2 year old male Cross-Breed available for adoption

Please meet Rambunctious Rex! Rex is a gorgeous 2-year-old male Cross-Breed. We were told he is a West Highland White Terrier cross Bichon frise, who knows what he is but he is a force to be reckoned with! He is very cute, but very bossy and likes to be in control! Rex was initially very scared and displayed fear aggression, now he knows us he couldn’t be more different, but he will need a home that allows him time and space to come to you – it took him all of a day to feel comfortable with us!

Rex loves to argue and backchat, he absolutely has to have the last word! He will do what you need, but has issues with being told and will mutter and grumble – He is a really comical little lad really, but SUCH a cuddle bug at the same time, He loves going for a walk and absolutely adores snuggling up on your lap when he can, but mind you dont need to move as he will happily growl at you to tell you of his disgust, he sleeps on my feet every night and if I dare move or stretch he likes to give me a grumble to express his disgust!

Rex is a typical little lap dog, he loves nothing more than cuddles, And he will quite literally spend his entire day snuggled with you! He doesnt, however tolerate being picked up, he is not a dog that will be carried anywhere, and why should he – he has 4 legs he can walk! He is house trained, and mixes fine with other dogs, he absolutely loves running around the field chasing the bigger dogs, especially the lurchers, I am sure he thinks he is one of them!

Rex will need regular grooming, and his previous owner said he was not happy with this so you will need to be able to groom him yourself or have a very patient and confident groomer that will take it slowly with him. Rex will need an adult only home, he has not been cat tested.

He is fine to be left for short periods on his own and is not destructive. Rex is a very sweet little dog, that is very low maintenance, that desperately wants a lap of his own to snuggle up on, can you offer him this? If so please contact his rescue for a pre adoption form.

Rex is neutered, microchipped, de flead and wormed.

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