46 Secret Weapons Organized People Rely On To De-Clutter Their Home

I used to think some people were tidy and others just weren’t — as if the tidying gene had skipped me. But I’ve found the secret to staying organized is really about having the right tools. Spending a little bit of time and money finding storage solutions that work and give your things a home is the first step to a clutter-free home. Amazon is stocked with storage solutions that could keep anyone organized… even me. I’ve made a list of 47 secret weapons neatfreaks rely on to de-clutter their home so you can stay organized with less work.

Where is the biggest mess in your house right now? Your bathroom counter? Pantry? Maybe your laundry room? I’ve shopped around to find you the best deals and most effective solutions to your storage and organizational woes. From space-saving closet storage to unique bathroom organizers, I’ve found everything you need to make Marie Kondo proud — even her book.

The best part about these affordable secret weapons is that their value and quality are backed up by tons of reviews and ratings. From a shirt folder with 20,000 reviews to vacuum storage bags that have earned more than 15,000 reviews, every one of these items has received a major stamp of approval from fellow neatfreaks.

You don’t have to be naturally organized to keep a tidy home — you just need a few secret weapons to help control the mess. Prepare to organize everything.


This Snack Organizer That Rotates 360 Degrees

Keep all your favorite snacks within arm’s reach and de-clutter your pantry by providing a space for every snack bag or bar with this rotating organizer. It has two levels: the bottom one has an open concept and is spacious enough to pack chips or other snack bags, while the top has 12 individual compartments for protein or granola bars. It spins 360-degrees and is made of durable plastic that’s easy to clean — just wipe it down. It has rubber grips on the bottom to keep it in place on your shelf, counter, or in your pantry.


A Dual-Spinning Rack That Holds 40 Spices

This two-tiered spice rack can hold up to 40 spices and has a dual-spin lazy Susan to make it easier to find what you’re looking for and tidy up cabinets that previously held unorganized spice bottles. The D-shaped rack sits flush against your cabinets, saving more space and can be adjusted to four different heights to accommodate your spices or cabinet space. You can use it for products beyond spices, as well — such as beauty products in the bathroom or kids’ drinks in the fridge.


These Shelf Dividers That Are Easy To Install

Transform your cluttered room into an organized one with these handy shelf dividers. They slide onto shelves and stand up without any additional screws or installation. This pack of eight dividers features a geometric design and is available in white or grey. They’re perfect for closets or bathrooms where you need more support to stack towels, washcloths, linens, or clothing. You can also buy them in packs of four. The best part? If you change your mind, just slide the dividers off the shelf without any damage.


An Adhesive Shelf To De-Clutter Your Nightstand

If you just need a little extra space by your bed, at your desk, or near the door, this adhesive shelf can replace your nightstand or add extra storage to keep rooms tidy. This narrow organizer doesn’t take up too much space, but is the ideal spot for items you like to have nearby like your phone, reading glasses, and a book. The square shape shelf is made of sturdy plastic and comes with a durable double-sided adhesive that sticks to any smooth surface.


These Vacuum Storage Bags That Save Major Space

Neatfreaks always seem to have less stuff. But it’s possible their belonging are all stored away in convenient vacuum storage bags. Pack up these bags with your thick bedding and winter clothes, and condense it down to a compact, flat bag that takes up 80% less space than a standard storage container. Simply pack the bags and then suck the air out with a vacuum hose. They’ll protect your stored items from dust, odors, mildew, insects, and moisture, plus they’re completely airtight so you can safely store them in your attic, garage, or shed. This set comes with eight bags: two jumbo, two large, two medium, and two small bags. They have earned more than 15,000 reviews and an overall 4.5-star rating.


A Cult-Favorite Folding Board For Less Laundry Pile Up

How many clean loads of laundry do you have currently sitting in a basket waiting to be folded? This clothes folding board will help you cross the laundry finish line, eliminating clutter around your house. The board works with T-shirts, pants, and even towels, and folds these items into perfect, compact squares that fit neatly into your drawers. You’ll feel like you’re shopping at your favorite store every morning when you get ready. The neat piles save space too, making it easier to stay organized. This tool has more than 20,000 reviews and has earned a 4.6-star rating.


The Mini Label Maker That Supports An Organized Home

Encourage everyone in your home to put things back by clearly labeling your bins and boxes with this mini label maker. It gives everything in your home that is currently contributing to clutter its own organized space. It’s simple to use and works with Bluetooth so all you have to do is download the smartphone app and design your label via the app before printing it on the machine. Use it to label jars and containers in your pantry, office supplies, or bathroom items. It prints D11-size labels and comes with one roll of paper, however, a 6-pack of paper can be purchased separately. It has so many potential uses because of its compact size and ability to print texts, numbers, graphics, symbols, logos, barcodes, QR codes, and more. It comes with a USB charger and can run on a single charge for up to three months.


A Plastic Bag Holder That Hangs Over A Cabinet Door

Be honest: how many plastic bags do you have in your house that are causing clutter and taking up unnecessary space? This bag holder can hold up to 60 plastic bags and is designed for you to easily pull one out when you need it. The over-the-door design includes a removable hanger, however, it can be mounted to the wall if you prefer. It’s made with a foam backing to protect the inside of the cabinet doors. One reviewer notes noted that it’s “an organizing must-have.”


An Adhesive Under Desk Drawer For A Tidy Work Space

Reduce clutter in your WFH environment and add extra storage to your home office with these under-desk drawers. This pack of two plastic drawers sticks to the underneath side of your desk with a self-adhesive. The drawers slide out to store pens, business cards, sticky notes, or headphones while keeping the mess discrete. They come in white and gray and are easy to install on any smooth surface — the manufacturer recommends dusting the surface first, before applying the self-adhesive.


A Bamboo Makeup Organizer For Your Countertop

Clear off your countertop and use this makeup organizer to store all of your beauty supplies. It has four compartments of varying sizes with a stylish bamboo design. The smaller sections of the organizer are perfect for nail polish and lipsticks, while the back, deeper section fits full-size eye shadow palettes, makeup brushes, or larger bottles of foundation. It’s available in a few other configurations and sizes to best fit your vanity or counter.


An Airtight Food Container To Eliminate Pantry Clutter

Get rid of messy-looking food boxes in your pantry and use this transparent dry food storage container to neatly store and dispense cereal, rice, flour, or other dry goods. Utilizing these containers will give your pantry a cohesive look while keeping your food fresh. It’s a win-win. The container is BPA-free and has a four-sided locking lid with an airtight silicone seal. It’s lightweight and has an ergonomic handgrip and portable handle, plus it comes with a measuring cup and stainless steel whisk. It’s easy to clean too  — just toss it in the dishwasher.


A Wall-Mounted Organizer For Holding Food Wrap

This rust-resistant organizer holds awkwardly sized aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or wax paper boxes that are an eyesore in your pantry or kitchen. It has tall and narrow compartments that fit three wrap or foil boxes to keep them off your countertops and pantry shelves. You can mount the organizer onto the wall or inside one of your cabinets to keep it out of sight. It’s made of vinyl-coated steel which can easily be wiped down to keep it clean. One reviewer cited, “Having bought a new smaller home I need all the shelving space I can find. This gave me a full drawer. They are solid and easy to pull the boxes out of or easy to pull the large food bags out.”


A Magnetic Knife Bar To Free Up Counter Space

Keep your knives safe and clean while freeing up counter space with this magnetic knife bar. It replaces bulky knife butcher blocks that used to take up so much counter space. It’s easy to install — just stick the strong adhesive to the wall and attach the bar. It measures 16 inches long and is made of stainless steel to securely hold knives, tools, or crafts of various sizes, thanks to its ultra-strong magnet. Plus it turns a corner of your kitchen into a prep station so that every knife you need is nearby.


An Adjustable Shelf For Added Storage In Your Fridge

Do you get overwhelmed by clutter every time you open your refrigerator door? Check out this secret weapon for neatly storing produce, cheese, or the kids’ snacks: It is a fridge drawer that slides onto your existing shelf to give you additional storage underneath. It’s adjustable — the rails can extend from about 11 to 18.5 inches long to fit your fridge shelves— plus it has a smooth track design that makes opening the drawers seamless. One drawer can hold up to the equivalent of 20 eggs and 33 pounds, so you have more room elsewhere in your fridge. The drawer itself is made of food-grade, BPA-free plastic.


The Organizer To De-Clutter Your Underwear Drawer

Looking for an easy way to tidy up your underwear drawer? Search no further than this pack of two drawer organizers. The inserts are rectangular with 24 compartments that are the perfect size for intimates such as underwear, socks, or lingerie. These organizers utilize all of the space in your drawer, which means you can fit more — plus, they protect your clothes from moths, mold, moisture, and heat. This pack has earned more than 6,400 reviews and a 4.7-star rating.


A Small-Space Solution For Storing Toilet Paper

Keep toilet paper organized without sacrificing any precious bathroom space thanks to this modern toilet paper stand. It holds up to six rolls of toilet paper at a time to de-clutter your bathroom cabinets. It is sleek and convenient, plus it’s made of rustproof stainless steel. It has a small round, weighted base to hold it in place and an anti-slip pad on the bottom to protect your floors. One reviewer cited, “I have a tiny little half bath that we use the most. And no place to store toilet paper. This was a great thing for me.”


An Expandable Shelf To Keep Your Desk Organized

Clear off your messy desk by adding this expandable desktop organizer to your home office. These shelves are customizable and have an asymmetrical design that allows you to shift them to fit your needs. They’re easy to assemble and can hold books or paperwork, or can be used in other areas of your home, like your bathroom or garage. It could also make an excellent plant stand and can easily be wiped down to clean or painted to match your space.


This Jewelry Storage That Gives Accessories A Home

Keep your accessories organized whether you’re traveling or at home with this small rotating jewelry box. It has four round tiers that stack on top of each other to make a compact cylinder, or it can be used fanned out so you can see all your accessories. Rely on it to store your rings, bracelets, earrings, or pendants while you’re on vacation or just to keep your vanity less cluttered. It’s made of soft, non-woven fabric that resists scratches and is available in white or black.


These Unique Hangers Designed For Tank Tops

This pack of space-saving hangers is specifically made for your tank tops and accessories so they don’t clutter up your closet. The sturdy steel hanger can hold eight tank tops or camisoles or you can mix things up and use the hooks for hanging belts, scarves, and ties. One reviewer wrote, “Finally a way to hang multiple camisoles, shells, etc. They stay on, don’t wrinkle and take up way less space.” Another fan raved, “Perfect for hanging up all of my tank tops! Very sturdy item and reduces space in the closet.”


A Sliding Coffee Maker Tray To Clear Your Counters

Are you constantly pulling out your coffee maker in the morning and pushing it back against the wall to clear counter space? This sliding coffee tray makes the process simple. It sits under your coffee maker so you can easily slide it out using the rolling wheels. The 12-inch tray is BPA-free and super durable to hold heavier appliances too, such as your toaster, blender, or food processor, maximizing your counter space. One customer cited that it’s the “best invention ever.”


The Shampoo Dispenser To Minimize Shower Clutter

Neatfreaks don’t bother with messy bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap spread out all over the tub. They opt for something like this shampoo dispenser, which has three chambers to hold your soaps and shampoos in one convenient place to keep your shower organized. It easily mounts to a shower wall or the corner of your shower with screws, however, the manufacturer says it will stay with a double-sided adhesive, although one is not included. Just push the button to dispense soap or hair product, and when you run out, simply refill the chambers from the top.


A Hanging Hamper To Keep Clothes Off The Floor

This over-the-door laundry basket makes it easy to stay organized even if you’ve put off doing the laundry. It can hold three loads of dirty clothes at a time, and comes with a hook and adjustable strap so you can hang it over a door. It also pops up if you prefer to have it on the ground and is made of breathable mesh that promotes airflow — so you don’t smell dirty laundry while it’s waiting to be washed. It has a bottom zipper so you can easily empty it into a basket without having to take it off the door. It offers an affordable way to free up space in a small dorm room or apartment.


A 9-Piece Set Of Organizers For Your Junk Drawer

Tidy up your junk drawer with these tray dividers to organize your keys, spare change, and other miscellaneous items that usually end up in a jumbled mess. They’re made of plastic and perfect for desk drawers, vanities, or closets. This pack of nine comes with four different sized trays to fit makeup, hand sanitizer, and more. The smaller compartments make it easy to make your own configuration to best suit your drawer and your belongings. Just wipe them down with a wet cloth when it’s time to clean.


This Organizer Designed To Hold Remote Controls

This armrest organizer is the perfect place to keep your remote so you finally stop losing it between the cushions. It tucks over the armrest of your sofa and has six pockets for you to keep your glasses, phone, and, of course, the remote. It’s made of a linen fabric that’s breathable and resistant to stretching and wrinkling — plus it is machine washable. It’s available in four colors: grey, black, white, and coffee to match your living room decor.


A Rolling Cart That Fits In Narrow Spaces

This rolling three-tier cart is convenient additional storage for clutter that usually fills your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. The trolley-style storage makes it easy to move from room to room. You could keep your cleaning products on it and roll it from room to room instead of lugging your supplies around. It’s made of plastic and stainless steel, which makes it strong yet lightweight, plus it is narrow enough to slide into small spaces like beside your bed or between laundry machines. It’s so versatile because you can adjust it to 2 or 3 shelves or remove the casters for countertop storage.


An Organizer For Glasses That Fits 15 Pairs

Keep your favorite pair of shades safe and tidy in this hanging wall organizer. It has 15 slots to hold any kind of glasses you wear — prescription, blue-light-blocking, just for looks, or sunnies. The organizer can be hung on the wall or door — however, a hook is not included. It’s made of leather and felt, so it will last a long time. The same design is also available with 9 or 25 slots and it comes in four colors: black, coffee, birch, and walnut.


The Unique Sliding Tray For Your Kitchen Appliances

A coffee maker can take up a lot of counter space, especially if you have to set it far from the wall to use it easily. This 12-inch sliding appliance tray is designed to make your coffee machine (or other similarly sized appliance) take up less of the prime space on your counter by allowing you to store it close to the wall and pull it out when you want to use it. One reviewer commented that it’s “nice to be able to pull the coffee maker out from underneath the upper cupboards.” It’s made of a strong plastic and can hold up to 25 pounds.


A Stackable Rack That Immaculately Stores Cans

How many jars of black beans have you bought simply because you can’t tell if you have any in the pantry? This can rack has three levels and holds up to 36 cans in an organized fashion so you can easily scan your stockpile and it also saves room in your pantry. If you need more storage, you can even stack these organizers on top of each other to make one large rack. They’re easy to put together and come in four colors to keep your pantry neat and tidy. One reviewer cited that it can hold more than just cans, “I use it for my ziplock bags/foil/crockpot liners as well! It works great as a multi-shelving unit. Two of my friends have seen this and have already bought one. Every house needs one of these!”


The T-Shirt Organizer That Neatly Stores Folded Clothes

No matter how neatly you fold your clothes, it seems impossible to pull out just one T-shirt without messing up the whole drawer. This organizer keeps T-shirts folded and sorted so you can easily browse through them without undoing any of your folding work. Your drawers will look as neat as department store display shelves with this clothing organization system — and who doesn’t like starting their day with a clean room? This pack comes with 20 dividers that sit between your shirts and interlock to make an organized stack. It keeps your clothes from wrinkling, and you can even pick a shirt from the middle of the stack without messing up the whole pile. It’s also available in packs of 40, 60, or 100 dividers, depending on how many shirt you have.


This Clever Under-Sink Organizer To Reduce Clutter

Organize cleaning supplies, trash bags, or anything else you keep under your sink with this expandable shelf organizer. It has four legs and one shelf, with a unique design that thoughtfully accommodates your sink’s plumbing. The rack features four adjustable height options, plus you can adjust the width and depth. It holds up to 40 pounds and is a great solution to de-clutter your bathroom, kitchen, or utility space.


The Book That Started A Tidying Revolution

Before she was on Netflix or Pinterest, Marie Kondo wrote this book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing to encourage and teach people about keeping a tidy home. The book became a New York Times bestseller and started an organizing revolution around the world. With over 25,000 reviews, it teaches readers to minimize their possessions, only keeping items that “spark joy.” Her methods for folding clothes, organizing pantry space, and storing kitchen tools are included in the book, along with detailed guidance for readers to put into action.


A Divided Organizer For Organizing Face Masks

Without proper storage, you’re likely to keep your face masks in a disorderly fashion — usually tossed into a drawer or cabinet, but this face mask organizer has eight narrow dividers that neatly store all your face mask and skincare goodies. You’ll feel like you’re shopping every time you pick one out — which will be a lot easier since they’re stored standing up so you can clearly read the labels. The dividers are adjustable to customize the organizer to fit your masks. Thanks to its rubber bottom feet, it can also be used standing up. It’s available in clear, black clear, and pink clear.


A Horizontal Water Bottle Shelf To Keep Cabinets Orderly

Water bottles can be a pain to store, but neatfreaks choose this stackable water bottle holder to hold bottles in an efficient way that saves space and makes it easy to stay organized. It has two levels and each level holds three bottles in half-circle compartments. This pack comes with two organizers that stack on top of each other. They’re compact and fit in most cabinets, maximizing the space and encouraging you to stay tidy. Plus they protect your more delicate bottles that are glass or stainless steel and can dent easily.


The Most Stylish Container For Neatly Storing Q-Tips

This modern bathroom storage container is stylish, but serves a practical purpose: it keeps Q-tips organized on your vanity. You can load more than 150 Q-tips into the container by lifting the top lid and they conveniently dispense down below. It’s available in four colors: pink, clear, white marble, and yellow marble. One reviewer noted, “This is great for organizing my Q-tips and it fits in my bathroom mirror cabinet. Yay space saver!”


These Wall-Mounted Toothpaste Dispensers

These toothpaste dispensers can be mounted to the wall without tools to keep your bathroom counters clear — simply attach the dispenser to the wall with a double-sided adhesive, which is included. It automatically dispenses toothpaste using vacuum pump technology and distributes the proper amount of toothpaste onto your toothbrush. It makes it easy for kids to do it themselves, plus it’s much more sanitary if multiple people share the toothpaste. This pack of two is also available in different colors, as well as individual dispensers.


The Sleek Toilet Brush With A Magnetic Caddy

Toilet brushes can be eyesores, but this one comes with a sleek caddy to store it in — plus, the caddy’s magnetic rim helps keep the stainless steel handle of the brush in place. The brush head has an innovative shape to help scrub the entire bowl, and it even comes off so that you can replace it when it’s worn out. This popular pick has earned more than 7,400 reviews and an overall 4.7-star rating.


A Stackable Set Of Cabinet Shelves For Extra Storage

Small cups and dishes can get messy and cluttered in your cabinets, but these shelf racks double your storage so you can properly organize to maximize these tight spaces. The steel shelves fit in most cabinets to creates an extra ledge and can be used to organize plates, cups, bottles, and cans in your cabinet, on your countertop, or on the tops of refrigerators. They are stackable or can be used individually. This set comes in silver, bronze, pink, and white and has more than 9,000 reviews.


This Cabinet Insert That Stores Pots, Pans, And Lids

Free up cabinet space while de-cluttering all of your pots and pans, plus their lids, with this secret weapon: an adjustable pot holder that has earned 3,400 reviews and a 4.4-star rating. You can position it in three ways: as a vertical, horizontal, or double-sided organizer. Use it to store up to nine frying pans, griddles, and saucepans of various sizes. It’s made of metal and comes in black or silver. One reviewer cited that “it was extremely easy to assemble… so I was easily able to adjust the spacing while figuring out what worked best for my needs.”


A Fabric Closet Organizer For Clothes You Usually Fold

This fabric closet organizer is designed to hold clothing you ordinarily fold like sweaters or jeans, so you can prevent a bulky pile-up in dresser drawers. The best part? It was designed with a metal garment rod below to provide even more room for hanging additional clothing. There are four cubbies in the organizer and three attached hangers that hang from your closet rod. On the rod below, you can hang other shirts, dresses, or jackets. One customer noted, “This saved me a lot of space considering I could hang my pants, skirts, and dresses and fold everything else. It’s sturdy and I love it.”


An Organizer That Vertically Stores Your Lipstick

Stop fumbling through your drawers to find your favorite lip color and get this lipstick organizer to display your tubes. It holds 28 tubes of lipstick in a unique design that can be stored horizontally or vertically. It has deeper slots to hold both short and long tubes of lipgloss or liner and is made of acrylic so it’s sturdy, transparent, and super easy to clean — just wipe it down. This holder acts as a display case, making it easy to find your perfect shade every time. One five-star reviewer noted that the organizer is “slender enough to fit on my small bathroom counter but versatile enough to fit square and circle tubed lipsticks and glosses!”


A Bamboo Drawer Organize For Utensils

This six-piece set of drawer organizers make storing, finding, and organizing utensil a breeze. The bamboo compartments have plenty of space for spices, silverware, office supplies, or even tools — plus they’re more durable and eco-friendly than plastic options. The six pieces fit together to create one larger organizer or can be used individually, depending on your needs. Neatfreaks will love that they come in varying sizes to accommodate a wide range of items.


An Organizer Case For All Of Your Nail Polish And Tools

Give your favorite nail polishes and manicure tools the home they deserve with this nail polish organizer. It has room to hold up to 48 bottles of polish and accessories in a clear case that has two hinged doors and a handle on top for portability. The container features six adjustable dividers so you can fit any sized bottle of polish inside, along with accessories like clippers, nail files, or toe separators. This container is perfect for travel and can withstand 135 pounds.


A Wall-Mounted Broom Holder For Tidy Utility Rooms

Is your storage closet overflowing with cleaning supplies? Tidy up those mops and brooms with this mounted holder, which can be hung high enough so your brooms and mops don’t sit on the floor gathering dust and grime. There are slots for up to five tools, as well as six hooks between them where you can hang towels, scrubbers, and smaller accessories. Buy two and place one it your garage, where it can be used to store gardening tools or sports equipment.


An Over-The-Door Organizer For Your Pantry

Whether your kitchen is missing a pantry or your pantry gets easily cluttered, this over-the-door rack has six baskets to store dry goods and organize food bags and boxes, cans, and spices. It easily hangs over the door without any additional assembly required, but also comes with screws if you want additional stability. The shelf is coated in a rust-proof material to preserve the piece for years to come. It’s available in white or black.


A Shelf Set Designed To Add Storage To Your Cabinets

This pack of two stylish cabinet shelves are stackable and expandable to offer more customizable storage in your pantry or cabinets. Each shelf can hold up to 33 pounds and they can be used in tandem by stacking them, nesting them, placing them side-by-side, or creating an L-shape. Stack more food, plates, or glassware on these shelves to organize your kitchen without breaking the bank.


This Storage Rack For A Spotless Garage

Is your shed or garage becoming a hazard because of the clutter? This lumber storage rack is versatile enough to store wood, firewood, PVC, pipes, ladders, or sports equipment. It mounts to the wall, holds up to 600 pounds, and offers six levels of storage for building materials or any large items. The shelving is made of powder-coated 1-inch steel tubes that are durable and sturdy. The shelf only sticks 12-inches off the wall, freeing up tons of space in your workshop or storage unit, while offering an organized home for all of your materials and tools.

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