3 year old female Skye Terrier available for adoption

Poppy is a 3 year old female Skye Terrier being fostered in Gloucestershire. She will be joining us soon, she belongs to someone who’s actual dogs I walk, she is living with 3 other bitches and one dog.

Poppy and another bitch in the house have always had a bit of a problem with each other but things have escalated since the other bitch has recently had puppies and not been in the house.

Now she is back in the house there has been a couple of fights which have been quite bad and being a pack, they all have joined and in and everyone is on edge. She has always got on with the other dogs in the house but is not separated from them.

Poppy is being spayed next week and then will join us as soon as a space is available but wanted to do a write up as I know her quite well.

Poppy is a lovely dog, very friendly with people she knows, shy of people she does not and will bark. She has always been friendly with me with no issues, I can pick her up and put in the van, I have never walked her with other dogs just her pack in our secure field and have done some videos so you can see.

Her owner has walked her and let her off the lead she said she is fine around other dogs but will tend to run up to them and bark.

A lot of Poppy’s problems are that her and this other bitch just do not get on, I would say having been with them both that the other bitch was more the instigated in the beginning not Poppy. She because of Covid has not probably been socialised as much as such could of have been normally, so will pull on lead and she is strong, will bark at other dogs if she sees them and nervous of new people.

If you are an experienced terrier person, knowing Poppy how I know her I think with work and one to one she will thrive, but will be a bit of a project to begin with.

She is going to have to go as an only dog, a country home is going to suit her and not a busy home with lots of people in and out – an adult only home. I like Poppy a lot and I feel with the right person who has had terrier experience I think she could be a different dog. I will do more of a write up once we have her in our care but just putting some feelers out to see if we can find the right home for her.

Remember Skye Terriers are a grooming breed, if you have never owned a problem dog or Terrier then Poppy is not the dog for you. No cats or small furies.

Poppy is used to living in a house and is house trained and travels well in the car, she has been with her owner since a puppy and is well bred and been loved. She will be spayed, vaccinated etc before she leaves us.

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