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One of the best investments that either a fledgling or an established pet business can make is the sponsorship of a local community event. Indeed, there are several benefits to supporting a pet fair, trade expo, community dog walk, pet week celebration, or other kinds of pet-related occasions.

For one, it allows the pet business to contribute more of its resources toward good causes, like pet adoption, spaying and neutering, and pet welfare—causes for which no amount is too small. For another, it can boost the company’s reputation among local customers and pet-centered institutions like pet shelters, veterinary clinics, and kennel clubs. Lastly, active event sponsorship is a great way to cross-promote the business’s products, like custom martingale dog collars, with an intersecting advocacy like pet safety.

If you want to become a sponsor for a local community event, what choices do you have for your participation? To answer that question, here are five practical ways that your pet business can get involved. Sign up for the next event and contribute in any of the following ways:



Buy a Tiered Package from the Event Organizers

The simplest way to sponsor an event is to sign up for any of their existing sponsorship packages. Many large-scale community events offer the option to be a title sponsor, a platinum-tier sponsor, a gold-tier sponsor, a silver-tier sponsor, and so on. The more expensive packages come with premium benefits at the event, like logo placement, acknowledgment on the event’s various channels, and a chance to join radio or TV interviews.

Pet businesses that have enough resources can choose the straightforward route and buy one of these packages. It may also be one of the most convenient means for sponsorship, as the donations and perks are largely overseen by the event organizers.

Fund One of the Event’s Special Programs

Another option that your business can pursue is the sponsorship of a particular program in the event. Funding a program like a group training session or pet photo booth may serve as an excellent opportunity to cross-promote your products.

For example, you can support a program segment on leash training and feature the use of your custom dog collars, or offer pet toys and pet apparel as props for a photo booth. If this option is open to you, consider pursuing it and making your pet brand a big part of the program.  



Contribute Raffle or Contest Prizes

If you’ve only just started your pet business and want to acquaint new customers with your products, you can offer some of them as prizes at an event raffle or contest. Contests and raffles are often a highlight of these events, and pet owner attendees will be even more stoked to use the product if they win it as a prize.

To participate, volunteer your most interesting pet merchandise items as prizes, and observe the response it will earn for your brand. You may just gain some interesting insight into what types of products your prospective customers like and dislike, which can help you tweak your marketing plans accordingly.

Add Your Products to the Event’s Giveaway Packages

Pet owners love receiving freebies, and they’re always excited about receiving “loot bags” or giveaway packages from events they participate in. Knowing this, you can help pet owners remember your brand—and turn them into paying customers—by including your products in the event’s giveaway bag.

You can do this by contacting the organizers to see if they’ll be giving away freebies. Should they confirm this to be the case, volunteer to add your products to the package. Even small and low-cost freebies, like a small packet of custom dog treats, can make a lasting impression.

Pledge a Portion of Your Earnings to One of the Event’s Chief Causes

Lastly, you can announce to both new and existing customers that you’ll be donating a portion of your earnings to one of the featured advocacies for the event. For example, if the organizers mean to raise awareness for pet adoption, you can pledge a certain percentage of your earnings on the day of the event towards funding pet shelter operations. The more you earn, the more you can raise for a good cause. Encourage your customers to help you meet this goal, then disclose how much you’ve been able to donate when the event is over.



It’s comforting to know that local pet ownership communities are so willing to come together for causes like pet health, wellbeing, and welfare. Don’t hesitate to join an event that celebrates life with pets and can introduce your brand to a local community of pet lovers. Your participation will be extremely rewarding for you as well as those who will enjoy the experience even more because of your pet products. Keep your calendar open, and sign up as a sponsor when you have the chance!


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