10 Best Patio Pond Containers for Water Gardens in 2021- Reviews & Top Picks

Patio ponds make great containers for a wide variety of plants like herbs, houseplants, and flowering plants. This makes them appear excellent and beneficial for establishing a stunning water garden in your backyard or on a balcony. The containers can hold gallons of water while supporting the plants. Some designs are large enough to house fish and others can function as a birdbath. It is difficult to find a perfect container to start a water garden, and this article contains reviews on some of the best yet simple and functional designs while giving you details on specific designs and inclusions.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

The 10 Best Patio Pond Containers for Water Gardens – Reviews 2021

1. Aquascape 78197 Aquatic Patio Pond with Bamboo Fountain – Best Overall

Aquascape 78197 Aquatic Patio Pond with Bamboo Fountain

The Aquascape 78197 is a beautiful patio pond that comes with a bamboo fountain. This makes a lovely container for a water garden. The shape and overall design add a tranquil and elegant look. The kit includes a high-quality polyresin bamboo fountain, a pump, and plumbing components. The shape of the patio pond container is square and has a textured gray finish. The design will not fade or chip, but rather ages like real stone. The size is 8×16×16 inches which can fit a variety of small growing plants. This is a complete setup for a water garden at a fair price.


  • High-quality polyresin bamboo fountain
  • Complete kit
  • Affordable

2. Aquascape Aquatic Desert Granite Pond Container – Best Value

Aquascape Aquatic Desert Granite Pond Container

This is a large and spherical patio pond container made out of durable fiberglass resin that mimics the natural beauty of the stone. It is lightweight and can support plants in a water garden setting. The desert granite finish ages like real stone and it never fades or chips. It is 24×12 inches in size which makes it able to support a variety of different plants. Although it does not include a pump or basin, the overall diameter size of 40 inches make it adjustable to different pump designs. The lack of a pump leads to greater savings, making this the best value patio pond container on the list.


  • Large
  • Does not fade or chip
  • Fiberglass resin


  • Does not include a pump or basin

3. Pennington Aqua Garden – Premium Choice

Pennington Aqua Garden

The Pennington Aqua Garden is a raised water feature that is both stylish and unique. It offers a pool feature to water gardens and has a bonus that fish can be housed inside. The pond includes an inpond 300 filter and water pump that can filter ponds of up to 300 gallons. It is easy to set up and maintain, and includes three fountain displays and a LED light to ensure that the pond looks good both day and night. The Pennington Aqua Garden also features two planting baskets for water garden plants. The only downside is that this pond container is quite expensive and large.


  • For both fish and plants
  • LED light and three fountain displays
  • Stylish

4. Classic Home and Garden 615 Acopper Sante Fe Bowl Planter

Classic Home and Garden 615 Acopper Sante Fe Bowl Planter

This is a 17-inch large bowl that has been UV-coated to protect the color from fading. The Acopper Sante Fe Bowl Planter comes with drainage holes for outdoor use. It is made of a lightweight and durable resin construction that is completely weather resistant. It can hold 4-gallons of water and supports small plants like succulents and small flowering plants. The design adds a unique style to elaborately decorate and create a peaceful water garden. It is on the small side at only 17-inches in diameter and can only fit a few plants inside.


  • UV coated
  • Drainage holes
  • Lightweight durable resin

5. Aquascape 78315 Face and Hands Garden Water Pond

Aquascape 78315 Face and Hands Garden Water Pond

This garden water pond adds a whimsical touch to water gardens using an innovative design and water features. The Aquascape Face and Hands Garden is made of high-quality polyresin that encapsulates the texture and looks of real brass. It is lightweight and easy to install and can be incorporated into traditional landscapes when combined with a water storage reservoir or basin. The water pond is resistant to heat and UV light. This minimizes chipping and fading. It comes with a fountain that can be added using the fountain pump it includes.


  • High-quality polyresin
  • Easy installation
  • Resistant to heat and UV light

6. Water Creations Deco Planter Large Pot

Water Creations Deco Planter Large Pot

The Water Creations Deco Planter is ideal for patios, offices, balconies, and kitchens to grow terrestrial plants and herbs. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is made of a long-lasting UV-protected material that ensures it will last for several years. It consists of two different style options, large and hanging. The three color options are sky blue, rusty red, or London gray. It is 13.4×13.4×7.8 inches in size which allows it to fit a fair number of plants inside to create an elegant water garden.


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • UV-protected material


  • Small
  • No pump or fountain included

7. HC Companies Chocolate TPA Garden Bowl

HC Companies Chocolate TPA Garden Bowl

The HC Companies Chocolate TPA Garden Bowl is durable and lightweight. This container is great for indoor or outdoor use and makes a great patio pond for water gardens. It is ideal for a variety of plants and can grow house plants or herbs. The resin is weather-resistant and will not fade in the sun. It features a raised double layer and a plain exterior with brown coloration. It is crack and leakproof while providing a simple design. The diameter of the planter is 24 inches which enables you to add in a mixture of plants in an aquatic environment.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Weather-resistant
  • Crack and leak proof


  • Excludes pump and fountain
  • Needs to be repainted every few years

8. Sungmor Hydroponic Planter Large Garden

Sungmor Hydroponic Planter Large Garden

The Sungmor Hydroponic Planter is made of durable material. The material consists of thickened polypropylene with a marbled frosted texture. It is hand-painted and sturdy enough to not crack, chip, or fade. It is lighter than cement planters and easy to move. It is suitable for hydroponic plants, herbs, and succulents. It comes with an intricate bamboo fountain that brings out the elegance of the design. It can function as both a planter for water gardens and a birdbath. The diameter of the planter is 7.2 inches which makes it perfect for small spaces. A downside is that it is quite delicate and can easily break if dropped.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Bamboo fountain

9. PSW Garden Bowl Dark Charcoal

PSW Garden Bowl Dark Charcoal

It is made out of recycled plastic, stone powder, and wood dust to create an environmentally friendly patio pond planter. It is both attractive and eco-friendly. The PSW Garden Bowl is a dark charcoal color and has an artisan’s touch which makes it appealing and functional. It is weather-resistant through snow, sleet, rain, and heat. The material is UV-resistant, and it will not fade when exposed to the sun for extended amounts of time. It can be used both indoors and outdoors for a variety of plants. The material does not leak or cause spillages. Ideal plants for the design are ferns, foliage, herbs, or flowers.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Weather-resistant

10. Classic Home and Garden Rosie Weathered Copper

Classic Home and Garden Rosie Weathered Copper

The Classic Home and Garden planter bowl has an innovative design made out of resin with pottery finishes. It is weather-resistant and can be placed indoors or outdoors. The weathered copper color does not fade easily even with severe weather conditions. It is lightweight and durable and has an attached saucer for drainage purposes. The design is fairly small, yet it can sustain a variety of plants like houseplants, herbs, and flowers. It can easily stand on the ground because of the flat saucer underneath the round design. The color is suited to aged gardens and is purposefully made to appear weathered.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Small
  • Weathered or old appearance

Buyer’s Guide

Important Things to Consider

  • The available space to place the patio pond container.
  • The number and types of plants you want to keep inside.
  • The price is a major factor when it comes to finding a patio pond container that fits your budget.
  • The function is considerable if you want to keep fish inside with your plants.
  • If you want a fountain to be included the kit must contain a pump and functional fountain spot.
  • The material should be weather resistant, so it does not easily fade, chip, or crack. Although some maintenance will have to be done to preserve the look of the patio pond container.
  • It should be light and durable to move around indoors and outdoors without the risk of being dropped.

Buying Tips

It is important to consider the benefits of the patio pond container before making a purchase. The design and color should meet your needs and blend into the environment in it will be placed. Make sure the size can fit in the place you want to grow and develop a water garden to ensure that it does not take up too little or too much space.

The patio pond container should come with inclusions that fit what you are looking for. If you want to save money buying a pump and fountain separately, purchasing one that comes with a pump and fountain kit will be the best value for money.

Size and Types

There are large and small designs that can be incorporated into nearly every environment. The main designs a patio pond will come in is rounded or squared. Some designs will be made out of materials that are heavier or lighter than others which is important depending on where placement will be. Small designs are unable to sustain a lot of plants, whereas large designs can house large species of plants. Most colors are brown or gray, but they can be painted to create a look unique to the environment it will be placed in. Some come as a functioning fountain and others will include a saucer for spillage.



The Aquascape 78197 Aquatic Patio Pond with Bamboo Fountain is the best overall product within this category. It comes with a bamboo fountain and a pump which is included in the price. The design is innovative and simple which makes it ideal for a variety of plants.

Another good product within this category is the Pennington Aqua Garden which can sustain many plants while adding a unique appeal to water gardens. It is large enough to house goldfish and contains floating baskets for plants.

The Aquascape Aquatic Desert Granite Pond Container is large enough to maintain a variety of tall or large plants, and comes at a great price.

Out of all the designs and types of patio pond containers for water gardens, the Pennington Aqua Garden offers the most benefits. It is unique and large enough the house a large variety of plants from herbs to tall houseplants. There is still plenty of space to add in fish or other livestock. The Pennington Aqua Garden is a premium choice.

We hope that these reviews have helped you decide on the best patio pond container to get you started on creating a beautiful water garden with your favorite plants.

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