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Mom burnout is very real. Burnout in general is very real and recently I experienced it badly. I felt like I was not the best version of myself for anyone. Not my kids, not my husband, not my friends, no one. I wasn’t doing my best work or my best mothering and felt so much anxiety. I had no idea that what I was experiencing was burnout. I felt pulled in 100 directions and felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. What I needed was to recharge. I think there are so many ways you can do this depending on your personality and preferences but today I am sharing 10 things to do to recharge when you really feel that burnout take over.

10 Things To Do To Recharge

10 Things To Do To Recharge

  1. Vent: I know personally venting to a friend or my mom or even Andrew helps so much. Sometimes venting to someone in the same season of life (another mom) is what I need because I need someone who just gets it. You know what? 9/10 times I feel better just getting all my frustrations out.
  2. Take a step back: Realize that it’s only a season! I remind myself this A LOT! But also ask yourself what truly matters and what you can let go of.
  3. Go for a walk/exercise: This is number one for me. I truly feel my best when I work out. I have been waking up at 5:15 most mornings and getting in a full workout before the kids wake up and I feel so accomplished knowing that’s already done for the day. I also LOVE going for long walks in the morning alone or with a friend.
  4. Ask for help: Ask your spouse or a friend or a relative or outsource help! If you are able to outsource some of the things causing you burnout (cleaning, cooking, laundry, childcare, etc) do it! I know this doesn’t work for everyone but maybe see if you can trade some of it with a friend. Like hey, I can watch your kids on Wednesdays while you get things done and you watch mine Fridays.
  5. Evaluate your routine/create a routine: I am big on routines and truly feel as though they make a HUGE difference in our lives. Without a routine, I really feel like I have no idea what’s going on. If you don’t already have a good routine make one and if you do have one but you are experiencing burnout maybe reevaluate it and see where you can change things. I have to do this constantly!
  6. Simplify: A few things I have done to simplify: Liam gets himself dressed in the mornings, I lay out Charlotte’s clothes for the week on Sundays. I make lunches ahead of time, I lay everyone else’s clothes (mine and Liam’s) out the night before. I do a 20 minute clean and straighten in the mornings and another in the evenings. These things just make me feel a little more together.
  7. Make lists: I have a list going for everything! Things we need, vacation packing, daily to-do lists, weekly to-do lists, things I need to get done long term, work to-do lists, etc. Making lists relieves a lot of stress because then you can physically see written out what needs to be done.
  8. Read: Escaping in a book really helps me recharge! I love to take a few minutes a few times a day and read some of whatever book I am reading at the time.
  9. Get a massage: I mean when all else fails the spa always helps! Getting a massage and taking that time for just me, with no phones, no one talking to me, etc helps me recharge so much.
  10. REST: Nothing truly helps recharge quite like rest. So give yourself grace and time to rest. Rest will recharge you like nothing else.

What are things to do to recharge that you find helpful?

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