45 Clever Home Products So Popular Amazon Has To Keep Restocking Them

The “out of stock” notification on Amazon is always a bummer, but it’s also the sign of a great product customers are loving. This list is packed with clever home and personal-care products that are so popular Amazon has to keep restocking them.

On this list, you’ll find a slew of eco-friendly items like reusable produce bags that are inspiring people to make the switch from plastic and a reusable oil sprayer which eliminates the need to buy cooking spray and also works for dressings and vinegar. Plus, there are products that are absurdly comfortable like a memory foam pillow sturdy enough to support side sleepers and innovative products that are serious multitaskers, like a makeup brush organizer that also includes a cleaning mat and can be mounted to your wall.

Whether you’re shopping for your kitchen, bathroom, home office, or bedroom, these products have reached the pinnacle of Amazon success, selling out and being restocked over and over again. They consistently rack up positive reviews and have proven themselves to be practical, convenient, and enticing. So hurry — before they run out.

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These Pre-Moistened Swabs For Perfect Eye Makeup

Fix your makeup quickly with these eye makeup corrector swabs. Made of 100% cotton, they come pre-soaked in cleanser to wipe away smeared makeup or mascara drips. This pack comes with 50 pre-moistened swabs, and the cleaner is oil- and fragrance-free so they won’t leave your skin feeling greasy.


A Mini Space Heater That Is The Perfect Size For Your Desk

Stay warm at work with this mini desk space heater. The lightweight, portable gadget heats up in seconds and can be positioned in one of two ways to provide instant warmth where you need it most. Prop it up horizontally on the floor to soothe cold feet, or vertically as an upright heater that stays put on a table top. It oscillates to cover a wider area and features an auto-shutoff function that kicks in to keep you safe if temps get too hot.


These Stylish Curtains That Block Light And Keep Rooms Warmer

Get the best night’s sleep with these blackout curtains that address pretty much all distractions. These thermal-insulated curtains prevent heat from escaping through windows, creating a cozier and warmer room and saving you money on your next electric bill. The machine washable curtains block up to 99 percent of light, help sound-proof your room, are soft to the touch, and come in 20 elegant shades.


This Food Slicer With A Built-In Cutting Board And Adjustable Width

Cut cheese or other snacks to your custom thickness with this multipurpose food slicer, which includes its own built-in cutting board. Its stainless steel blade slices right through soft and hard cheese, as well as veggies and meat, with complete ease. Just turn the dial on the board to measure the exact level of thickness you want. Pull it out any time you want to prep food in a flash.


These Produce Bags That Are Reusable And Machine Washable

Cut back on plastic by using these reusable mesh produce bags. This set of 15 bags, which come in three sizes (small, medium, and large) feature a toggle closure bead to secure your produce. The BPA-free bags are machine washable and double stitched for extra durability — so no worries about your apples and oranges collapsing onto the floor in the middle of the grocery store.


A Memory Foam Mattress Pad That Keeps You Cool At Night

Take comfort to the next level with this gel-infused memory foam mattress topper. Filled with memory foam gel beads, it supports your back and body (and can alleviate aches and pains from a hard mattress) while helping to regulate your body temperature and keep you cool all night long. The topper comes in two heights and eight mattress sizes.


This Laundry Bag That Protects Bras And Other Delicates In The Wash

Make your intimates last longer with this bra wash bag for lingerie and other delicate items that usually take a beating in the washing machine. It’s made with soft mesh to allow a deep clean while keeping your intimates safe from tangling and friction. The frame of the bag helps cups keep their shape, while protecting the underwire, straps, and band of the bra. The bag comes in two sizes for cups A to G.


The Magnetic Rack That Keeps You From Losing Your Keys

Install this magnetic key rack to your light switch and never worry about losing your keys again. The small, magnetic screws fit into almost any light switch cover and create the perfect place to hold your keys (or leashes). These magnetics are stronger than typical magnetics and will hold up to three pounds. They’re even safe for your remote start or key fob.


This Pot Lid Holder That Mounts To Your Cabinet

Organize your pot lids with this convenient pots and pans storage rack. It mounts to the inside of a cabinet door with easy-to-use hardware and holds up to five pot lids. The rack is slim enough to sit inside your cabinet without taking up too much space, and it doubles as the perfect storage spot for food storage containers and lids, too.


An Adjustable Travel Pillow That Supports Every Part Of Your Body

This is so much more than just a travel neck pillow (though it does a pretty great job in that area, too). This adjustable pillow supports every part of your body, from your head to your feet. It’s made from cozy, soft fleece and is filled with microbeads that give it a flexible, versatile design. Twist it around your neck and rest comfortably anywhere you roam, use it as a seat cushion, or behind your back for lumbar support.


These USB Wall Chargers That Can Handle 2 Phones At Once

Charge up to two devices using just one of these compact USB wall charging plugs. Compatibility with most phones and tablets makes them simple to use. And, with two plugs in each pack, you can use one at home and take one to work or on your travels, ensuring you’re never without a charge.


This Bag That Makes It Easy To Put Your Shoes In The Wash

Wash your shoes safely with this shoe bag. The cylinder-shaped bag is thick enough to help protect your sneakers and fabric shoes while getting them good and clean. Plus, the bag comes in two sizes and has a zipper that won’t rust. Since it stays shut during the whole wash cycle, your laces shouldn’t get tangled.


An Adjustable Slicer That Comes With A Spiralizer For Making Zoodles

This mandoline slicer does more than just slice veggies. It has three different blades: a cheese grater, a straight cut, and a julienne blade — it even comes with a spiralizer that transforms vegetables like zucchini into zoodles. You can control the thickness of your slices with the easy-to-use dial and a protective glove is included to keep fingers safe.


This Thermometer For Wine That Lets You Know When It’s Ready To Drink

It looks like a watch for your wine, but it’s actually a thermometer that’s about to give you the best-tasting glass of vino. This wine bottle thermometer features a large LCD screen that shows the temperature of your favorite bottle of wine, Champagne, or Prosecco. Just clip the thermometer on the bottle and within two seconds you’ll have a clear reading.


The Vented Plate Cover That Keeps Your Microwave Clean

Stop messes from happening with this microwave plate cover. It is vented at the top to allow steam to exit the plate while your food heats up. Made from BPA-free silicone, it conveniently collapses for easy storage and comes in three colors. It’s also dishwasher safe, so your messes are quick to clean.


An On-The-Go Mini Blender For Smoothies

Whip up your favorite smoothie anywhere without all of the mess and hassle associated with traditional blenders with this mini portable blender. In just 20 seconds, this small but powerful blender crushes ice and all your ingredients for a smooth drink. The BPA-free blender cup holds up to 12 ounces, has a wide body so you can fill it up with ingredients in less time and with less mess, and it comes with a secure lid. The blender is rechargeable and works on the go.


These Tools That Open Stubborn Jars And Bottles Easily

Open jars more easily with this multitasking jar opener set, which serves five unique functions. The tool comes with a bottle opener, bottle twist off, can opener, seal release, and soda can opener and the jar opener itself has four different size openings to crack open even the most difficult jars.


An Adjustable Rolling Pin So Your Dough Is The Perfect Thickness

The thickness of your pizza dough is going to be very different from the thickness of your cookie dough — and this adjustable rolling pin can handle making all of your baked creations — thick or thin. This quality wood rolling pin comes with removable discs that simply (but cleverly) raise the rolling surface to automatically change the thickness of dough. The discs screw on and off for easy adjusting and the pin features convenient measurement marks.


This Supportive Cooling Pillow For People Who Sleep On Their Sides

If you sleep on your side, this supportive and comfy pillow is calling your name. Designed with springy memory foam, it features a cool gel memory foam insert that keeps your temperature regulated and cools you down, even on the hottest nights. This orthopedic pillow has a shoulder cut-out that supports your neck, plus it’s made of antibacterial material and comes with a removable, washable bamboo pillow case that’s perfect for anyone with allergies.


A Mug Warmer That Keeps Your Coffee Or Tea Hot For Hours

Keep your coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or bowl of soup warmer for longer with this warming plate. Safe to use at your desk or at home, it warms up your coffee in just two minutes and features a power cord for extra movement. A red indictor light turns on when your beverage is hot.


The Egg Poacher That Makes Breakfast In Minutes

Make breakfast in just minutes with this microwavable egg poacher. It has two compartments, each of which fits one egg. Fill the poacher with eggs and a little water, close the lid, and microwave the tool for one to two minutes. The poacher is dishwasher safe, and reviewers say it expertly churns out poached eggs each and every time.


These Lids That Stretch To Fit Over Almost Any Container

You can stop relying on plastic wrap or rifling through cabinets to find lids to fit all of your food containers and make the switch to these universal silicone lids — which stretch to fit various bowls and jars, eliminating the need to find the perfect size lid. This pack of 14 lids come in a number of sizes, provide airtight seals that keep food from leaking, and are safe in the dishwasher and freezer.


An Inflatable Travel Pillow That Supports Your Head And Neck

Sleep comfortably anywhere with this inflatable travel pillow that inflates in just five breathes and is designed with a 45-degree angle that is a more natural fit for your head and neck. There’s even a place for your arms to loop through so you can sleep comfortably while sitting on an airplane or in a car. The pillow comes with its own drawstring bag for travel.


This Magnetic Knife Bar That Replaces Bulky Knife Blocks

Keep your cooking utensils close and organized with this magnetic knife bar. Designed from strong stainless steel, it’s easy to mount to any wall and offers an alternative to butcher blocks that take up valuable counter space. Use it in the kitchen or in the garage to organize your tools.


These Oven Rack Shields That Keep You From Burning Yourself

These silicone oven rack covers protect you from burning your skin on scalding hot oven racks that are so easy to accidentally bump into when you’re taking food out of the oven. They create a safe barrier between hot metal racks and your skin and can be easily installed over your oven rack (when it’s not hot) and even trimmed for a perfect fit.


This Oil Sprayer That Mists Salads And Foods Instead Of Drenching Them

Maintain more control over the amount of oil you add to foods with this reusable sprayer. Fill the brushed aluminum container with your favorite oil, dressing, or vinegar and then pump the cap to add pressure to the sprayer. When you remove the cap, it will spray a light even mist on your food or pan.


An Angled Measuring Cup That Is So Much Easier To Read

This angled measuring cup features measurements listed within the cup that are visible from above, making it so much easier to read while you are filling it up with ingredients or pouring its contents into a bowl. The cup has an easy-to-grip handle, markings for cups, ounces and milliliters, and it comes in four sizes, including a mini option.


This Cutting Board With Collapsible Legs That Can Be Set Over A Bowl

This innovative cutting board is designed for prepping food with as little hassle and mess as possible. It has nonslip folding legs that raise the board up, allowing a bowl or container to fit right beneath it so you can simply transfer ingredients without messing up your counters or floors. When you’re not using it, collapse the legs to lay flat like a normal cutting board, and if that’s not enough to save you time, it’s also dishwasher safe.


A Tenderizer That Ensures Your Meat Is Cooked Evenly

If you’re serious about cooking meat to perfection, you need this stainless steel meat tenderizer in your kitchen. Use it for beef, turkey, chicken, steak, veal, pork, and even fish. The needle blade is heavy and sharp and will cut small channels into the meat, allowing it to cook evenly. This time-saving tool also allows seasonings to permeate faster, eliminating the need to marinade meat for hours.


These LED Strip Lights That Come In 16 Million Colors

Add a little bit of light anywhere with these strip lights. The LED lights connect to Wi-Fi and can be controlled with an app on your phone or even Alexa or Google Home. They are easy to apply — just use the adhesive to lock them into place wherever you could use a guiding light. Pick from 16 million colors (yes million), four DIY modes, and even a mode where it syncs to your music.


This Bed Wedge That Can Stop Your Partner From Snoring

According to thousands of reviewers, this comfy pillow wedge is more than just a pillow — it can prop you up in a way that relieves things like acid reflex and even snoring. The wedge is made of comfortable memory foam to cushion and support your body, with a removable, washable cover.


A Hanging Closet Organizer That Requires No Tools For Installation

Add more storage to your closet with this hanging organizer, which requires zero tools for installation — simply hang it by its hooks onto your closet rod. It has five fabric compartments that are the perfect size for sweaters, shoes, towels, and accessories like scarves. It also features six mesh pockets on each side of the organizer where you can stash smaller items like washcloths and slippers.


These Drawer Organizers With Adjustable Dividers

No two people require the same type of organization — and these adjustable drawer organizers address that reality with a customizable organizing solution. This pack of four storage trays come with two big and two small containers. The dividers are adjustable so you can reconfigure the storage to your exact needs. Plus, they’re easy to wipe off and clean.


This Cup Holder That Clips To Desks And Tables

This cup holder clips onto the side of any table or desk ledge and keeps a firm hold on your drink, phone, and office supplies. It has a removable tray divider that lets you choose between having a larger storage space or two smaller compartments and a reinforced steel coil clamp that won’t budge.


A Hanging Laundry Bag That Frees Up Your Floor Space

This hanging laundry bag keeps your dirty clothes together and off the floor between washes. The bag itself is waterproof, washable, and designed with strong Oxford fabric that can withstand even the heaviest towels and sheets. It comes with suction cups and over-the-door hooks so it’s easy to hang up and keep out of the way.


This Secure Phone Mount That Won’t Budge From Your Dash

Get directions and keep your eyes on the road with this convenient car phone mount. It clamps to either side of your dash for a secure hold and is compatible with most phones or GPS gadgets. The mount can be adjusted to tightly cradle your device so it won’t fall out.


These Reading And Emergency Lights That Clip Onto Your Hat Or Pocket

These clip-on pocket lights are ideal for an after-hours reading session, camping and hiking trips, or even in emergencies if the power goes out. They clip onto the visor of a hat or to your pocket to provide a powerful, long-lasting source of light (courtesy of five LED bulbs). The head rotates 90 degrees for the perfect viewing angle and the light turns on with just one click of a button.


A Cutlery Organizer With Space-Saving Stacked Compartments

Organize cutlery more efficiently with this kitchen drawer tray with unique slanted slots that stack utensils and fit more in while still allowing you to easily grab handles and remove what you need. It comes in gray or white/green with four styles options: utensils and gadgets (shown here), large cutlery, small cutlery, and knives.


The Roll-Up Drying Rack That Fits Over Your Sink

You really can dry dishes without committing to a cumbersome drain board that takes up half of your counter. This roll-up dish drying rack is made from durable stainless steel and fits over most sinks, allowing water to drain into the sink without creating a mess. The rack holds up to 40 pounds and — the absolute best part — it rolls up so you can store it anywhere.


A Bag Holder That Just Changed The Lunch Packing Game

Packing lunches just got a whole lot easier with this baggy rack. It holds sandwich bags upright and open so you can easily drop snacks into multiple bags at a time. The arms clip onto the plastic bag, locking it into place. You can also use the racks to dry reusable bags more efficiently.


This Cute Mini Vacuum That Keeps Desktops Crumb-Free

Vacuum dust and crumbs from desktops, tables, counters, floors, and even keyboards with this adorable ladybug mini vacuum. The battery-operated hand vacuum gets into corners and crevices, and you can clean out its filter with the push of a button. It comes in four cute styles.


An Eye Mask That Plays Music From Your Phone

It doesn’t get more relaxing than this sleep mask, which blocks out light and plays music from your Bluetooth device for more soothing sleep and rest. The soft headphones have a 3-D contour design that’s comfy on your eyes (no pinching), with an adjustable Velcro band for a secure fit. When the mask needs to be cleaned, just remove the Bluetooth speakers and pop it in the washing machine.


This Handy Shower Curtain That Holds Your Bath Supplies While You Shower

Keep your loofahs and razor close at hand while you bathe with this storage pocket shower curtain. It has small, medium, and large pockets to handle everything from washcloths to shaving cream. The pockets are placed at different heights so you can choose the one that works best for you and weighted magnets at the bottom keep both the curtain and your supplies stable.


These Motion-Activated Lights That Are Super Easy To Install

These motion sensor stick-on lights add a little bit of light in dark closets and hallways — without wires or the expense of calling in an electrician. The battery-operated lights have an adhesive backing and stick on to any surface with 10 powerful LED lights in each strip. Bonus: they won’t run up your electric bill — a sensor turns them on when movement is detected within 10 feet and then turns them off after 15 to 18 seconds of no motion.


This Multitasking Makeup Organizer & Cleaning Mat You Can Mount

This multitasking makeup brush cleaning mitt can be used on your hand or on the counter to gently and quickly remove makeup, dirt, and oil from your cosmetic tools. Silica construction resists wear and tear for lasting use and multiple cleaning sessions. Choose from six bright colors, including green, light purple, and pink.

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