2-3 year old male Griffon Bleu De Gascogne available for adoption

Monty is a 2-3 year old male Griffon Bleu De Gascogne. He is medium size around 20 kg.

Monty is a very sweet, balanced, calm dog, a loving company with adults, male or female and dogs at home and in the garden, and loves travelling in the car.

He is the best behaved in the house. Monty would be well suited to a rural home and not a built-up townhome. He needs space on his walks and adores sniffing in the countryside.

Monty wouldn’t do well in a place where he was walking and where there are lots of dogs. Monty is much loved by his foster family and currently lives with three other dogs as well as visiting dogs and loves them all.

Unfortunately, one of the hunting dogs he lives with reacts when Monty boo’s at other dogs outside the house while on the lead. So home is sought with a calm non-reactive dog/dogs and is needed if walking out on leads.

If using a secure field or you have land, Monty can go with any dog, he is very much a bottom-of-the-pack, easy-going dog with other dogs within the home and garden.

Monty needs to have his training continued to keep him calm to walk him past other dogs and desensitise him.

He is doing so well at his training classes and his foster Mum can walk him with one of her calm dogs so she can focus on him and he is improving so much. His foster owner can talk you through his very simple training.

Monty can live in a home with other dogs but NO cats. Please note: We are looking for a secure garden with fencing or walls to a minimum of 5ft.

We also need the dogs to be kept on a lead, long lunge lead or for people to use enclosed fields for off-lead exercise as these dogs are scent hounds & have hunting backgrounds. We do not rehome with children under 8 years old.
Full rescue backup is provided.

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