30 Things That Make Your Home More Alluring For Under $40 On Amazon

There’s nothing like having a happy, cozy space to come home to after a long day at work or school. Whether you prefer hanging out in your living room or lounging around in your bedroom, having things that help you feel good is a key factor in making your house feel like a home. To help you create this feeling, I’ve made a list of Amazon products that will make your home more alluring for less than $40.

This list has a little bit of something for everybody, too. Perhaps you could use a comfortable throw blanket to snuggle up with on a cold day, or maybe you could use a silk pillowcase to help soften your skin and protect your hair as you sleep. Items like these just make you feel better, giving you a more comfortable and delightful home life.

There are also some items on this list that help keep your home neat and organized, such as vacuum storage bags, cord concealers, and hanging toothbrush holders. While they may only seem like small storage solutions, these can play a huge role in making your home more alluring and inviting, eliminating clutter and giving your dwelling space a more refined look.

With the idea of sprucing up your living quarters now fresh in your in mind, take a look at these 32 items that will make your home more welcoming in an instant.


A Cool Mist Humidifier That Works For 16 Hours Straight

This cool mist humidifier keeps the air in your home comfortable for up to 16 hours. It comes with two different speeds so that you can adjust your desired level of mist, and it has an optional night light for darker settings. The auto-shutoff feature also relieves the worry of having to turn it off when the water runs out, so you can have peace of mind every time you use it.


This Trifold Makeup Mirror With Different Magnifications

Using a trifold mirror like this makes putting your makeup on so much easier, because it boasts three different magnification levels. It’s also great because it’s lighted with three additional settings of illumination to provide soft and natural glows that aren’t harsh on the eyes. The 90-degree rotation is also perfect for various angles of viewing, while the trifold design makes it compact and easy to stow away (if and when you need to).


A Set Of Window Curtain String Lights That Add Ambiance

Give your home some added ambiance with this set of window curtain string lights. These lights drape vertically over any surface and are easy to hang inside or outside. They feature eight different modes that flicker, flash, fade, and more — and they’re great additions for special occasions, holidays, or any other time you want to add a glistening touch to your home.


This Space-Saving Corner Shelf That Adds A Chic Touch

Make a great display with this five-tier corner shelving unit. It’s both chic and functional, allowing you to show off your favorite photos, collectibles, and more. What’s best is that it’s super easy to mount and comes with all the hardware needed to add it to your wall.


A Cozy Floor Pillow That’s Great For Lounging Around

Create a cozy atmosphere with these floor pillows. Made with a poly-chenille outer layer, these square cushions are super comfy and great for large gatherings where you could use extra seating. They feature tufted detailing, scalloped edges, and come in a variety of colors that are sure to compliment your decor.


A Bamboo Cheese Board That Comes With Its Own Knife Set

This cheese board and knife set is sure to be the talk of your next home gathering. It’s handmade and crafted with bamboo that’s resistant to stain and odors, and it comes with a grooved area that holds crackers, cheese, or any item you need. Great for entertaining or indulging alone, the tray comes with its own built-in drawer that stores cutting knives and servers for your food.


These Natural Air Fresheners Made With Bamboo Charcoal

Freshen up your home naturally with these charcoal air fresheners. Great for basically anywhere in your house, these deodorizers are sealed in a bag that features a ring for easy hanging. Made with bamboo charcoal, they work to purify the air and prevent mold and mildew without the use of harsh chemical agents.


A Set Of Foam Mats That Will Keep Your Refrigerator Neat

Keep things clean and in place by using this set of refrigerator mats. They’re made of foam material and can be cut to fit any shelf, drawer, or small area. The five mats in this set come in various colors and are completely safe for use around food.


This Tiny Space Heater With An Impressive Safety Function

This ceramic space heater is great for heating small spaces. It comes with three temperature levels and is compact enough to fit in any room or office that needs some added warmth. The device’s auto-shutoff feature offers extra security in the event that the device overheats or gets knocked over, giving you added peace of mind during and after its use.


These Vacuum Storage Bags That Can Save You Tons Of Space

Clean and organize your clothing and other soft items by using these vacuum storage bags. They come in a variety of sizes that are great for storing out-of-season objects, such as sweaters, comforters, blankets, and more. Made to shrink down via vacuum seal, these work wonders to remove any bit of air while giving you more space around your home.


This Set Of Luxury Bed Sheets That Will Help You Sleep Comfortably

This set of deep-pocket sheets will help you sleep like a dream. Constructed of soft Egyptian cotton, they’re both wrinkle resistant and hypoallergenic for easy use and comfortable sleeping. The sheets are also offered in variety of sizes and colors for your choosing, and they’ll make a great addition to your bedroom’s decor.


A Color-Changing Light Bulb That Gives You Different Scenery

Set the mood with this color-changing light bulbs. This remote-controlled lighting set features 16 different colors and eight level of brightness so that you can bask in the ambiance of your favorite hues. They’re great for setting the scene when you’re entertaining family and friends, but they’re also fun while changing up the look of your home.


A Down Alternative Duvet Insert That Comes In So Many Colors

This duvet insert will make your bed feel more comfy and cozy than it already is. It’s filled with down alternative and features box stitching that alleviates the interior from bunching around. This style comes in various sizes, four colors, and can be tossed in the washing machine for easy laundering.


This Memory Foam Pillow That Can Be Customized

Get a great night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed with this hypoallergenic memory foam pillow. Made with removable fill, this pillow allows you to remove or insert filling as you’d like for a more customized sleeping experience. It’s great for all sleepers of any style and will help you stay cool and comfortable all through the night.


A Hanging Door Organizer That Also Works In Your Closet

You can effectively save space with this hanging door organizer. The storage bag features clear pockets, and it comes with two metal hooks for effortless mounting on the back of your bedroom door or along your closet rail. A linen-like grey fabric delivers a spot of sophistication.


This Silk Pillowcase That’s Great For Your Hair And Skin

This silk pillowcase is great for protecting your hair and skin as you sleep (thanks to its smooth surface). It’s made of 100% mulberry silk and features a hidden zipper that helps keep the pillow in place. This design is offered in four different colors and will make a great addition to any bedroom.


A Fuzzy Faux Fur Area Rug That Grips The Floor

Spruce up your decor by adding this area rug to the mix. It’s made of soft faux fur and is backed with strong rubber that prevents it from slipping around in high-traffic areas. This style is offered in various colors and is great for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and more.


A Fleece Blanket To Keep You Cozy On Chilly Nights

Snuggle up comfortably on your sofa or bed with this plush fleece blanket. This throw — which is made of a mixture of sherpa and fleece — has so many great uses (whether you want to relax at home in front of the TV or keep warm while camping). There are a large variety of colors offered, all of which are reversible and machine washable.


This Door Draft Stopper That Decreases Cold Air And Light

Block unwanted air from getting in (or out) with this door draft stopper. This sponge-like stopper is designed to hug the bottom of the door snuggly to prevent air or light from seeping in. It’s backed with Velcro for stable placement and also helps to reduce noise and other outside elements —such as smoke or pollution — from getting int o your home.


The Magnifying Mirror With A Suction Cup & An LED Light

This magnifying mirror boasts strong magnification (10 times, to be exact) — and it’s designed with LED lights for easy viewing while applying makeup or beautifying your brows. It also features a flexible gooseneck and 360-degree rotation for optimal manipulation. The unit even comes with a suction cup base that can be attached to multiple surfaces for simple use.


This Cable Kit That Helps Hide Unsightly Wires And Cords

Disguise and organize unsightly cords with this on-the-wall cable concealer kit. It can be installed in less than 15 minutes, and it’s great for hiding TV cables and other electronic cords up to 48 inches long. The kit’s cover is made to snap on an off so the cords inside can be adjusted as needed, making it a great accessory for any home.


A Mountable Toiletry Holder That Frees Up Counter Space

Simplify your bathroom routine with this toothbrush holder. It mounts easily to you bathroom or shower wall with suction cups, saving both counter and cabinet space. The unit also features additional hooks and spaces that can store razors, loofahs, washcloths, and other shower necessities.


These Blackout Curtains That Block Light, Air, And Sound

Decorate your home and protect it from drafts and unwanted light with these thermal-insulated blackout curtains. They come in a two-pack that blocks unwanted sound and light from your home. These curtains are not only functional, but also great looking; they’re styled with top grommets and come in a variety of colors to fit your decor.


This Set Of Pillow Covers That Add A Modern Touch

Spruce up your home decor with this set of pillow covers. Made of soft materials, they’re designed to fit 18-by-18 inserts and feature a contemporary grid pattern. There’s also a variety of colors available that’ll add a touch of modernism to the design of your living space.


A Floor Mat That Helps Relieve Body Fatigue

This sturdy floor mat helps to relieve fatigue and soreness from your feet, knees, back, and more. It features a foam interior and has a nonslip bottom that adds stability and prevents it from slipping around. This design comes in a few colors and also features a few patterned styles to complement your decor.


The Pocketed Shower Curtain That Stores Bathroom Necessities

This quick-drying shower curtain save space by storing your bathroom necessities in its pockets. It’s designed with mesh pouches that are equipped to hold sponges, loofahs, soaps, shower gels, shampoo, razors, and more. Each of the curtain’s nine pockets are made of quick-drying mesh, while the top features rust-proof metal grommets that fit most shower rods.


A Touch-Controlled Table Lamp That Also Charges Your Phone

Customizing your lighting is simple and easy with this touch-controlled table lamp. It features three levels of brightness that are each controlled with a the tap of a finger. The lamp also works to charge your mobile devices — such as phones, tablets, and more — through the built-in USB ports that remain fully functional when the light is on or off.


A Wheeled Hamper With 3 Sorting Compartments

Store and sort your laundry with this wheeled hamper. It features three separate poly-cotton bags within a steel frame that can be removed for easy maneuvering as you do your laundry. The wheels on the steel frame are lockable rubber casters, while metal handles help with lifting out each individual bag.


A Set Of Smart Strip Lights That Can Be Voice Controlled

Set the scene with these color-changing strip lights. Made of premium bright lights, this system is easy to install and control with the use of voice activation via Alexa, Google Home, and more. They’re great for entertaining and come with a built-in microphone that helps them coordinate to the beat of music or hand claps to create a fun atmosphere.


This Essential Oil Diffuser And Humidifier You Can Control With Your Phone

Keep your home smelling great and feeling even better with this smart essential oil diffuser and humidifier. It keeps the air moisturized, and it can be easily controlled via your smartphone to set misting and lighting schedules as you desire. This humidifier has a 700-milliliter tank and can hold enough water to last throughout the night.

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