doesn’t make me break out. (Can you tell I’m obsessed with this product?) Choose from four shades.


This Set Of Makeup Sponges For Easy Blending

Use this set of five non-latex makeup sponges to evenly apply makeup, including concealer and foundation. According to one reviewer, the sponges have “a nice bouncy texture that is soft enough to blend out foundation and concealer.” You can use them dry or dampen them for wet application, and they’re reusable — just make sure to clean them regularly.

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