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I don’t at all consider myself a marriage expert. Andrew and I are about to hit the 9 year mark which is wild. We have definitely had our share of rough patches but we try to always connect as a couple.

Things Married Couples Should Always Do

4 Things Married Couples Should Always Do

Spend time every day catching up: This can be hard with little kids. I know any time we try to have a conversation our kids jump in with questions, snack requests, or stories. We try to remind our kids to not interrupt and try to take time to catch up. Even if we are cooking dinner, or the kids are in the room.

Hug and kiss: I saw on someones Instagram a long time ago having a 60 second hug and 10 second kiss daily ( I could be wrong on the times) but we try to do this every day. Again, it’s not perfect and sometimes we forget. But it’s a great way to connect and feel close.

Laugh: This is so important. You have to make each other laugh. Life can be A LOT. Kids, work, etc. So making each other laugh is so important. One thing we do is turn on music while we clean the kitchen. I am more likely to be the silly one but we both end up laughing.

Have specific time together even if it’s at home: Date nights can be hard. Schedules, babysitters, etc. So even if we are at home we try to have specific time together. We always eat dinner together after the kids go to bed, and most nights try to watch a show or a movie together.

What are some things married couples should always do in your opinion?

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