46 Easy Home Upgrades Under $40 That Seem High-End

Take it from someone who’s spent months fixing up her rental apartment: Upgrading your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Whether you’re looking for clever ways to refresh tired countertops or find affordable kitchen lighting, there are tons of clever home upgrades available on Amazon. Many even look high-end, despite being less than $40.

But I know what you’re thinking: “They can’t be that ‘high-end’ if they’re so affordable, right?” Well, they actually can be. And if you need proof, I’d like to direct your attention to the gorgeous stone wallpaper I’ve made sure to include. Not only is it textured to look like real stone, but each roll is available for just $9. Or, if you’ve got outdated countertops that could use a refresh, make sure to check out the roll of black marble contact paper. It adheres to your counters like a sticker and peels off just as easily. Plus, it’s even water-resistant — so don’t even worry about getting it wet with sink water.

And since I’ve only chosen items that are $40 or less, you’ll probably be able to grab more than a few of these easy home upgrades. So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to see some of my favorites — your home will thank you for it later.


This Turkish Towel Made From 100% Cotton

Soft, absorbent, lightweight — this Turkish towel hits all the right notes. It’s made from 100% cotton, with double-knotted tassels to help keep them from unraveling. Plus, you can easily roll it up into your bag for a day at the beach.


These Pillowcases Made From Hair-Friendly Satin


A Night Light That Snaps Into Your Outlet Plate

Tired of stumbling down dark hallways at night? Add these night lights to your outlet plates, and they’ll help guide your way in the dark. The LED bulbs require very little electricity to operate, making them energy-efficient — and they snap right into your outlet plates without any complicated wiring needed.


The Comforter You Can Use All Year Long

Looking for a comforter you can sleep with in any season? Search no further than this hypoallergenic one. It’s made from soft microfiber, with eight corner and side loops to help keep it from shifting around inside of a duvet. “I live in Miami,” so I’ve always been looking for bedding that won’t capture too much heat or any at all,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s the only comforter/duvet insert I’d ever recommend to anyone needing something light, not too puffy or bulky, yet still keeps you cozy.”


These Pillows That Won’t Lose Their Shape

You know how some pillows can fall uncomfortably flat while you’re sleeping? These ones are filled with soft down alternative that’ll stay fluffy throughout the night — and the no-shift construction prevents the fill from bunching up. Choose from two sizes: king or queen.


A Mattress Topper Made From Soft Memory Foam

If your bed is feeling a little lumpy or uncomfortable, try adding this mattress topper. It’s made from ultra-plush memory foam, with temperature-regulating gel beads infused into the foam. And not only can it help keep you from overheating, but it also comes available in a special RV queen size.


The Shower Head That Turns Bathrooms Into Spas

Still showering with weak water pressure? Don’t call the plumber — just swap out your shower head with this luxurious rainfall one. No tools are needed for installation, and most reviewers were able to get the job done in 10 minutes or less. Plus, the rustproof nozzles make it easy to wipe away any hard water buildup.


These Patches That Keep Your Rugs From Shifting

Don’t risk slipping on a loose rug — keep them held securely in place using these grippers. Each gripper patch features thousands of tiny suction cups, making them suitable for hardwood, concrete, and more. And unlike adhesive-based grippers, you can easily reposition these as many times as you like.


An Electric Kettle That’s Sleek & Stylish

With its borosilicate glass walls and sleek blue LED light, this electric kettle is a stylish, and useful addition to any kitchen. Dozens of reviewers reported that it only takes about five minutes to boil water — and one even wrote that it’s “totally drip free when pouring, and easy to fill.”


The Soap Dispenser That’s Completely Touch-Free

With its built-in infrared sensor, this dispenser squirts out the perfect amount of soap — no touching required. The base is waterproof, which helps keep the four AAA batteries (not included) from corroding. Plus, you can also adjust how much soap comes out with each dispense.


A Cheese Board Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Bamboo quickly regrows once harvested, making this bamboo cheese board an eco-friendly addition to any kitchen. The side grooves are the perfect place to lay down nuts or crackers, while the large middle works great for cheese, fruits, meats, and more. One reviewer even wrote that “I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. It is the perfect size, and it looks far more expensive than it is.”


This Magnetic Knife Strip With Space For Utensils

Don’t have enough space for a giant knife block? Store your knives on this magnetic bar instead. It’ll also work with tongs, skewers, or any other metal tool. Plus, there’s even an extra bar underneath where you can hang plastic utensils — and each order also comes with six S-hooks.


A Wood Repair Kit That’s Easy To Use

With 12 different wood-friendly colors to pick from, you should have no trouble using this wood repair kit to hide scratches and scuffs on your furniture, floors, and more. You can also mix the colors to get them matching just right — and unlike regular paint, these colors are formulated to dry quickly.


The Smart Power Strip With Built-In Alexa

For less than $20, you can grab this smart power strip that comes with Alexa built into it. That means you can use voice commands to turn your devices on or off, or even put them on schedules so that you never forget to turn the lights off. Plus, ou can also use the free downloadable app to control it remotely.


These LED Candles That Flicker Like Real Flames

These aren’t your average LED candles — not only do the bulbs flicker like real flame, but two AA batteries (not included) can keep each one running for more than 350 hours. And with their built-in timer, there’s no need to worry about wasting battery power if you happen to accidentally leave them on.


A Pair Of Throw Pillow Cases Made From Soft Velvet

Adding little bits of textured decor to your home is an easy way to add life to stale rooms — so grab these throw pillow cases. They’re made from soft velvet, with hidden zippers that won’t snag onto your clothes or hair. And since there are dozens of colors available, you shouldn’t have any problem matching them to your decor.


The Magnets That Make Your Garage Door Look Better

Add these magnets to your plain garage for an easy, affordable way to improve your home’s curb appeal. Each one is made from tough ABS with a rustproof finish — and many reviewers raved about how they “look like the real thing” despite being made from plastic.


A Toilet Paper Holder With Space For Spares

Not only does this toilet paper holder have enough space for two rolls, but the built-in shelf also gives you room to store a couple extra spares. The matte finish that blends seamlessly into any style — and since it’s made from tough stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about it growing rusty in humid bathrooms.


This Shower Caddy That You Can Hang Without Drilling

Since each order of this shower caddy comes with waterproof adhesive, installation is as easy as sticking it up onto your tile wall. The stainless steel frame won’t corrode over time — and the metal mesh base allows your bottles to dry quickly to help prevent grime buildup.


A Contemporary Flower Pot Made From Chic Ceramic

With its contemporary shape and stylish gold accents, these flower pots are a must-have in any room. The small drainage hole on the bottom helps prevent overwatering — and they’re suitable for both outdoor, as well as indoor use. Plus, each one is made from chic ceramic.


The Bluetooth Speaker That’s Perfect For Day Trips

Whether you’re out hiking or soaking in the tub, this Bluetooth speaker is the perfect companion. It’s splashproof and rainproof, with a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 14 hours. The best part? It even has a wireless range of up to 100 feet — so if you’d rather go explore, there’s no need to stay put.


A Brita Filter That Attaches To Your Faucet

Ever notice how your tap water can taste a little funky? Try attaching this Brita filter to your faucet. It can remove up to 99% of that unpleasant lead and chlorine taste, while the filter itself lasts for about four months before it needs to be changed out.


This Toothbrush Holder That Can Hold So Much More

Not only does this toothbrush holder help keep your bristles free from dust, but it also features space for skincare bottles, razors, and other little toiletries. Installation requires zero drilling, since each order comes with sticky adhesive — and it even comes in three shades: gray, black, or pink.


The LED Light Strips You Can Install Nearly Anywhere

You don’t have to pay for professionals to install cabinet lights — just do it yourself with this kit. The LED strips are backed with sticky adhesive, making it easy to install them nearly anywhere. They’re also dimmable, and you can even control them from afar using the included remote.


A Night Light Made With Real Himalayan Salt

If you love your Himalayan salt lamp, why not grab this Himalayan salt night light? Add one to each room to help yourself navigate through the house at night — or even put one in your kid’s room to help keep monsters away. One reviewer also wrote that “it gives off a nice light which is bright enough to see, but not so bright that it really wakes you up.”


This Marble Contact Paper That Updates Tired Surfaces

Whether you rent or own, this roll of contact paper is an absolute must-have. Think of it like a sticker that you can apply to outdated countertops to give them an update — and since it’s made from tough vinyl, it’s even water-resistant for when you put it around sinks.


A Camera That Adds Affordable Security To Your Home

With built-in motion detection and two-way audio, this little smart camera is an affordable way to add some extra security to your home. Pair it with Alexa to enable voice commands — or simply use the free downloadable app to control it with your smartphone.


The Kit That Turns Your Mirror Into A Gorgeous Vanity

Still doing your makeup under those harsh bathroom lights? Now’s your chance to grab this LED kit that transform any mirror in your home into a Hollywood-style vanity. Each bulb is backed with adhesive, making it easy to stick them directly onto glass — and the included dimmer switch even lets you adjust the brightness.


These Garage Lights That Are Really, Really Bright

Made with super-bright LEDs, this garage light is up to two times brighter than incandescent bulbs, yet only uses a fraction of the electricity. The four panels are adjustable, letting you angle the lights however you wish — and the bulbs are even made to last for more than 50,000 hours.


An Area Rug That’s Soft & Fluffy

Step off of that cold hardwood floor and onto this luxurious faux fur rug. It comes in more than 15 rich shades, ranging from deep red to indigo blue — and the non-slip backing even works to help keep you from tripping.


The Soap Dispenser That Mounts Without Drilling

Ever notice how the sides of your shower can get cluttered with soap bottles? You can easily condense them all into this dispenser to help tidy up — and since it comes with waterproof adhesive, no drilling is needed to mount it in your shower.


These Smart Light Bulbs That Are Compatible With Alexa

Pair these smart light bulbs with Alexa or Google Home, and you’ll be able to turn them off, change their color, or adjust the brightness — all using voice commands. Plus, you can also use the downloadable app to put them on schedules so that they’re on when you come home.


An Alarm That Reminds You To Close The Freezer

If you’re always forgetting to close the freezer, try adding this alarm to the door. You can set it so that it goes off after one, two, or three minutes — and the volume is even adjustable up to five levels. “We have been using this for about six months now, and in all honesty I think I have saved more on my electric bill so far than this thing cost,” wrote one reviewer. “Definitely recommend!”


This Diffuser That Provides Up To 10 Hours Of Mist

With its extra-large water tank, this little diffuser can produce up to 10 hours of gentle mist. Each order comes with 10 of the most popular essential oils — including tea tree, lavender, and more. Just add a few drops of your favorite scents, then sit back and relax as the gentle aromas waft through your home.


An Organizer For Mail, Magazines & More

Hang this organizer up next to your front door, and you’ll instantly have a convenient place to stash mail, magazines, and more. It also works great in bathrooms, as the steel hanger has been coated with a rust-resistant finish. Choose from two colors: bronze, or graphite.


The Smart Plugs That Are Easy To Set Up

Some smart plugs can be a real pain when it comes to setting them up — but not these ones. There’s no hub required; simply plug them into any outlet, then connect using the downloadable app. One reviewer even wrote that they’re “the most adaptable and easy-to-use of all the smart home products.”


These Floating Bookshelves That Are Very Subtle

Got a big, blank wall in your home? Hang up these minimalist floating bookshelves to create a fun accent wall. They’re made from tough steel, with a rust-resistant coating that’ll keep them looking great over time. Plus, each order comes with all the hardware needed for mounting.


A Pair Of Handle Covers To Help Keep Surfaces Clean

Tired of wiping fingerprints off your stainless steel handles? Use these covers to help keep everything clean. You can trim them to fit shorter toaster oven handles if needed — and you even have the choice of three colors: red, black, or gray.


This Mirror Tray With A Stylish Golden Frame

Perfume, Bobby pins, skincare bottles, jewelry — this little mirror tray is perfect for all of them and more. It’s the perfect size for your vanity, as it won’t take up too much space. And with its golden frame, it even doubles as a bougie piece of decor.


The Door Knobs That Looks Like Sparkling Diamonds

Feeling a little bougie? Swap out your dresser and cabinet knobs with these diamond ones. They’re made from glass — not plastic — and installation is as easy as screwing them into place. “I redid some old bathroom cabinets and replaced them with these,” wrote one reviewer. “They made them look like I spent a fortune!”


A Pair Of Blackout Curtains That Help Insulate Your Home

These blackout curtains aren’t just great for sleeping in late — they’re so thick that they can also help insulate your home against the sun’s warming rays, as well as any outside noise. Plus, they even come in more than 15 colors, and sizes.


This Smart Light Switch With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

If there’s only one smart device you pick from this list, make it this light switch. Thousands of reviewers positive reviews, with many raving about how incredibly easy it is to set up — and you can even use the downloadable app to put your lights on schedules.


An LED Desk Lamp That Can Also Charge Your Phone

Not only does this desk lamp have a USB port in the back, but there’s also a wireless charger built into the base. It’s designed to work with any Qi-enabled smartphone — and the touch-sensitive controls (also located on the base) make it easy to adjust the brightness.


The Wallpaper That Looks Like Real Stone

Looking for a wallpaper that’s renter-friendly? Search no further than this one. The surface is textured, making it look like real stone — and the adhesive backing allows for easy installation. Plus, it’s even waterproof enough that you can put it up in damp bathrooms.


These Hanging Mirrors That Can Help Brighten Up Dark Rooms

If your home doesn’t have a ton of natural light, you can help make the most of what you do have with these mirrors. Hang them up across from a window to help bounce light around — and since each order comes with three, you can easily use them to create a chic accent wall.

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