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I would definitely consider myself a big TV watcher. It’s one of our favorite ways to relax together after the kids go to sleep and I usually have something on in the background while I work during the days the kids are at school! I wanted to share 10 shows to binge right now, especially going into the holidays with time off work etc. I haven’t watched all of these but these are either ones we’ve watched or are on my list to watch! I also have a great list of shows to binge on maternity leave!

shows to binge right now

10 Shows To Binge Right Now


Gossip Girl: I am LOVING the new Gossip Girl. If you go into it with low expectations and realize it is not the original you’re fine. It’s a fun soapy show and doesn’t involve a lot of brainpower.

Ted Lasso: This show is a comedy but it is soooo heartwarming. I am sure you’ve all seen it but on the off chance you haven’t please go watch it.

Summer House: This show was my first foray into Bravo shows and Andrew and I loved it! It’s definitely a great mindless reality binge.

Below Deck Med: Another mindless reality Bravo binge but this one is on a Yacht and you get to look at the beautiful scenery.

The Circle: Netflix show about people who create social media profiles and can either be themselves or someone else, then the entire goal is to be ranked the top “influencer” each week. It’s really interesting and there are 3 seasons!

Squid Games: I did not watch this but Andrew did. He loved it. The entire concept gave me anxiety but millions of people are watching it so…

The Way Down: More of a documentary on HBO about a woman who started a diet program Weigh Down Workshop, and The Remnant Fellowship, a Christian cult. It is WILD.

Dr Death: I loved the Podcast series about Dr Death and when I found out they were making it a show I was pumped. PLUS it has Joshua Jackson playing the main character.

The Morning Show: This is an Apple TV show about the goings-on in a newsroom morning show and the lives of the people involved. Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, you know it’s good.

You: Creepy show about a guy who is definitely a sociopath but at times you kind of root for him. I still only see Dan Humphrey.


What are some shows to binge right now you’re loving? Share below! 

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