1-2 year old male Cross-Breed available for adoption

Pumba is a 1-2 year old male Cross-Breed. He is stunningly friendly and cat friendly. He needs a family with past dogs and preferably with no other dogs.

He is upper Medium size: 28 kilos. He is near London but can be transferred. He is looking for a FOSTER or permanent home.

Pumba was collected almost 3 weeks ago by a family who wanted to have a friend for their other dog. Unfortunately, they were not getting on, they arranged for Pumba to go to a private trainer he is now better with the resident dog but unfortunately family feel their home is not the right match.

Pumba needs a slow introduction to new people and new dogs. With some, he will get on straight away but with some he needs time. Trainers have been praising Pumba a lot.

That is what the current family says about Pumba – “Unfortunately we can’t keep him, he needs to be with a small family: living with 8 people is too stressful. Pumba is extremely bright and knows all commands have had 2 weeks of intensive full-time boarding with full-time training.

Not destructive sleep was well possessive of food and toys. Loves tummy tickles. Gets a bit frightened of some sounds but will make a loyal loving companion for an experienced person. The only reason for having to rehome is too many people in the house and he cannot decompress enough.”

Pumba is looking for an active family that will continue his training. Unfortunately, the family that re-homed him first believed they are not the best match for him.

That’s what they said: ” PUMBA is a huge part of our family. Re-homing him will leave a massive hole in our lives.

We are looking for a new perfect family for our baby boy. Due to a change in work commitments and a possible change in the housing situation in our future, we feel it is best we start looking for a more appropriate forever home for PUMBA.

He is still a pup. About 16 months. Up to date with vaccinations but is still to be castrated. He has finished growing so there is no reason this cannot be done asap although our vet wanted to wait until he was 2!

He’s a bit smaller than your average lab. Strong on the lead but walks on a Halti with an extendable lead as sniffing is his favourite thing to do! He doesn’t pull unless he sees something he wants.

He’s super clever. Sit, paw, round, lie down, up and speak is his party trick. Very quick learner but he needs a family with more time to work on his training.

He really enjoys it. I keep thinking maybe some agility or a sport would be good for him! He loves his walks.

As I say, sniffing is his fave! He loves buffalo horns and any toys he can get his mouth around! He isn’t destructive and is certainly way past the chewing stage. Sleeps in his bed downstairs all night.

He loves the cat. She’s not interested in him though! Visiting children would be fine as he loves my husband’s 2 boys, but kids aged 14 plus would be best.

He likes his quiet time when he is tired and will grumble if he doesn’t want to play! He Would suit an active family, couple or single person.

He is dog selective but has progressed so much over the last few months. We rarely have a reaction now.

He needs patient but firm owners. A quiet, chilled home but with exciting, active outside time! Takes a little time to trust but once he does, you’re his favourite person.

Pumba has no known health issues; Not neutered (rescue will contribute financially to neutering him). Full vaccination pack (rabies, DHLPP), provided worms treatment, microchipped.

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