39 Simple Ways To Get Organized When You Have No Idea Where To Start

In my mind, I’ve got things totally together with nothing ever out of place. My reality is, let’s just say, a little bit less than that. I mean, the idea of a completely organized home with everything in its place thrills me, and I’m obsessed with magazines and websites that cover quick organizational hacks. But it sometimes just seems so exhausting, doesn’t it? I never have any idea on where to start.

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Amazon, and I’m amazed at how many simple ways to get organized I’ve been able to find. Whether I’m looking to streamline the appearance and function of my kitchen or clear off some dresser or desk space, I can typically find things of Amazon to help me with that plan. It even has packing cubes that keep my suitcase in order, which is useful while traveling. If it’s not just your house or travel that you’re looking to spiffy up, you can browse a huge selection of organizational solutions for your car. Who wouldn’t want the extra storage and the slip-stopping safety that this seat gap filler provides? What’s more, these products come already rated and reviewed by other Amazon shoppers. So you can fill your cart without worry or wonder of any sort.

Come along with me as I share some of my favorite simple ways for a more organized life that will give you lots of ideas on where you can start.


This Pot & Pan Organizer For Your Cupboard Or Your Counter

Store up to five pans so they’re always within reach with this sturdy pot and pan organizer. It can be used either vertically or horizontally to make the most of your space, and the alloy steel construction delivers years of use. This organizer can be used on your countertops or in your cupboards for versatility.


This Under-Sink Organizer That Maximizes On Space

It’s easy to ignore that space underneath your sink, because the pipe is often in the way. This clever shelving unit wraps around the pipe and offers two levels of storage for cleaning supplies and toiletries. It’s both height- and width-adjustable for a perfect fit within your bathroom or kitchen space.


A Set Of Closet Or Drawer Organizers For Socks, Underwear & Accessories

Line your drawers or your closet shelves with this set of organizers that provide space for everything from hair ribbons to socks and underwear. The non-woven fabric construction resists mold and mildew for lasting use. These organizers come in seven color options, and you get one each of six-, seven-, eight, and 24-cell bins.


A Car Seat Gap Filler That Provides Extra Storage Space In Your Vehicle

If you ask me, nothing’s more frustrating than losing your phone between your car’s seat and console. That’s why you need this set of two crevice organizers in your life. They not only keep phones from sliding by fitting in that space, but they also provide a little extra storage for cash, cards, or your sunglasses. The pack is available in five finishes.


This Outlet Extender That Streamlines Your Office Or Entertainment Setup

Most computer setups and home entertainment centers come with at least three power sources, and that’s at the very least. This outlet extender makes it super simple to plug in all your components in one convenient spot. Two USB ports offers additional support, charging your devices while you work or play.


This Set Of Space-Saving Hangers That Hold 5 Items Each

Having enough space for your wardrobe is always a difficult thing. That’s where this pack of space-saving clothes hangers can really help you out. Each one holds up to five garments, and they can be hung either horizontally or vertically to save on your closet space or show off your good taste. You get 10 hangers in the package. What a steal.


These Hanging Shoe Shelves That Keep Your Favorites Within Reach

Shoe racks are amazing, but you still have to stoop to grab your shoes. These handy hanging shoe shelves keep them organized and at eye level for easy access. The shelves offer eight spaces to hold your favorite pairs — but you can also use this versatile organizer for bags or accessories.


A Pack Of 2 Shelf Dividers That Keeps Stacks Of Sweaters In Place

Keep stacks of clothing or towels effortlessly in place with this pack of shelf dividers. They’re 12 inches high to hold most items upright, and the sturdy 7/8-inch thick construction shouldn’t wilt over with use. The dividers slide over your closet shelves for easy setup, and you can choose from platinum or bronze.


A Simple Organizing Rack For Shoes, Toys, Or Supplies

Whether you’re looking to organize your front hall, a closet, or your kids room, this simple organizing rack provides a ton of options. Three tiers offer space for blankets, shoes, or accessories, and two pullout cubbies let you keep items out of sight. A sturdy metal frame holds it all in place.


This Expandable Drawer Insert That Provides A Universal Fit

This expandable drawer organizer has so many uses, you may want to buy more than one. In the kitchen, this bamboo liner keeps utensils neat — and in a dresser, it turns an ordinary drawer into a place to stash your accessories or jewelry. The width is expandable from 13 to 19.6 inches, creating a perfect built-in look.


The Compact Rack That Keeps Boxes Easily Stowed Until You Need Them

Organize the spaghetti boxes or storage wrap in your pantry so they’re always within reach and easy to see with this compact rack that’s made for the task. The steel frame holds up to 20 pounds, which is really quite amazing, and the adjustable rack design lets you create custom storage. This organizer is available in three sizes to fit your pantry or cupboard space.


A Cabinet Door Organizer That Frees Up Cupboard Space

Baking dishes and cutting boards can take up a lot of real estate in your cupboard. This thoughtful organizer hangs over your door so you can reclaim that space. It’s versatile to hang on doors or on your wall, and the sturdy metal construction holds up to five cutting boards. No worries — it’s padded with EVA foam to help protect your wooden cabinets from scratches.


This 12-Piece Food Storage Container Set That Helps Keep Snacks In Order

See what you’ve stored with this large set of clear food storage containers. Each holds up to 1.5-quarts of flour, rice, snacks, or cereal — and the tight-fitting lids help keep everything fresh. This set comes with 24 chalk labels, letting you switch up your storage when the need arises.


This Bakeware Rack That Holds A Range Of Different Sizes

Set your bakeware sideways to save on space with this freestanding bakeware rack. The seven adjustable dividers offer customized storage, and a nonskid base keeps it sturdily in place. This rack takes just minutes — or less — to set up, creating a great spot for your most-used muffin pans, pie tins, and pizza stones.


A Spice Rack That Spins For Effortless Access To Your Add-Ins

Who knew organizing your spices could be so very simple? This spice spinner features a unique D-shaped base and two spinning platforms to keep your go-to herbs easy to access and use. The adjustable design fits in pantries and cupboards, and durable construction withstands daily use.


A Rotating Makeup Organizer That’s Adjustable To Fit Your Cosmetic Collection

The daily search for your makeup brushes, nail polish, and other cosmetics ends with this rotating makeup organizer. It rotates 360 degrees for easy access to all your stuff, and the adjustable levels provide workable space for everything from bottles to moisturizer jars. Clear acrylic construction lets you find what you’re looking for.


This Open-Ended Palette Organizer That Makes It Easy To Store & Find Your Cosmetics

Clear up your countertop without having to toss out anything with this makeup palette organizer. Seven dividers offer a space to place your eye, lip, cheek, and contouring palettes, while the upright open-ended design makes everything easy to see. This versatile palette holder can stack without other cosmetic organizers for a sleek look that saves on space.


This Toothbrush Holder That Stores Up To 9 Standard Brushes

It’s a “great space saver,” as one reviewer shared: This multi-brush toothbrush holder is ideal for smaller bathroom setups. It holds nine toothbrushes — or six electric brushes — and comes with rinsing cups that keep your brushes clean when not in use. Compartments in the back provide smart storage space for toothpaste, razors, or makeup brushes.


A Sleek Shower Caddy That Looks As Good As It Works

With its 4.8-star rating, this sleek shower caddy makes the perfect addition to your shower space — without having to drill any holes. Deep baskets hold all your pumps and bottles, while the adjustable hooks let you personalize the setup to handle loofahs and razors. A sturdy stainless steel construction easily withstands your shower routine.


A Purse Organizer That Can Also Be Used For Towels

What better way to show off your fabulous fashion sense than with these clear hanging purse organizers? Ample dimensions provide space for your biggest bags and are even ideal for bath towel storage. It hangs easily on a closet door — or even your wall — and the clear construction offers a view of your prized purses.


These Versatile Cable Clips That Come 16 To The Pack

There really is no end to the things you can organize with these adhesive cable clips. The 16-pack contains clips of varying sizes, letting you keep cables out of the way or even hang up toothbrushes or pens. Decluttering your space is as simple as sticking a few of these in place on your desk, dash, or wall.


This Cable Management Box That Keeps Surge Protectors Covered & Cables Tangle-Free

If you’ve ever gotten a power strip tangled up in your feet at your desk, you know how much you need this cable management box. The generous dimensions handle power strips of most sizes, and the convenient slot on the side makes it easy to feed cables through. With a sleek wooden top, this box slips simply into your setup.


A Remote Control Holder For Every Electronic In Your Home

Hold up to five remotes — or even smartphones — in this convenient tabletop organizer. Each slot keeps your devices separate, within reach, and out from underneath the couch cushions where they often like to hide. Place this holder on a desk for your work supplies. It’s available in five unique finishes and two sizes.


A Jewelry Organizer That Hangs On Doors, Closet Rods & Walls

If you frequently misplace all of your earrings, this jewelry organizer provides a place to put them the second you walk in the door. It literally hangs on your door — or on a wall — to provide simple organizing space for all your accessories. Clear pockets let you easily see what’s where. This hanging organizer comes in range of sizes and colors.


This Woven Basket That Stores Blankets & Makes A Stunning Accent

Simple and stylish, this woven cotton rope basket offers a natural look for living rooms, nurseries, and dens. Its ample interior offers the ideal spot for stowing your blankets, pillows, and toys, while convenient built-in handles make it easy to tote from place to place. Choose from six patterns in beautiful gradation.


These Generous Bags That Offer Seasonal Storage For Your Clothes

When summer turns to fall — or vice versa — it’s difficult to find space for unneeded wardrobe items. That’s where these clothing storage bags come in super handy. Each one features a 90-liter capacity to handle sweaters, blankets, or extra linens, while the clear side windows make it easy to remember what you’ve stowed. Zip these bags closed to help keep dust and pests out.


A Set Of Under-Bed Storage Boxes With Sturdy Handles For Access

The space underneath your bed can be used for storage, and these under-bed boxes provide a simple way to keep it organized. Sturdy handles make them easy to retrieve, and windows in the top let you see clearly what’s inside. Crafted with sturdy fabric, these organizers handle years of use throughout your home.


A Car Organizer That Fits On Your Passenger Seat For Work On The Go

Working on the road can be a little tough, but this car organizer can make it a little easier by helping contain your stuff. Movable dividers offer customized storage for your notebooks, pens, and other supplies, while mesh pockets on the outside keep your phone and frequently used items easier to find. This organizer folds down and out of the way when not in use.


A Trunk Organizer That Keeps Stray Items In Place

Keep your things from sliding around as you drive home with this auto trunk organizer that hooks securely into space. Multiple compartment stow your emergency gear, work supplies, and even your groceries. The adjustable tie-down system is easy to set up in any car, and the entire thing folds up for easy storage.


This Slim Storage Cart That Slides In Almost Anywhere

Slide this storage cart next to your bed or keep it in your bathroom to keep everything handy and within reach. It’s super narrow to fit in a range of spaces and features three bins to keep your things from falling out. Wheels on the bottom make this cart simple to move from place to place as your needs change.


This Pot Lid Organizer That Hangs On A Wall

Make the most of a small kitchen’s space with this set of pot lid organizers. You can mount them side-by-side or one above the other, creating a convenient spot to store up to six lids of varying sizes. The sleek finish provides a modern look to your cooking area. Choose from chrome or bronze.


These Coffee Mug Stackers That Let You Expand On Your Collection

Anyone who collects coffee mugs probably knows it’s hard to keep them organized. This six-pack of mug stackers makes that task a little bit easier. Place one on the bottom and then put the stacker in place. Flip a same size mug upside down on top and adjust the arms. Voila! A perfect storage and display solution.


A Wine Glass Holder That Mounts Under Cupboard Shelving

You can expand your cupboard storage space without tearing down a wall. This hanging wine glass holder attaches to the shelf and offers convenient space for hanging goblets and flutes. The two-row design holds up to eight glasses, letting you slide them into place. You can get it in black or silver to match your kitchen or bar area.


This Compact Hat Rack That Holds Up To 25 Baseball Caps

Baseball cap collections have a way of quickly getting out of hand. This simple hat rack is so easy to use, I wish I had thought of it. It comes with screws for easy installation — you just slide the rack over the screws, and the durable construction easily handles up to 25 folded caps. It comes in black or white.


A Bamboo Tea Box For Organization & Display Of Your Favorite Leaf Blends

Yes, it really is a tea storage box with a 4.8-star rating. Many reviewers love the quality bamboo construction without the hefty price tag. This box has eight compartments, so you can clear out your pantry shelves, and the clear hinged lid makes it easy to select the leaves you’d like. It’s also a terrific gift for a tea-loving friend.


This K-Cup Storage Drawer That Fits Under Your Machine

Organize your K-cups near your machine and take up way less space with this storage drawer organizer that goes right underneath the pot. The drawer holds up to 36 pods and can stack with other drawers if you’ve got a lot of coffee and like to share with friends. The sleek black construction melds with the look of your machine.


This Hand Sanitizer Holder That Mounts Easily On Car Vents

This convenient car accessory gives you a place to put your hand sanitizer after you’ve entered your vehicle, holding it directly within your sight (instead of on the floor or in the console). You can even attach it to a headrest or door for super-easy access when you’re traveling. An adjustable strap holds a range of bottle sizes.


A Travel-Ready Eyeglass Case That Holds Up To 5 Pairs

Pack up your eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses — and even jewelry — in this storage case for travel. The hard-sided construction helps keep everything protected and offers a luxe look. This case holds up to five pairs of glasses, and flocked lining protects lenses from scratching during travel. Two snap closures help keep it secure.


This Set Of Packing Cubes For More Organized Travel

Packing can be a pain, and it’s hard to stay organized. This set of packing cubes lessens the task and practically does the whole job for you. The six-piece set includes both a laundry bag and shoe bag, so you can keep fresh clothing protected — and the waterproof construction provides an extra level of security. Clear sides make grabbing the day’s outfit easy.

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