43 Clever Things Trending On Amazon You’ll Use The Crap Out Of

The reviews and rating section of Amazon is a great way to take the metaphorical temperature of any given product, and more often than not, you’ll find that the highly rated products are the ones that people find incredibly useful — because let’s be honest, nothing says buyer’s regret like a rarely used product getting dusty in the back of some closet. Well, these clever things trending on Amazon are the kinds of things you’re pretty much guaranteed to use all the freakin’ time — just ask the thousands of people who already do.

Very near the top of this list is a three-in-one charging station for your smartphone, smartwatch, and Bluetooth earbuds that will be in regular rotation every single day. Not only does it have a dedicated spot to charge all three of those devices, but the phone charger actually doubles as a stand, so you can watch videos and FaceTime while powering up.

You’ll also find great stuff for your kitchen, bedroom, and work setup, as well as some random finds that I couldn’t resist including, like rectangle sunglasses that nail the ‘90s vibe. There are plenty more trending items that you’ll use constantly, so go ahead and take a peek at some of the best.


This Mini Blender That’s Also A To-Go Cup

Hauling out a full-size blender just to whip up a quick smoothie is a drag, but this mini blender is perfect for quickly making single-serving drinks. To make things even easier, the blending jar does double-duty as a to-go cup, so you don’t have to mess with transferring. Last (and definitely not least), it’s rechargeable, so you can use it on road trips and at the office.


A Charging Station For Your Phone, Watch & Earbuds

Neatniks will love this wireless charging station because it has a place for everything, and the absent-minded among us will love it because it cuts down on the risk of misplacing devices. Along with a charging stand for your phone, the three-in-one station has dedicated spaces for your smart watch and earbuds, and over-voltage protection keeps everything safe.


The Straightening Brush That Leaves Hair Shiny

Boasting an impressive 4.6-star overall rating after more than 2,000 reviews, this hair straightener brush uses negative ionic technology to make hair sleek, smooth, and shiny. With 11 temperature settings, it’s suitable for a range of hair types, and the swiveling cord and included heat glove make it a breeze to use.


A Waterproofing Spray For Your Outdoor Gear

Simple but necessary: This waterproofing spray protects your all your outdoor gear from the elements, including tents, rain jackets, ski coats, and sleeping bags. The water-based formula is biodegradable and application is a cinch — just spray.


The Bluetooth Earbuds That Reviewers Love

With an average 4.5-star rating after more than 125,000 reviews, these Bluetooth earbuds are a runaway hit on Amazon. Super affordable, they offer powerful sound, inline controls, and up to 30 hours of play with the included charging case. They’re also IPX8 waterproof, so you can wear them in a downpour and they’ll be no worse for the wear.


A 4-Pack Of Cute Bucket Hats For Sunny Days

Shield your face from the sun, and look cute while you’re at it, with this four-pack of colorful bucket hats. The classic hats come in summery shades like pink and yellow, and the smiley face patches give them even more throwback style. Choose from packs of two, four, or even ten, so you can have one for every day of the week and beyond.


This Luxe Facial Mist That Offers An Instant Refresh

This Evian facial spray is an easy way to give your skin a quick refresh in the middle of the day, and it’ll even help amp up the power of any moisturizer. The spritzer produces ultra-fine water droplets that are easy for your skin to absorb, and what’s more, you can use it with a sponge to blend and set makeup.


The Night Light That Projects The Galaxy Onto Your Ceiling

If you can’t make it to see the Aurora Borealis, bring the Aurora Borealis to you: This starry night projector turns your walls and ceiling into a galactic wonderland. With nine different modes, 15 colors, and adjustable brightness settings, it’s completely customizable and even has a built-in speaker for a full sensory experience.


A Memory Foam Cushion Designed With Your Tailbone In Mind

Modern living means a lot of long hours sitting in front of a computer screen, but this memory foam seat cushion is a comfy way to make the time go by. It’s contoured to allow your tailbone to “float” which can help relieve pressure points that would otherwise be compressed by a flat surface. Plus, being properly supported can help improve your overall posture, which may lead to fewer aches and pains altogether.


This Laptop Stand That’s Height-Adjustable

Speaking of workplace ergonomics, this laptop stand features multiple height settings that allow you to place your screen at the perfect viewing spot, so you don’t spend the day hunched over (and the night with a crick in your neck). It’s made from sturdy aluminum alloy, and the open-bottomed design promotes airflow to prevent your computer from overheating.


A Ring Light & Tripod To Upgrade Zoom Calls

If there’s one good thing the year 2020 taught us, it’s the power of good lighting in video meetings. This tabletop ring light is the way to do it, and it has three warmth modes, 10 brightness settings, and two flexible tripod arms, so you can angle your phone and the light right where you need it.


These Magnetic Twist Ties That Organize Cables & More

These reusable 7-inch twist ties feature built-in magnets, so they’re perfect for wrangling cables, but you can also use them to secure items to your fridge, like spare keys and grocery lists. The pack comes with 20 colorful ties made from durable and flexible silicone.


This Sponge Tray That Dispenses Soap

Want to streamline your post-dinner cleanup routine? Get this combo dish soap dispenser and sponge holder. Instead of having to reach for the detergent bottle, all you have to do is press down on the top tray to dispense the perfect amount of soap onto the sponge. It holds up to 13 ounces of soap, and the clear design makes it easy to know when it’s time to refill.


The Perfectly ‘90s Sunglasses

Do your best Cindy Crawford impression by slipping on a pair of these ‘90s-inspired sunglasses. The rectangular shape is retro but timeless, and you can choose from classic styles like the black and tortoiseshell pictured here, or opt for brights with colored lenses… perfect for those days when you want to feel like an extra in an Oasis music video.


A Zip Slicer That Halves Grapes & Cherry Tomatoes

Make a perfect pasta or fruit salad with this ingenious device that slices grapes and cherry tomatoes into two perfect halves. The zip slicer is easy to operate, too — just insert the fruits or veggies into the empty tube, then slide the handle to cut.


The Bluetooth Water Bottle That Plays Music & Glows

A water bottle that plays music? Why not? This Bluetooth device has controls right there on the bottle, and it even glows on the hour to remind you to drink. Made from insulated stainless steel, it keeps cold drinks chilly for 24 hours and hot drinks piping for 12.


A Car Cupholder Insert For Skinny Water Bottles

If you have a water bottle that’s a little too skinny for your car cupholders, this cupholder insert is for you. The gradually tapered fit goes from 3.2 to 2.6 inches, which means it’ll hold your bottle snugly in place, even when you take a tight turn or hit a road bump.


This Clothes Steamer That’s So Much Better Than An Iron

Ironing has its perils: setting up the bulky ironing board and ironing new creases in your pants, to name two. This clothes steamer makes working out wrinkles a whole lot easier — just fill it with water, then run it along your clothes to spiff them up. It heats up in just two minutes and is small enough to pack, which means you’ll want to take this along to the next out-of-town wedding you attend.


A 4-Port USB Charger For All Your Devices

Transform your wall outlet into a four-port USB charger, and everyone will have a space to plug in their phones or tablets. Available in colors like black, coral, and pastel green, the charger boasts a slim profile and prongs that fold down flat for packing in a suitcase or backpack.


The Wall-Mounted Phone Holder That’s Waterproof

You can take your phone with you in the shower once you have this waterproof wall-mounted phone holder. The nano-glue suction cups secure it to any flat surface (no permanent installation necessary), and the window is fog-resistant for easy viewing. When you’re done, you can slide the front piece up and remove your phone.


This Bedside Shelf That Keeps Must-Haves Nearby

If you have a small bedroom, you likely don’t have space for a nightstand (and even if you have a nightstand, it might already be overflowing with books and other bedtime supplies). Enter this clever bedside shelf. It hooks right onto the bed frame and is sturdy enough to hold all your essentials, including reading glasses, your phone, and even your morning cup of coffee.


A Sunrise Alarm Clock That Won’t Jolt You Awake

If you dread the sudden blare of an alarm clock in the morning, this sunrise alarm clock will be a welcome addition to your wake-up routine. It simulates dawn by gradually brightening, so you actually feel like getting out of bed on time. You can choose from peaceful alarm sounds like wind chimes or birds chirping, and there’s even a USB port for plugging in your phone.


This Ingenious Way To Keep Herbs Fresh

Keeping herbs fresh until you get a chance to use them can be a real conundrum, but this herb keeper is pretty much *the* answer. The reservoir keeps your greens hydrated while the hard shell keeps the leaves from being crushed. Designed to fit on your refrigerator door, it’s great for basil, mint, rosemary, dill, or any other herbs your recipe calls for.


These Motion-Activated Lights You Can Stick Anywhere

Places you might want to stick these motion-activated lights: in your closet (so you can find that black tank top), in the pantry (so you can locate that jar of coriander), and in the hallway (so you can make your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night). The battery-operated light bars have adhesive backing, so you can mount them without any tools, hardware, or wiring.


An Infuser Bottle For Tea, Cold Brew & Fruit-Flavored Water

This to-go tumbler works as a plain old water bottle, but thanks to the stainless steel infuser, you can also use it to steep hot loose-leaf tea or to make cold-brew coffee or iced tea overnight. You can even add cut-up fruit or cucumbers to the infuser for flavored water, which just might make staying hydrated a little more delicious. It comes with a leakproof lid and is available in five colors.


These Lids That Replace Your Plastic Wrap

Give your not-so-eco-friendly plastic wrap the heave-ho and use these silicone covers instead. When you press down on the center, they create an airtight seal that keeps food fresh. The set comes with seven dishwasher- microwave-, and freezer-safe lids in seven sizes, so you can fit everything from small jars to serving bowls.


The Magnetic Tray That Holds Your Hairpins

If your bathroom is essentially a mess of hair clips and bobby pins, this magnetic hairpin holder is a godsend. The small tray is outfitted with a super strong magnet, so even if you drop a few hairpins while doing your hair, you can just use the tray to instantly magnetize and pick them up.


A Collapsible Lantern That Doubles As A Flashlight

This pop-up lantern is great for camping and backyard hangs, but it’s also an essential addition to any emergency preparedness kit. It’s USB-chargeable, but it’s also outfitted with a hand crank, so you can light it up, even if the power goes out. Even better, when you collapse the lantern, it becomes a flashlight, so you can focus a beam of light wherever you want it.


This No-Spill Water Bowl For Your Furry Friend

If your dog tends to lap up his water with a lot of gusto, this no-spill water bowl is a good way to keep your floors dry. The bowl features a non-skid bottom and a “floating” upper tray with a barrier around the perimeter that keeps water well within the bowl. Reviewers have reported it’s great for road trips too, so your pup can hydrate without creating a soggy mess in the back seat.


These No-Touch Tools That Reduce Germ Contact

If you’re a bit more germaphobic than you used to be (who isn’t?), these no-touch tools can help you navigate the world while minimizing contact with high-touch surfaces like elevator buttons, door handles, and PIN pads. In fact, the tip even doubles as a stylus for signing your name after credit card transactions. Each pack comes with three.


A Cold Crew Coffee Maker For Your Afternoon Caffeine Fix

Smoother and less acidic than your standard cup of joe, cold brew coffee is a refreshing way to get your caffeine fix. If you want to make your own at home, this cold brew coffee maker can make up to 4 cups in your fridge overnight. Just fill the infuser with coarse grounds, add filtered water, and refrigerate.


The UV Phone Sanitizer That Eliminates 99.9% Of Germs

Your phone goes with you just about everywhere, but unlike your hands, you can’t wash it with soap and water when you get home. To keep your device hygienic, stick it in this phone sanitizer that uses UV light to eradicate up to 99.9% of germs. The compact box can also be used to sanitize items like your keys, watch, and earbuds.


A Cutting Board With Built-In Storage Compartments

This bamboo cutting board has built-in storage compartments for chopped foods, as well as a cutout on the surface of the board, so you can transfer ingredients by just sliding them into the opening. The board features a groove to catch runoff juices and the non-skid bottom keeps it firmly in place while you chop. Plus, the compartments come with lids, so you can store ingredients in the fridge.


These Scrunchies With Secret Pockets

Each of these velvet scrunchies has a hidden zippered pocket for storing lip balm or a key, so you can head out for a hike without dragging your purse along. The six-pack is available in multiple color and print options, including black, leopard, and the muted jewel tones pictured here.


The Mini Vacuum That Keeps Your Desk Clean


These Soap Savers That Cut Down On Sogginess

Want your bar of soap to last longer? Place it on one of these soap savers that elevates the bar so it can dry properly — i.e., no soggy mess that wastes a whole bunch of soap. The set comes with four soap savers, so you can put one in every bathroom and by the kitchen sink too.


This Portable Fan That Mists Water

Heading to an outdoor game on a 90-degree day? Take this personal misting fan along. The USB-chargeable fan has a small water reservoir — fill it up and activate the misting mode for a cool, damp breeze. It operates on three speeds and can be also be converted into a tabletop fan for picnic tables and desktops.


The Electric Dispenser For Your Water Jug

Want an easier way to tap your water jug than lifting it up and flipping it upside down? Use this electric water dispenser. The USB-chargeable device screws onto the neck of any 5-gallon bottle and has a button that dispenses water with the tap of your finger.


An Ice Roller For Swelling, Headaches, Mosquito Bites & More

Use this ice roller to bring down eye puffiness, minimize the appearance of pores, relieve headache pain, soothe burns, and reduce the sting of bug bites. (Yep, this is one versatile tool.) Just keep it in the freezer and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


The USB-Chargeable Lighter That Works In The Wind

Once you have this USB-chargeable candle lighter, you’ll never go back to using a standard lighter again. The electric device never needs to be filled with lighter fluid, and since it doesn’t utilize a flame, you never have to worry about it blowing out in the wind. And buyers love it — it’s earned a 4.4-star overall rating after nearly 15,000 reviews.


These Glasses That Block Digital Blue Light

If you find yourself with a headache or eyestrain after a day of working at your computer, these blue light-blocking glasses may help. The non-prescription lenses filter out blue light, which — besides keeping your eyes comfortable and relaxed — can even help you get a better night’s sleep since blue light is known to disrupt your circadian rhythm.


A 4-Pack Of Spatulas That Are Nonstick

For under $10, this set of four silicone spatulas can do everything from mixing batter to flipping pancakes to frosting cakes. Heat-resistant to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the spatulas feature flexible heads that are nonstick, and they’re dishwasher-safe for cleaning.


These Ice Trays That Make Slow-Melting Cubes

There’s nothing better than an ice cold drink, but a diluted soda or cocktail is not so great. These ice trays make extra-large cubes that melt much more slowly, so you can enjoy a chilled beverage that’s not watered down. The pack comes with two flexible trays that make it easy to pop out one cube at a time.

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