5 of the Most Important New Bag Releases of 2022

Each new year means a new crop of bags to marvel over, and as we reach the end of 2022, we thought it would be fun to recap some of the year’s biggest new handbag releases. The introduction of a new bag line can make or break a brand’s entire year, and there are times when a new release is a pivotal point for a brand, changing its direction and increasing its demand and desirability. Today, we’re here to focus on the most significant bag debuts of 2022, including some brand-new debuts as well as refreshed versions of old favorites. Check out our picks below (in no particular order!), and let us know if you’ve scored any of these bags.

The Chanel 22 Bag typically elicits one of two responses: you either like it or loathe it. But regardless of how you feel about the bag, it is an important marker in the direction of Chanel’s post-Lagerfeld era. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, when a House like Chanel puts the entirety of its marketing resources towards a new bag launch, we have to pay attention. Similar to the releases of both the Chanel 19 bag and the Chanel Gabrielle, the Chanel 22 continues the Houses’ newfound direction towards focusing its big bag pushes on more trend-driven silhouettes than classic pieces. The Chanel 22 will continue to be a focus for the brand next year, appearing most recently on the runway for Pre-Fall 2023.

Meet the Chanel 22 Bag 1

The Gucci Blondie was released back in May following the massive successes of other House revivals like the Gucci Diana and the Gucci Jackie 1961. An ode to Gucci’s iconic House history, the bag is defined by its round signature, Interlocking G, which can be traced back to patent documents filed by the House of Gucci in the early 1970s. The new Blondie Bag feels reflective of Gucci’s storied heritage without feeling stuffy. With news of Alessandro Michele’s departure, the Gucci Blondie Bag likely marks Michele’s last archival revival for the House, making this bag an important part of his tenure.

LFW Street Style Bags Day 1 Gucci Blondie

The Saint Laurent Icare Maxi Shopping tote made the rounds on social media when it was released earlier this year. Spotted first on Zoe Kravtiz, it was later worn by Hailey Bieber, causing quite a stir when it first debuted. The Icare Maxi Shopping Tote saw a return to the era of the big bag, eliciting quite a bit of nostalgia for the carry-everything-and-the-kitchen-sink days of the 2010s. Additionally, its release marked an important time for the brand as its buzz felt reminiscent of the YSL It-bags of yesteryear.

Saint Laurent ICare Shopping Bag on Marble Table

Bottega Veneta Sardine Bag

One of the biggest debuts of the year occurred back in February when Matthieu Blazy’s first collection for Bottega Veneta was presented on the runway. A seismic shift was felt when Blazy’s predecessor Daniel Lee abruptly departed the brand, and fashion fans eagerly waited to see what was next. The Sardine Bag marked a pivotal time of transition for the House, and with this debut, it was clear that Blazy would continue Lee’s tradition of exploring Bottega Veneta’s historical attention to details and craft.

Bottega Veneta Sardine Bag

It’s no secret that Miu Miu has had quite a year, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Miu Miu’s strategy when it comes to handbags is far different from other brands, with new bags released sporadically versus seasonally. The Miu Wander bag is a return to Miu Miu’s roots, a new take on iconic Matelassé; the bag signifies a new era for Miu Miu. First released in nylon to much fanfare, it later appeared in leather, in a wide range of youthful, fun colors which re-explore the identity of Miu Miu from a new lens.

Miu Miu Wander Bag

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