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Do you ever wonder what successful people do that make them so successful? I feel like I am always fascinated to know the morning routines of successful people, their weekend habits, etc. Today I am sharing 11 financial habits of successful people to motivate you to maybe tweak or change your own financial habits. It has for sure motivated me!

Financial Habits Of Successful People

11 Financial Habits Of Successful People


They don’t live paycheck to paycheck: I know sometimes this can’t be avoided. We’ve all been there. But if you don’t spend beyond your means you should be able to have rollover each month that would eventually lead you out of this lifestyle.

They save: Successful people save! They save early and they save as much as they can. I have talked about savings here and why you should be saving and little ways you can save.  Successful people start saving very young. But it’s NEVER too late to start.

They don’t max out credit cards: If you read my post all about credit cards you read about how you shouldn’t max out your cards and you shouldn’t be using more than 30% of your revolving credit. Successful people are NOT maxing out their cards.

They don’t make rash financial decisions: 10 years ago if there was something I wanted expensive or not I just bought it. I never thought long term. If I wanted to sign up for a class, or membership, etc I just did it. Now, I really mull things over and try to not make rash financial decisions. The rash financial decisions are the ones that could get you in trouble later in life. My biggest tip is to wait three days. If you can’t stop thinking about it, go look again!

They are productive: From the minute they get up till they go to sleep they are productive. They don’t sleep in, they don’t lollygag. They get things done.

They are pro-active: With everything in life but especially their credit. They monitor their credit, they meet with credit counselors to make sure any charges that can be disputed are disputed. They may even have financial advisors telling them the best ways to save, spend, budget, and invest.

They have a budget and stick to it: Along with not maxing out cards, successful people stick to budgets. They make them, they stick to them. They know the long-term results of doing this are good.

They have multiple retirement funds: If you work somewhere you have a 401K MAX IT OUT. Also you can have an IRA, mutual funds, etc. Lots of retirement funds or places that your retirement money is gaining interest

They pay off their cards, bills every month: The most successful people pay bills as soon as they come in or they auto pay off balances each month. They don’t get late fees, or dings to their credit report from late payments. Late payments can REALLY ding you. Lots of late payments can majorly ding you on your credit.

They spend money on what matters:  From continuing education, to conferences and events that fuel them, to investing they spend money on the things that matter and will take them further. Never stop learning, saving, and bettering yourself!

They say NO: To things that do NOT fill them up, to bad ideas, to frivolous purchases.

What motivates you to be successful? Will you be utilizing any of these financial habits of successful people?

This post was originally posted in 2019 but has been updated for 2021



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